Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 11

Magic Crusade Chapter 11


"Is that you headmaster?"

She looks even closer to see if she could make out the unknown person.

"Yea, it's me. It's rare to see you get beat up like that Prez."

"It seems I am still weak and need to improve.", she says as she knows she was outmatched by Kamezaki.

"Wait! Why didn't you attend the trials nor the ceremony? I had to cover for you!"

"Well I-I,amm. I got drunk and slept in a bar two days straight. Ha ha.....ha.", he giggled nervously.

"Of course you did."

Seito starts to laugh a little.

The headmaster walks closer until he reached to an area where light could catch him.

"So that's the headmaster. I couldn't sense he was there at all. Is he that strong or was it a lucky strike".

"He's very powerful. The magic power he has is enormous.", explains Belze.

"I see."

"So who's that beside you?", the headmaster asks Lamia, looking at Seito.

"Oh this is amm. This is Seito Ken, one of our new students."

"Is that so. Hey there kiddo. I'm the headmaster, Irving Masuta, nice to meet you".

"Kiddo?!", Seito says to himself feeling belittled.

"Seito Ken, nice to meet you as well."

He then looks again and notices Seito's Sin Sword.

"That's a pretty neat sword you got there."

"Oh this. It's just my Sin Sword."

"Sin Sword you say. Any reason it's called the 'Sin' Sword."

"N-Not really."

"Thre's no way I could tell him about it."

"Ok, if you say so."

He then walks back to the ground-bound Kamezaki and picks him up then throw him over his shoulder.

He then turns his head in the direction of Seito and Lamia.

"I'll take him to the nearest Magic Army Station. You two need to get back to school for now."

"Yea we should", says Seito.


"If your injured I could carry you back"

"N-N-N-No that's okay"

The headmaster then walks away and they, Seito and Lamia, both went back to the school grounds.

Lamia then went to the Vice-headmaster.

She knocks the door.

"Come in"

She goes in and sees her sitting around her desk with paper work.

"I have come to make a report on what happened."

She relayed the incident to her and how the headmaster came and took care of the attacker.

They both got enraged when she mentioned the fact that he missed both the trials and the ceremony because he was drunk and fell asleep in the bar for two days.

"Thank you Ms. Holesworth. Now go and get some rest."

"Yes maam."

She then leaves.

The school year begins January. Before the term started all three of them, Seito, Lamia and Layla, were training non-stop since each of their fights.

"I'll.... I'll never forgive him for as long as I live.

She stands infront of a tree with her bow.


Lamia was in a stream with her Water Knight armor on.

"I was powerless, completely powerless and had to be defended by......"

She begins to blush.

"...By Seito.  I need to get stronger so something like that never happens again and I can be rightfully recognized by my peers and my juniors."

Seito was in Dart's Forest at the area where he fought the King Beta Beast and destroyed a number of the trees.

"I got accepted. I can't stop now. Besides, I have a feeling something bigger is afoot and I'm definitely going to be apart of it and if I won't, I'll force myself into it.", he reassures himself.

"That guy was pretty strong. Wasn't he guys?", he asks Belze and Mic.  

"That is true", replies Belze.

"He was definitely stronger than you, that is a fact. You would have to use both our swords if he was fighting serious.", MIc says.

"Eh. So he wasn't fighting seriously, so what was the point."

"Talking about swords. Until you master the Sin Sword to atleast 50%, I won't let you use the Holy Sword"

"Where am I now?"


"I see. But it is okay, for now, this all I need", as he holds up the sword."

"Hm, now do 1000 push ups!", Belze shouts.


"One... Thousand.... PUSH UPS!!!"

"Okay Okay. You don't get all 'ruff' with me."

"Is it really time for stupid jokes."

Seito got down in the 'push up' postion and started.

"1.... 2.... 3..... You could have at least giggled.... 4.... 5....."

It is the first day of school at the Fuxemia Magic Academy. The students' names were placed on the classroom doors. Seito kept searching for his class and then he reached at 1-C and went to look on the list. He began down the list and then he saw it, his name. Then fr some reason something told him to continue down.

"Hey, why not continue the list.", Belze whispered to him.

So he continued down and there it was, 'Layla Muchi'.

He placed his hand on his face and began to shake his head.

"Oh boy. I'm going to be in a lot of problems aren't i?"

At that moment Layla was walking down the corridor and saw Seito.



He turns to see Layla.

"Oh no! Hey there classmate", as he nervously waves at her.

"What?! What do you mean classmate?"

She hurrried over to look at the list and saw both their names.


She suddenly faints.


When Layla woke up she was in a bed surrounded by curtains in an unfamiliar place.

"The infirmary maybe"

She got up and looked and looked to her left then to her right and saw Seito who was dosing off in a chair.

"Huh. Oh, you're awake. How are you feeling?"

"What happened to me? Why am I here?", she asks.

"You actually fainted."

"I fainted!?"

"Yea,you did. It surprised me. I took you up off the floor to bring you to the infirmary butttt.... I didn't know where it was and couldn't find it till ten minutes later so.... ha ha"

"Thank you but....."


"Never touch me again nor speak to me"

"Hey, what are you talki...."

"I DESPISE YOU, Seito Ken!"