Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 9

Magic Crusade Chapter 9


"Time!!", shouts Lamia, who was still on the podium, calling that the time for the battle had past.

The barrier begins to come down.

"Hmm… already.", says Seito still with the Sin sword at Layla's side.

He moves and starts to walk away from her.

The fang mark desipates and the Sin sword de-materialize.

"He cut straight through the bow. It was reinforced with magic to manage the immense power of the magic arrows and he cut through it like was nothing.", she says looking down on the two pieces of her bow she tightly held, shivering lightly.

She looks up at him walking away nonchalantly,

"And that feeling from before, it couldn’t be."

"Thank you Mr. Ken and Ms. Muchi.", says Lamia.

"No problem. It was fun, Layla."

"You insolent little….."

"And finally. Jen Chocore and Lans Mexster."

After their fight, the second part of the exam concludes.

"Be here tomorrow at 9 for the results."

Tomorrow comes and everyone was in front of the school awaiting their results. The Student Council President comes and gives her greetings and begins calling names.

"And finally."

"Ohhh.", says Seito while rubbing his chin.

"Oh no. I wasn’t able to show my true potential."

"Seito Ken."


A male teacher then comes up to the president and whispers something in her ears.

"Oh. ahem…. According to a last minute decision, Layla Muchi will be accepted as well."

"Ehh, good job. Maybe we can have a rematch sometime."

"I-I…. I was a last minute pick….. Because of….. Him! I’ll never forgive him.", she says to herself. "And then there is that.", she continued as she clenched her first.


A big explosion occours in a small section of trees on the shool campus.

"What is that? All of you get to safety! I’ll take care of this.", shouts Lamia at the students.

She runs in the direction of the explosion while the teachers guide the students towards the school.

"You're going aren't you", Belze asks Seito.

"Of course"

He runs in the same direction as the explosion and the Student Council President.

"Of course you are. I'm stupid for asking", he says as he facepalms.

When he reaches the President he sees her and this man so he hides behind some trees. He is wearing a black, full body robe, he had brown hair, a tattoo of a black snake under his right eye, a piercing in his nose and earrings in both ears.

"Who are you?", Lamia asks the suspicious man.

"The name’s Kamezaki Jann, I’m from Black Snake's faction, here to spice up your life", he stated while sticking out his tongue.

"Black Snake? Faction? What are you talking about?"

"Don't think about it too hard kitten, soon you’ll be dead."

He takes out a gun from his side and points it at her.

"Belze, get ready."


"You’re rudeness will be re-paid by sweet defeat.", she states.  

"Water Knight"

Lamia’s clothes begin to change. Her school uniform turn into blue, full body armour with a water sword. Her once golden hair was now sky blue covered by a helmet.

She stands ready to fight.


"Hmm, nice armour, but this isn’t a regular gun.", he tells her.


"It’s a gun which uses……"

He shoots a bullet at Lamia.

"explosive magic."

The bullet connects with Lamia and creates a huge explosion which causes a huge cloud of smoke and fire.

"Oh no."

"It was a direct hit!", goes Belze.

"HAAHHAAHAHAHA. Dead already and I only used 50% of its regular power"

"Huh, what was that? If you thought that would kill me your denser than you look."

"She’s ……. Okay? How?", wonders Seito.


The cloud of smoke and fire clears.

Lamia barely has a scratch on her.

"It is the Water Knight Armour, fire doesn’t affect me."

"Wow, that's amazing"

"Well then, seems I’ll have to get serious. Don’t complain when you’re six feet under… That is if anything is left after I burn you to ashes."

"I will make you pay for ruining the ceremony."