My Beastly Husband

By Shui Mo Yuan Qian,水沫缘浅

My Beastly Husband Chapter 3

My Beastly Husband Chapter 3

Title: My Beastly Husband (MBH)

Author: Shui Mo Yuan Qian (水沫缘浅)

Translator: Moko-chan

Editor: Kongo Isamu

Chapter 3: Fainted

As if he wasn't satisfied with Mosha daydreaming, Qie Er Xi pulled his little brother out and flipped her over. Mosha was half-kneeling and half-lying on the bed as he entered her and moved his hands over to her snow white chest and started kneading vigorously.


"Ahh… ahhhh" Mosha's vision blurred as she tightened her grip on the animal skin below .


"En…you're still so tight after so long, how are we going to have children? Are you going to crush my child! Or is it because I'm not working hard enough? When are you going to be able to accommodate me?" Qie Er Xi asked as he nibbled her earlobe. Down below, he thrust into her vigorously, increasing the deepness of his thrust.


"No…Qie Er Xi…Don't… lighter… lighter" How long is he going to last? This way, she might die. Mosha was flustered and kept shaking her head as tears streamed down her face.


Unsure of how long it has been, Mosha didn't even have the strength left to moan. She was pressed down by his body as she whimpered softly. On the other hand, Qie Er Xi got fiercer as he battled and once again, he flipped her over and placed a cushion under her waist, for easier entry.


He slowly pulled out till his "little brother's" head left before suddenly thrustingin. Feeling her tighten unconsciously due to his entry, his hot steel rod was clasped so comfortably by her. This made him become rougher with every thrust, while she felt like her body was falling apart.


Under his rough handling, Mosha orgasmed uncountable times while he came twice. However, he refused to let her go. Looking at her twitching abdomen, he playfully pressed onto her abdomen.


Because of his size, when he entered Mosha fully, she felt bloated and uncomfortable. Moreover, he shot two loads and plugged the entrance, not allowing any liquid to leak out. His large hands were pressing onto her abdomen while his rod kept squeezing inwards.


Mosha felt like she was going to explode. Unable to bear it any longer, she cried out loud. Her slender legs were also thrashing in midair.


"Hurts…my stomach hurts… Qie Er Xi please…please…" Mosha's face was soaked in tears as she twitched while begging him.


"Ennn…" Qie Er Xi was sucked so comfortably by her that his waist went numb. He gave a low growl and once again plunged deeply into her, his burning rod sprayed energetically as she sobbed and shivered. Under extreme joy and pain, she fainted.

When Mosha woke up, Qie Er Xi was nowhere to be found, looking at the bright sun outside, she knew that he had brought his tribesmen out to hunt again. Whenever the weather was good, they would always hunt and she had already gotten used to it by now.


Taking a deep breath, mentally preparing herself, she used both her arms to support her aching body.


"Wuu…" She felt something flow out of her lower body. She quickly pulled over the animal skin on the side to stop the leakage. Bending her waist and holding the animal skin, she moved carefully over to the bathroom, taking one  step at a time.