Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 8

Magic Crusade Chapter 8


"You sure talk tough for someone whose unarmed. Aren’t you going to show me what you’ve got", says Layla while she gives Seito a superiority gaze..

"Who knows? I probably won’t need it. My hands should be sufficient enough"

"You’re seriously pissing me off."

"Bring it."

"Cerebra. Attack."

Cerebra scratches its left back foot on the ground as a bull would which creates small clouds of dirt. He gave a huge exhale through its nose and charged at Seito.

Seito bends his knees and slaps them twice and raises his hands as if he was setting to grab the creature.

"Hmm, child’s play."

"You fool. Cerebra's charge is as strong as a Rhino's."

As Cerebra was about to charge into Seito he grabs it by the two heads on the sides but it is so strong it pushes him back against the ground slowly.

"WHAT!!", shouts a surprised Layla.

"Upsy daisy."

He bends his knee further and stops his backward movement. He then lifts up Cerebra.

"WOAHHH", says a couple of the students outside the barrier.

"He's strong", says another.


He bends back a little and throws Cerebra infront of Layla.

"He’s really strong.", says a girl who was talking to her friend.

"Not bad.", says a female teacher on the stage area.

The creature gets up and shakes itself off.

"Tch. Cerebra tri-fire explosions.", Layla orders her familiar.

The three heads closed there mouths where after a second there jaws began to light orange then they open and begins to spit balls of fire .

Seito starts to run around, away from the balls of fire that explodes upon impact. After five seconds the balls stop.

"Phew.... Well I better get serious to respect those efforts."

He holds his right hand as a fist, by his left at the the wrist.


Black aura starts to emit from his right hand and slowly the Sin sword and the fang mark materializes.

"Look at that sword."

"So cool."

"So why don’t you use all of your power. I know you’re hiding it. You’re going to need it."

"How did you know?"

"Someone who is as stuck up as you can't be this weak. Or are you??", he says with a smirk on his face.

"Fine but consider that after this you will have no chance of winning. Cerebra, Dame's Bow ."

Her clothes begins to turn white and Cerebra got off the ground and levitates towards Layla. It transforms into a red bow with spikes and vines surrounding it. Her clothes changes into a full white body robe with a hoodie.

"Well, here I am."

"This is going to be fun."

Seito takes his sword stance (Sword at his right hip side being held by both hands).

"Boltstride.", he says softly.

Seito uses a burst of speed making him faster than the eye can track after Layla and as he was in front of her, he swings the sword but she blocks it with the bow and Seito backs off.

"So you’re not terrible…. Doesn’t mean you’re good.", remarks Seito.

"You’ll regret opening that mouth of yours."

Layla aims the bow at Seito and starts to pull the string back in her direction. A bright light appears, pink. It was a pink magic arrow that she was aiming at Seito.


"Careful, Seito.", says Belze.

"Archer magic…."

Seito gets on guard.


She shot the arrow at Seito.

He dodges it.

He looks back at Layla.

"You missed."

She stood there and said nothing.

"MOVE FOOL!", shouted Belze.

Seito turned and saw the arrow, that had just missed him, coming back at great speed.

He began to run but the arrow kept picking up speed.

"This is annoying!"

He drew brakes and turned around.


He swung the sword and destroyed Layla's magic arrow.

"Credit given where credit is due", Layla tells him.


Seito runs at her with the sword and takes a few slashes where she blocks all of them and immediately after counter attacks by hitting him in the gut with the bow which sends Seito flying into the barrier and unto the ground.

"Hmm, not so tough huh."

Seito picks himself up and brushes the dirt of his clothes.

"Ehh, not bad.", Seito says with a look of satisfaction on his face.  

"That was just the warm up.", she tells him.

"In that case, I’ll show you something amazing."

Black aura began to engulf his arm.

"Wait, it couldn’t be. This feeling. But how?!?", she says to herself as she stood there, petrified.

"Belze, let me go for 5 seconds."

"Hmm. Okay."


He sets his body forward in a slaunt position and puts the sword on his right side and held as if it was a sword still in its sheath.

"Death Style: Grim Reaper –"

Hell's flame appears around the sword.  

Layla who was dazed finally snaps out of it.

"Huh…… oh no."

She holds the bow forword in a means of blocking whatever Seito was going to throw at her.

"Demon Scythe!"

He quickly appears in front of Layla and cuts straight through the bow and was about to cut her then.