Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 1-2

Magic Crusade Chapter 1-2


Here in the year 2017, there exists a phenomenon known as magic. Magic isn't the only phenomenon in the there exist beasts, monsters and creatures that could only be seen as a figment of someone’s imagination. Magic as said by philosophers and scientists throughout the ages say that magic cannot be comprehended and was seen as a work of the vast universe and all its mysteries. They believed when the world was being formed something came to the world and brought with it magic itself. Many believers said it was the work of God and nothing else. Others believe it was man who created magic to protect themselves from the constant threat of beasts. Here in the world, the country of Hitsaria, the capital Fuxemia, exists a magic school known as Fuxemia Magic Academy where mages guide the youths of tomorrow.  The future mages of the world.

Ken Residence

Seito’s Room

An alarm rings.

"Five more minutes!", a boy says while asleep in a bed covered by his sheet.

The door opens slowly while making a screeching sound.

A monster appears.

"Ehhhh?", it silently says to itself.

The monster then jumps onto Seito who was still sleeping.

"Special Attack: Death Kiss"

The monster slowly reaches in for the finishing blow.

Seito suddenly wakes up.

"NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!", he shouts.

He grabs the monsters’ face, clenches his fist and slams it on the floor. It makes a loud sound.

"Seito! Just because my magic makes me tough doesn’t mean you should treat me like this", it says while rubbing its head.

This monster here is actually Seito’s 15 year old sister, Hima. Hima’s magic makes her so that physical attacks doesn’t affect her much or at all. Her magic allows her to transform into a monster or take on the characteristics of one.

"Well I told you to stop jumping on me, now didn’t I?"

"Well I love you, so……", says Hima.

"Yeah yeah. Let’s go for breakfast."

NOTE – he does not, I repeat, he does not have a sister complex (SisCom)

They walk down the stairs. As they approach the kitchen, Seito started hearing a noise with a feint sound of music and as soon as he reaches the door and opens it.


"Hey! I wasn’t ready…. Humph…… anyways, happy birthday big bro."

"Thanks mom and dad."

"HUMPH!", goes Hima.

"Eh eh….. Umm….. You too Hima", says Seitonervously while giving a forced smile.

They both sit around the table where their parents were already sitting.

"Well your 17 now and we have a surprise for you", Mr. Ken says to Seito.

This was Seito's father, Mr. Ken. He wears an old glasses and wears a white shirt and black pants  as if he was going to work.

"…. Is it a new sister?", Seito asks.

After he said that Hima’s face could only show heartache as she held her chest and slowly made her way to the ground.

"……… Sadly it’s not." replies there father.

"Father?!?", Hima comments with a crackling voice as if she is ready to cry.

*BUFFFF* was the sound that echoed as Seito’s Mom hit both Seito and his father in the head.

"Sorry….", they both say in remorse.  


"Let’s continue.", Said Mrs. Ken.

"Hmm?", went Seito still unclear on what was happening.

"We know you’ve always wanted to attend the magic academy in the centre of Fuxemia"

If you don’t remember, Fuxemia is the capital of Hitsaria – one of the many countries in the world.

"Yea…… I did", Seito gets a discouraged look on his face.

"Big bro?"

"Well… Here’s your present." says Mr. Ken as he takes a small box-like figure wrapped in decoration paper and hands it to Seito.   

"Hmm……. What’s this?"

He takes it.

"Open it", Seito is told by his mother.

"…… It’s not a bomb is it?", asks Seito.

"Just open the box already!" Mr. Ken as he facepalms.

"Okay okay."

Seito unwraps the wrap and slowly opens the box and when he looks inside he sees a paper of sorts. He takes it up and holds it in the air. It’s a pass for the Fuxemia Magic Academy Entrance Exam. It had a date and a location of where it was being held.

"NO WAY! This is the magic academy’s entrance exam pass. I…… I don’t understand. How? Why?"

"It’s your birthday present, from all of us.", Seito is told by his Mother while all three of them were smiling.

"Yea I can see that but why?", asks Seito, confused.

"Well it’s mostly because of what happened four years ago.", says his father.

His father began reminiscing back four years ago when they found out Seito didn’t have the ability to use magic. It was in middle school during the pre-entrance exams at the nurse check up where she gave them the bad news.

"I’m sorry but it seems Seito falls in the percentage of the world of persons who can’t use magic."

Seito was devastated.

"When we found out you couldn’t use magic we were all saddened even Hima, she went a whole week without troubling you. Imagine how hard that must’ve been for her", went his mother.

"Ehhh…… I was wondering what happened because it was rare for her to stay away from me."

He turns his head to look at her.

"Its love!"

As soon as she was about to grab him he grabbed her head and started to squeeze.

