Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 12

Magic Crusade Chapter 12

Chapter 12

A day passes and another one arrives. Seito is walking to his class but he is thinking about the incident that happened the day before, when Layla told him she despises him.


"I DESPISE YOU, Seito Ken!"

She gets out of the bed and leaves immediately.                                                                          

Seito sits frozen.

"Wha..... What just happened??"


"Why does she despise me I wonde? That's a really harsh word to use on somebody that helped you...... ", he says while rubbing his chest.

He opens the door and steps in. Everyone was seated and taking notes while the teacher was lecturing.

"You're late, Mr. Ken", she states as she looked at him.

"Eh heh. Sorry, Ms. Rita"

She was Seito's teacher of the course Magic 101.

"Well no matter, hurry up and get to your seat"

"Sorry again Miss."

As he was walking, he looked in the direction of Layla's seat. She was looking at him. Seito realized. She got surprised and turned her head quickly.


"Okay. Todays lesson is Mana. Everyone in the world has been tested and so far over 90% of it consists mana. This includes humans, demi-humans, animals, beast and nature itself. Humans, demi-humans, animals and beasts are the only ones being able to utalize it. The missing 10% are those with the inability to make use of it."

"So I guess I must fall in the 10% that can't use it right?", he asks Belze and Mic.

"That seems to be the case", answers Mic.


Seito raises his hand and soon after a couple students looked at him.

"Hmm, yes Mr. Ken", said Ms. Rita after noticing his hand was up.

He places it down.

"Amm, I'm not trying to be rude or anything but shouldn't explaining what mana is comes first?"

". . . . . . I forgot, teehee.", she goes.

"Really miss.", goes a student.

"That's surprising.", goes another

"You're not too good at this, aren't you?", Seito asks.

"Hey! Don't be mean, my heart can't take pain. Sob sob", she goes as she fell to the ground with tears slowly coming out her eyes.

He jumps up out his seat.

"I-I'm sorry, so stop crying already", he says nervously.

The students began ranting.

"Well that wasn't nice"

"You probbly don't have a girlfriend cause you clearly don't know to treat women"

"I said I was sorry!"

She gets up.

"Anyways, you're right. No matter how rude you were about it", she states.

A rolled up paper is thrown is Seito's face.   

"Oh come on!"

"Mana, since the beginning of time, was seen as a substance or energy if you will, that couldn't be touched but through certain conditions can be seen and even felt. Mana allows a person to use magic. Magic enables you to use spells and magical items."

She holds her index finger up.

"Taewr Tsrema"

Water begins to come out of her finger slowly then it stops.

"As you saw my magic allows me to summon water but due to my low mana level I can't summon much. Mana level is the mana someone has overall. This varies for each individual."

"Man miss sure is weak", says Seito.

". . .", she was silenced with a smile on her face.

She fell to ground and began to cry.

A bombardment of paper balls were sent after Seito.

"Would you guys cut it out!"

"Let's continue", said Ms. Rita who was already back on her feet.

"Magic operates all of the countries in the world. It is mainly used for one thing."

"Warfare", Layla states.

Everyone looks at her.

"That is correct. War was going on between all the countries back then but these are simpler times. In the Magic Army, Exploration Unit or in the joining of a Magic Alliance, fighting is most likely done.... or will be done"

"So will you be explaining those as well?", Seito questions.

"Yes. But you don't have to be so aggresive with me."

"Now you're harassing her", one of the students went.

A bag flies in his face.


He gets up out of his seat and grips his fist.

"Who's looking for a beatdown?", went the choleric Seito.

"The Magic Army are trained mages that work directly under each King's rule, that protects the countries they are from. Ours serves the Almighty KIng, Sir. Ivanwich, who is said to possess strenght that can even destroy the heavens.

"RUBBISH!!!", goes Mic.

"A Magic Alliance is where mages gather, form groups and take on jobs sent in buy about different situations. It could be a rescue, guard and even just to keep them company."

"The Exploration unit are mages that explore uncharted regions such as runes, dungeons and landscapes; to also find valuable ancient relics and artifacts. They can consist of Magic Army Knights, members of an Alliance or even regular mages. It is rumored that a group found the gateway to hell.

"But how? I thought they covered it with leaves", says Belze.

"Leaves can blow away", replied Seito. "Wait it exists?!"

"I'm just kidding."


"It's been sealed off for thousands of years."

"So it does exist!"

"And those are the basics on the Magic Army, Exploration Unit and Magic Alliance."

"Oh, I see. The way I see it is it's best if I gradutee and join the Magic Army."

"The Exploration Unit is the most dangerous but the Magic Army is the most beneficial.", Ms. Rita continued explaining.

"I thought so. I have to do my best so I can join thye Army. We can't be poor forever and I can't have my parents working when they should be retired."

"Okay, now that we're back on topic let's continue where we left off."

Time passes and the lunch bell rings.

Seito packs up and soon as he was about to get up to leave for lunch someone approache him. It was a boy, one of his classmates.

"Mr. Ken"


He looks to his side.

"Oh it's you. Retse Jin, correct?"

Retse JIn was a black hair boy from the Jin Family, #10 in the Kingdom.

"Correct", he says.

"So what's up?"

"I was wondering if you would like to go for lunch together?"

"Amm, sure why not."

Seito begins to stand up.

"Oh there is no need for you to stand"

Retse snaps his fingers and a butler carried a tray full of food infront of Seito's table. He places it down and takes off the cover and a variety of different quality foods could be seen.


"Well let's eat", says Retse as he sat infront him.

A shadow is seen standing behind the wall at the door.

"I wanted to have lunch with him"

It was Lamia.

"I made extra to repay him for saving my life that day but I got scared he wouldn't remember me and stood here the whole time and wasted my chance."

"Look it's the Student Council President"

"I wonder what she's doing so far"

"I guess there is no point staying here any longer.", she says as she walks away.


Seito looks in the direction of the door,


"Oh it's nothing, just thought I saw someone familiar."

They continued with their lunch.