Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 3

Magic Crusade Chapter 3


"Who would’ve thought I’d get swords as weapons.", he says to himself as he looks down on the swords.

"We made our magic power as swords because you are already trained to use them.", clarified Mic.

"These are the Holy and Sin Swords, pretty cool huh", gloated Belze.

"Well thanks, let’s finish this quick."

"Sounding cocky I see."

"More like overconfident but what’s the problem if I’m going to win."

Ruffling could be heard. As well as loud noices as if trees were falling to the ground at a rapid rate. Eventually the King Beta Beast appears infront of Seito.

"So you’re finally here."

The beast growls.


"Let’s rumble."

He rushes at the beast with great speed and took one swing at it which chops off one of its arms and lands behind him.

"This power. I'm so fast and this strenght is astounding."

The beast looks arounding at him, not flinched by the fact that one of its arm was taking off.

"......" silence.

It then turns around. Seito got on guard. It bends and takes up its arm and places it back where it was

"OFCOURSE! It’s never easy.", as gets a lookof distraut. "But guess what punk, I ain’t a bitch.", he reassures the beast.

Seito rushes and does a number slashes but with every damage Seito inflicts the beast regenerates.

"I wouldn’t expect you to defeat it so easily but you might be able to use the flames", says Belze.

"What’s that?"

"I see. You won’t be needing this then.

The wing mark on his hand disappears and the Holy sword shines and disappears.

"Hey, I wasn’t done with that."

"SHUT UP!!! We won’t need it. Recite these words – Hell’s Everlasting Flame, I call upon thee; burn my enemies till time itself stops-", said miserably to Belze.

"Then what. The earth will open up and “somehow” fire will appear?"

". . . . . Probably"

" . . . . . OK then."

"Hell’s Everlasting Flame, I call upon thee; burn my enemies till time itself stops-"

At first nothing happens and then all Seito could see was blood red then the purple inscription on the Sin Sword begun to glow. The sword itself was engulfed in purplish-black flames.


"I’m amazing aren’t I."

"Well I guess you have your use."

*- _-* "…. SHUT UP!!! And use the dang sword." he says angrily.

"Sure thing and since I’m one sword lighter I can really cut loose."

Seito rushes after beast again but he is faster and more agile. He slices part of the beast’s body and it begins to burn.

"This flame is intense."

"Yes, praise me more.", sounded with a sense of superiority.

The monster stops moving. It then gives out a huge roar as if it wanted to scare a nation and after a couple of seconds it stops. Its skin colour changed to a more metal like look and the flame was extinguished. It gave another loud roar which blew the flames off the sword completely.

"Welllll. So you put the flames out and now you look much tougher. But guess what you vile thing; I’m still going to kick your ass.", he says while he holds the Sin sword straight at him in the air.

The beast began to laugh wholeheartedly then it does something else.

It begins to speak.

"Ha-ha…. Boy, I’m about to show you you’re worst nightmare."

"You could talk!!?", Seito asks surprised.

"Was wondering why you didn’t open that big mouth of yours.", said Belze as if he was talking to the beast.

"I didn’t feel the need to talk to my dinner but the kid’s a fighter."

*.......* Seito stood there in silence, sword still in the air.

"Beasts talk but only other beasts can hear them. Belze can communicate with it because they’re both beasts of Hell.", Mic explained.

"So Hell does exist."

"So you didn’t believe us after all that."

"But how can I understand him?"

"Humans won’t hear their voices unless they’re contracted with a beast."

The King Beta Beast gets annoyed.


Seito points his index at him

"Speak when you’re spoken to!"

The beast was shocked but after a while he then began to laugh.

"HAHAHA! You’ve got spunk kid, I’ll give you that, but do you think it’s smart to talk to a “beast” like that. A king at that.

"Does it matter; you’re going to die anyways."

"Come at me boy."

They both look into each others eyes with Seito making a big smirk and holding the sword more tightly.

Belze then starts to talk to Seito

"Be careful. The armour magic he just placed on himself makes the flames less effective."

"So what should I do?"

"You’ll need to pierce that magic of his but his regenerative ability and the power of the armour itself being so strong it’ll be tough so you’ll have to……"

"Let’s leave it at that. I know the rest"

"Step forth and face your demise boy."


"Are you sure you know what you’re doing.", asks Belze.

"SHUT UP!!! I know what to do."

"Let’s hope so.", he repies.