"Ouch ouch, wait, it doesn’t hurt at all", said Hima while her head was still being squeezed.


"Yes it was rough time but it wouldn’t keep you down. You thought if you had strength you could overcome anything.", said Mr. Ken.

"That’s right. I had joined Mr. Ren’s Dojo immediately after I accepted reality and began training in the sword and when I had free time I would train to improve my physical strength, but a lot that did me."

"What do you mean child?", asks his mother.

"I MEAN WITHOUT MAGIC....... without magic….. You’re nothing and you can’t look towards the future. ….. Without it… there is no point to life."

"Is that what you truly believe Seito?", Mr. Ken asks intensely as he looks at Seito.

"Huh? Of course it is!"

"So why do you train so hard my son?", he asks again.

"…………... Because it’s all I can do"

Seito began to remember the times when he would spend all his time training to the point where he even began neglecting his school work and even his social life became a mess. His mother then walked over to him.

"Seito, even without being able to use magic, we will always love you and we will never forsake you. That’s why we’ve being working extra hours for the last four years…… for this moment. For children who aren’t magically adapted, couldn’t use magic or wasn’t recommended by previous teachers but still wanted to join the academy they could but would have to join the second stream of students but we had to buy the chance for you to take the exam."

"Wait. You’re going to tell me that the reason you were hardly home since that time was because you working harder for my sake….. So you could get me into the magic academy."

"Yes.", they both replied.

There, Seito began to slowly let out tears without realizing it was happening.

"Ehh! Why, why am crying?", he asks himself as tears were still coming down.

His parents and Hima gave a huge smile.

"Seito…..." Hima as she gave Seito and even huger smile.

Then Seito wiped his tears became as serious as he was before.

"Well it doesn’t matter does it? It’s not like a person without the ability to use magic will ever succeed in a magic academy."

"We won’t know until you try.", said his father.

At that moment Seito became furious and ran out of the house.

"Seito?!", loudly said Hima.


Seito ran straight out of the house with no intention of looking back ran straight and fast. He continued running until he ran straight into a forest which was a good distance away from his house. He ran deep into the forest without realizing he was heading straight into Dart’s Forest. This forest was untouched territory because there are rumours speculating that beasts so strong and powerful that even that even the strongest mages could never dream much less think of defeating them, lived there. Dart was a mage who was believed to be one of the strongest mages in the kingdom. One day he decided he would be the first to conquer the forest without any help and claim it as his own. The day had come where he gathered what he needed and went on. He never returned. People say a fearsome monster devoured him so they gave the forest his first name for his service and dedication to the Kingdom in remembrance of him.

"Oh crap, I got so frustrated I ran too deep into the forest. I better hurry and get out of here before I invite some unwanted intention."

He began looking for a way out of the forest but kept getting entangled in the forest’s endless web of mazes.

"SHIT! I’m so dead."

He sat on a tree stump, which was in an array of tall trees, to rest then soon after he heard something coming from behind of him.


"Hima is that you?", sounding happy that she came for him.

As he turned around to see if it was his little sister he saw a beast with two horns on its head with huge fanged teeth in its mouth with a huge body which seemed it was the colour of blood that stained its skin; it also had a huge tail with grey spike-like objects coming out of it.


Before he could say anything more, the beast slapped him across the forest but he had just enough time to try and block. He had used his hand to block it. A tree stopped his journey through the forest.

"Gyyaaa! Ouch…. Everything is........... destroyed. If I hadn’t used my *cough* hands it probably would’ve slapped me to heaven. If it wasn’t for Mr. Ren’s *cough* rugged training I most likely would be dead. I guess *cough* it wasn’t for naught. *cough* Thanks."

He tried to move but couldn’t. It seems the hit broke most if not all of his bones.

"Seems *cough* *cough* he did a number on me. I’m beginning to lose *cough* consciousness…… is… is this how I’m going to die. Sorry mom and dad, it seems I-I made you both work so hard for my sake, for nothing. *cough* Sorry Hima, making you cry was the last thing I wanted to do as your big brother but it seems I’ve got no choice in the matt....

His eyes slowly started to close till they were fully shut.

".  .  .  .  . Is he dead?", asked a strange voice.

"No, of course not you buffoon.", said another voice.

Seito began to hear the voices and slowly opened his eyes.

When he fully opened his eyes all he could see was white all around him. Then he saw them. Puppy and kitten like beings. He then sits up.

"Amm...... where am I?" he asks himself.

"You blind or something", says the puppy.

"How is he going to know where he is if this is his first time seeing it you fool", says the kitten.

"Wait a talking dog and cat….. Why am I surprised? Let’s see hmm…. Hey there, I’m Seito.

