Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 6

Magic Crusade Chapter 6


"You stupid idiot!"

"Stupid….. Idiot???", asks Mic.

"SHUT UP!!!"

"Anyways this isn’t looking good."

The black marks grew even further more . His messy, laid down hair which was black and brown was now fully grey. It progressed so much that the other horn, eye and cracks came in.

"First I’ll burn this forest to the ground, then this country and then the world. All shall be trembled by the call of my name and their eyes burnt out by my appearance."

"It won’t be long before he destroys this whole forest.", says Belze who turns to look at Mic.

"That is the least of the problems. If he finishes transforming then…."

"You better shut your mouths up there or I’ll come for you and use you're insides as my spoils."

"This feeling. It’s almost close to the same feeling of Lord Lucifer.", continues Belze.

"He’s getting more and more powerful."

"Didn’t I say to SHUT UP!!!"

After he finished that statement, Belze and Mic feels the pressure of his power and is shaken by its force.

They became silent.

"Hm, Better. Now let’s see, one swing should be enough to take out this forest."

He puts the sword on his left shoulder while he held the sword with his right hand.

"I have been trying but something is blocking me from taking back the sword. Seito, you need to stop this."

"You’re really getting on my nerves."

Hell’s flame appears around the sword while still

"Now he’s summoning the flames with just a thought."

He cracks his necks and then swings the sword straight off his left shoulder and into the air on his right. The mere shockwave of the swing clears a large number of trees in his vicinity. The black marks spread more and he gains the other wing.

"It seems I'm not in full control of it just yet. Two more should finish the job."

Seito then places back the sword on his left shoulder and the flames re-appear.

"Something needs to be done and quick. W-What about your parents? Will their hard work be for nothing?", ask Belze.

Seito flinches and for a second he is dazed but he eventually he shakes his head and snaps out of it.

"Sh-Shut up. You’re ruining it."

Seito shouts out in rage and the power of his voice is enough to shake the leaves and the branches of the trees.

"And Hima. Are you going to just leave her without the big brother she adores?"

"No!! I’m not ready to leave yet."

His eyes began to fluxuate from full black with purple pupils and how they normally were, brown.

"Huh? Ah! Ahh!! AHHH!!!!"

Seito starts screaming and shouting out in serious rage as he holds his head.

"Hima! HIMA!!! I’m in control. This power, WILL OBEY ME!!"

The markings start to vanish. So does the wings, the horn and the cracks. His eyes also became fully normal. His whole body, clearly exhausted and overused, seemed as if it was hit by a bus.

"Oh wow, he got out."

"But it did a number on his body. Anymore and he would've died."

"Thank you Bel……"

Seito falls face first to the ground


Mic walks over to beside of Mic.

"Seems the transformation and the sword's stamina depletion was too much for him to handle"

"So heal him already."

Mic closes his eyes then opens it back.

"Seems I won’t be able to fully heal him."

"What, why?!"

"There is so much more malevolence in him than before and with power I am able to use it  wouldn't be of much difference"

"Before?", he says has he looks at him beside him.

"Yes, I see you sensed it as well."

"So it wasn't just my imagination"

"It seems this boy already has something inside of him and that farce transformation proves it."

"So what is it exactly?"

"It seems to have hidden itself really well by putting a barrier around itself. It seems its power started to leak out when Seito continuously used Hell’s Flame. It's also possible it put a mind block spell on Seito to deny its existence."

"Can we lift the mind block?"

"Better not."

"Can we expel it from his body?", he asks intently.

"I’m afraid not. Even with our full power combined we wouldn’t be able to move it by an inch."

"What could be so powerful?"

"We’ll have to put that aside for now. I’ll only be able to bring him back to consciousness and relieve some of his pain. It should be enough to get him home. An angel is most likely preparing a divine prayer for him so this much is acceptable for now."

Mic closes his eyes and a a white magic circle appears over Seito's body. Seito's body began to shine as a bright light. Seito then slowly wakes up and sits up.

"Ugghhh…. I felt like I died, again."

"Come on, you need to get out of this forest; you’re in no condition to fight anymore monsters."


Seito struggles up and moves onward as they guide him through the forest.

He reaches home and he opens the door and enters

"Mom *cough* dad, I’m back."

"Oh dear.", says Mrs. Ken as she has her hand on her mouth.

"Huh? Seito, what happened?"

Seito: I fought with the beast of the forest.

Hima slowly comes down the stairs

"Seito! Who did this to you!? I'll kill them dead.", as she runs down the step and goes infront of him.

"It’s ok, I won", says Seito before he puts his hand on her head and slowly rubs it.

She purrs like a kitten

"IMPOSTER!!!", Mic shouts.

Seito explained to his family what happened in the forest.

"You defeated the beast of the forest.", says his father in awe.

"Those injuries!", says Hima to herself with tears at her eyes.

"I’ll live, all I need is rest."

"But?", as his mother is questioning his judgement.

"It’s ok"

"If you say so dear."

Seito slowly makes his way up the stairs, into his bed and falls asleep.