My Beastly Husband

By Shui Mo Yuan Qian,水沫缘浅

My Beastly Husband Chapter 4

My Beastly Husband Chapter 4

Title: My Beastly Husband (MBH)

Author: Shui Mo Yuan Qian (水沫缘浅)

Translator: Moko-chan

Editor: Kongo Isamu

Chapter 4: The Bath

Luckily, Mosha convinced Qie Er Xi to build a shower and bath for her, saving her the effort of travelling far to washup.

However, it was tiring to transfer the water from the pail to the bathtub. After travelling to and fro several times, Mosha was dead tired. She finally managed to fill the bathtub. Removing the animal hide that she was currently wearing, she entered and sat in the bathtub.


"Shhhsss, it's cold." Mosha shivered. Even though it was already spring, and the weather was getting hotter, bathing in cold water was tough for Mosha. But there was no other choice. She had to make a fire if she wanted hot water. The pot used came from the shells of animals and it wasn't big. If she wanted to boil a pail of hot water using those shells, she had to boil the water several times. Besides, if she's finally done with the last bit of water, the water she boil at the start would have already gone cold.

Mosha took a simple bath and cleaned her *ahem* by sticking her fingers in to remove the leftover juices.

Her lady bits were swollen. To the extent whereby just touching it would feel like she had been stabs by countless needles. Enduring the ache and pain, she completed her bath and exited the bathtub feeling shivering. She took out the anti-inflammatory cream given by the tribe's doctor, Ka Rui Da and applied it. Looking at the small amount of cream left in the wooden box, she sighed. Looks like she will have to get more of it.

She was embarrassed at how fast she used the cream. She went through the entire box in a few days. However, every time Qie Er Xi did it, it would hurt. If she did not apply the cream, the swelling would not subside in time and when night came, it is just going to be unendurable for her.

When she was done applying the cream, she took out a clothing from the closet. To be exact, it was an animal hide with three holes for the head and arms. That piece of 'clothing' was stuffy and ugly. All the other tribesmen just tied a piece of animal hide on their waist. However, she was not able to do that. With a lack of better idea currently, all she could do was come up  with this.

Mosha took the animal skin that was on the bed and the animal skin she had just taken off, and soaked them in the bathtub. After washing, she took them out to dry on the huge rock outside their hut.


Returning to their hut, she ate two fruits for breakfast and headed out to work. 'Females' here didn't need to hunt however they were expected to look for fruits and herbs.

Although the tribesmen think that she was too small, delicate and weak thus they didn't request for her to work, Mosha did not want to leech off them. Therefore, she would still collect herbs and pick seeds.

The plants here were not entirely new to Mosha. Most of them existed in her previous world. She wanted to look for paddy and cotton and bring some of their seeds back to the tribe. That way, even when winter comes, even if they do not hunt, they would at least have something to eat.

After dressing herself properly, Mosha carried a rattan basket and walked out. The village was rather empty now. The males had gone out to hunt while the females had gone out to collect fruits. All that was left was some females, kids and injured males.