"Are you talking to us?", asks the puppy again.

"We are the only ones here you dumb mutt.", says the kitten as it hits it in its head.

"Well anyways, I’m Mic, a kitten and the bad breath one over there is Belze, a puppy. We are aides to the supreme beings of Heaven and Hell."

"Bad breath, ha-ha.", he laughs. "Wait, did you just say Heaven and Hell?", he asks.

"Yes!", says Mic.

Mic was a small white cat with a small, shining halo over his head and small angel wings on its back and Belze was a black puppy with horns on his head, fangs in his mouth and small demon wings on its back.

NOTE – they really hate each other and always argue but due to certain circumstances they can’t live without each other because they are intertwined such as ying and yang.  

". . . . . . . Hey, who are you calling bad breath?" asks Belze.

"Last time I checked you were the only one I was introducing right."

"…… I really hate you."

Seito began laughing.

“What are you laughing at?", Belze asks Seito angrily. "Wait, what is this feeling?", he asks himself while looking at Seito.

"You guys are really something else you know that. So I’m dead huh? Without even accomplishing one thing, I’m so pathetic."

Mic and Belze gave him a glaring gaze.

"Well not exactly.", replied the cat.

"Are you saying I’m not pathetic?", he asks.

"No, that was pretty much your life.", Belze tells him.

Seito then grabbed his chest, as if he felt a sharp pain, then he face became pale and depressed.

"That thing over there saved you before you went upstairs."

"I was going to go to Heaven and you stopped me…. Why?", Seito asks Mic.

"I can’t tell him the truth.", he says to himself. "I saw something in you that I haven’t seen in a while.", he tells Seito.

"Even though you’re a holy being you sure can lie well, because it was actually an order.", Belze says to himself as he looks at Mic.

"I've only seen this once. Who was it again?", Mic asks as he looks at Belze.

"It was Dart.", says Belze.

"Dart! D-Did you save him as well?"

"No, he was already broken. He wanted to leave everything behind so I let him continue his journey onwards unto a better place."

"Broken, but how? He was strong and people had a lot of faith in him. He had a family that mourned until they were dry."

"Maybe he realized what a drag the world is.", says Belze.

"Is that so? Even the strong falls huh. By the way I haven't been answered yet. Where is here?"

"This is the plane between Heaven and Hell."

"Also known as Soul Domain; we are its rulers", says Mic.

"From you’re story I guess this is where souls ends up when people die." says Seito.

"Correct, and after watching your life we decide if you go to heaven or hell."

"Can you remind me of how I’m still here?", he asks them.

"You died after you lost consciousness but I’ve been your body alive with my magic since then so in a sense, you’re both alive and dead." he is told by Mic.

"So…. I’m like an undead.", he says with a smirk on his face.

"Wow." says Belze under his breath.

"No…. sigh…. Let’s just leave it at that. Your life story was the deciding factor that made us know what to do", says Mic. "After watching your story I wanted to give you my help".

"And you have seemed to peak my interest so i'll let you decide", says Belze.

" Decide?"

"We are allowing you to sign a contract with one of us", MIc answers.

"And you better hurry because it seems that monster realized you aren't dead yet", says Belze.

"Could I make a contract with both of you?"

"That's impossible you fool, no mortal would be able to contain such power.", rants Belze.

"Now decide"

They both lower there heads and a wing symbol appears on Mic's head and a fang on Belze's. Seito gives a big grin and put both his hands on their heads. The Wing appears on the back of his left hand and the fang on the back of his right hand.

"What are you doing?!", asks Mic who was looking up while Seito's hand was still on his head.

"If you watched my life you already know..... I was born a fool!"

"Boy you have guts. My opinion of you has changed. Let's see your resolve", says Belze with a grin on his face.

When Seito regained consiousness he was standing with two swords in his hands and the two marks on the back of his hands. One of the sword was full white, medium sized with strange blue writing in the middle. It had a small halo over the handle. The other was full black, medium sized as well with purple writing down the middle and had a chain on the end.

"So you survived. I guess this proves it wasn't a mistake saving your life.", says Belze to himself.

"We will only be giving you small fraction of their power because if we give you anymore your body will explode", Mic tells Seito.


"There should be physical changes but because of the small amount of power you are getting that will not happen." explains Belze.


"Take care of the Beta Beast quickly."

"Beta Beast?"

"It's one the many type of beasts but this is one is quite different", continues Belze.

"How so", asks Seito.

"He's the King Beta Beast."

"Let's see if you are worth our power"

"What are you talking about.... I got this"

MIc and Belze started talking to each other.

"What do you think?", asks Belze.

"I can see why they wanted him", he answers.

"What do they need him for though" Belze asks.

"Who knows. Only time will tell."