Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 5

Magic Crusade Chapter 5


They rush after each other with amazing speed while attacking each other. Their sword and claws clash with each other which creates sparks.

"He’s fast but he’s still an amateur while I’ve been on this world since its beginning, I have more experience.", he says to himself while his claws was still clashing with Seito's sword. "Respect your elder boy!"

King Neo slaps the sword one side and then kicks Seito through a line of trees.

"I’m not finished with you boy."

"The beast appears directly over Seito in a mere second.

"Beast Art: Million Slash"

The beast’s claws got longer and turns silver. The beast then spins at incredible speed slashing Seito but Seito is able to block it with his sword but the force throws him to the ground which creates a crater and a cloud of dust and debris. The beast grabs on and hangs from a tall tree branch.

Seito gets up and brushes himself off.

King Neo grits his teeth and lets go of the branch.

"Beast Art: Piercing Rain"

A multitude of claws began raining down from the sky.

The transformation begins to grow. He grows a horn on his forehead over his left eye. He also gains a wing on his left side and a part of the left side of his became black as if it was growing on him. He cracks his neck.

"Death Style: Flame’s Protection"

He raises up the sword and sets the face upward then the flames became bigger which deflects every claw that came around him.

"He’s transforming but not the way he’s supposed to, like he’s been possessed. He’s doesn’t have much time left. You fool hurry and get over this!", says Belze.

"He’s still transforming and improving. If this continues he’ll take me out in the blink of an eye."

"I suggest you surrender.", says Seito but in a deeper voice.

"He's speaking again", says Mic.

"Surrender. Me. Surrender!? HA! I’m a king, why would I surrender?"

"I thought you wanted to keep living as a king but I guess I was wrong. Prepare yourself cause I’m about to show you what the face of death truely looks like."

"If you’re getting serious I might as well."

He crosses his hand across his chest which creates a 'X'.


The beast begins to growl. The green mark on his chest began to glow bright and greenish-black aura begins to emit from its body and surrounded it.

Seito doesn't move an inch.

"You done?"

"Your arrogance shall be rewarded by death boy. My speed is now hundredfold!!"

"Is that so?"

Seito quickly appears in front of King Neo.

"How fast did you say you were again?"

"Shit! How?"

The beast looks and sees half of Seito’s body pasts his and the sword appears right at his neck but he has enough time to dodge and Seito flies past him but which leaves a cut on his neck.

"I was so surprised that I forgot that wouldn’t have killed me.", he says as he rubs the blood from its neck. "That was fast but not fast enough boy."

The beast turns and sees Seito standing still.


The beast rapidly speeds after Seito. Mid rush Seito instantly appears in front of him and gave him a fist in the gut which sends it flying in the air.


Blood spews from mouth.


The black marks on Seito starts to grow again.

"Death Style: Grim Reaper……"

Out of nowhere Seito vanishes from the ground and quickly appears behind of King Neo.


"Demon Scythe!"

The Sin sword gets engulfed in Hell’s Flame and slices straight through King Neo into two pieces.

"GAHHHH!!! *cough* *cough* this can’t be happening!"

King Neo falls to ground while blood runs from its body and Seito appears before him as soon as he touches the ground

"*cough* I-I’ll just put myself *cough* back together."

As it began to crawl to the other half of its body Seito appears in front of him.

Seito looks down on him while the beast looks up at him through one eye, breathig heavily while looking as if all of his energy has been drained. Blood coming from its mouth and blood around him in abundance.

He stabs him straight through the heart.

The beast then starts to cough up blood.

"How? *cough* *cough* *cough*"

"It’s common knowledge."

Seito goes on his right knee and leans in.

"You lose your heart, you lose your life."

"Ha-ha *cough* true. I-I’ve been on this world from...... its creation. I never thought I'd see the day I’d be defeated by a *blood spew* boy! You better watch your ba……

Seito stuffs the sword deeper into its chest.

"You talk too much."

*blood spew* "You really are a demon."

King Neo starts to disintegrate.

"This world isn’t worth it."

Seito looks dead into its eye without saying a word.

The Beast disappears as its ashes is blown slowly away.

"What now? Will he be able to come back from this?", asks Belze.

". . . . .  ha-ha. This feeling it’s…. Exhilarating! It’s glorious. I’ll take the world on, better yet; I’ll take on those Supreme Beings at THE SAME TIME!!!"

"This is bad. He’s breaking. He doesn’t have much time."

"Well we’re useless here. We’ll have to wait and see.", replies Mic.

The black marks start to spread more.