Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 15

Magic Crusade Chapter 15


Seito begins to wake up and sees a ceiling fan high above his head and curtains surrounding him while he was in a bed.

He begins to slowly get up.

"Ouch ouch. So much pain."

He looks around. He noticed that it was the infirmary.

"Oh, the infirmary."

He realized that his shirt was gone and that he was wrapped in bandages.

"Try not to move too much, you need rest."

Seito heard a voice and looked to his side. It was Retse who had a few bandages on his face and hands.

"Oh Retse, it's just you. You seemed banged up as well.", Seito told Retse as he saw that he had bruises all over him.

"Well you were stronger than I thought and it really took a toll on me. If I was an amateur I'd still be in bed."

"Ha, thanks for the compliment"

Seito begins to remember about when they were fighting.

"Oh that's right."


"What did you mean by not to compare it to that weaklings own?"

He stays silent for a while.

" .... Did I say that? I can't recall. Must have been someone in class and you thought it was me because of the spur of the moment."


"Well it was an intense fight after all..... we are in the infirmary", he said sarcastically.

"You must be right."

He gets up.

"Well I must take my leave now. Get some rest"

He then leaves the room. He walks down the hallway and begins talking to himself.

"I got too carried away. I need to be careful of else....."

Someone jumped from behind the curtain.

"You don't believe that to be true, do you?"

"GAHHHHH!!!! We're you trying to give me a heart attack??"

He looked at her.

"What do you mean though?"

"There are coincidences but this too obvious to be one. The guns look the same, like a perfect match."

"That may be true but..."


"He seems okay to me"

"You can't be serious?", she asked him.

"Let's just leave him be.", he replies.

"And if those words come back to bite you", she asks again.

"We have plenty strong teachers and a headmaster who seems deserving of the title. We have Magic Knights to protect us. If they all fail, I'll do it myself."

Belze says to him while giggling, "You're arrogance is amusing."

"Ok. Let's leave it at that."

She begins to walk away.

"But before you go I must tell you something thats been on my mind for a while now"

She slowly turns around.

".... Eh?"

He begins to gaze at her with a serious face.

"I-I-I- Is this a confession...... B- but we hardly know each other", she nervously began talking to herself.

"Would you like to do me the honor...... "


"The honor of.... "

"B- b- bu- bu....."

"Scratching my nose. I can hardly move my hands and it's been bugging me for a while now."

She became still and started flinching.


She runs out of the room at full speed.

"Wait it still itches." "Well she is a noble so I thought I would ask her with manners", he told himself.

A day passes and he's healed but still has a few bandages on his face. He's sitting in class.

"Mic, why didn't you just heal me."

"It doesn't work like that. I already told you, we need permission to use magic that involves healing or resurrection. Besides, a few scratches isn't worthy of the time it would take."

"And how long is that?", he questions him.

"About a second."

" .... "

He sat silently.

It's the end of the day and Retse approaches him at the school gate.

"Oh hey Retse" , he said as he waved to him.

"Good afternoon, Seito", he replies with a huge smile on his face.

"You taking me home again?", Seito asks if him.

"Well if course, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't."

"Sigh", said Seito as he silently died inside.

It arrives and the both enter.

Retse grabs two champagne glasses and begins to pour something in them. He gives one to Seito and raises his glass.

"A toast", he says.

"Umm, aren't we underage?", Seito asks while looking in the glass.

"It's Apple juice".

"A toast then", he raises the glass.

"To friendship".

"To friendship".

They put them together then drink them.

"Hm", Retse went.

Seito noticed.

"What is it?", he asks.

"It's a shame".

"What do you mean?", Seito continues.

"I was starting to get to love your company."

"Null", whispered Retse.

Belze tried to reach out but it was too late.

Seito began to blank out.

"It just had to be done".

He completely blanks out.

He slowly starts to regain consciousness he couldn't was moving but he wasn't in control, as if he was been carried. He suddenly drops.

"Remove the bag from over his head", said a unknown voice.

The bag that was covering his head was removed and he can see again. He's tied up but he has limited movement.

"On his knees".

Men in black robes takes him up and positions him on his knees.

"Is it finally going to happen".

Seito looks around and sees the hundreds of men in black robes that surrounded him, the huge area he was in, walls and torches which gave the space light but not a lot.

"I can see it already".

"What are you talking about? What can you see already?", Seito asks, still on the ground tied up.

"The Promise Land", the unknown man said.

This man was different from the rest. He wore shades and had long, black laid back hair, his black robes could clearly show the huge black snake in his chest.

"The Promise Land?? Who are you people?!", he asks loudly.

"The name's Black Snake and don't worry yourself about the promise land, we shall all see it soon."

"What do I have to do with this promise land?"

"You're the one", replied Black Snake.

"He definitely is", Retse said as he was walking in.

He walks in and goes in front of Black Snake. One of the men approaches him and gives him a black robe which he takes from him.

"Thank you".

He puts it on.

"I knew you had to be the one once I saw your fight at the school".

"You.....", went an angry Seito.

"And you confirmed it when we fought. You're the one"

"Good work, slave", Black Snake told Retse as he was smiling.

"S- Slave!?"

"That's right. Taking over a student noble was the perfect idea."

"So you're controlling him. Release him now!!!", shouted Seito as he gripped his fist and grit his teeth.

"HAHAHA, why should I? This kids brain was so weak to take over it was too good to be true."

"I said release my friend."

"Huh, you're friend? He was just getting close to you like he was ordered.", said Black Snake before he started cackling.



"Those smiles we shared when we called each other friends..... It's more real than your stupid name!!", ranted Seito.

"My stupid WHAT!!!? I was given this name by our leader and you dare disrespect it."

"And I'd say it to his face if I could."

"You little shit."

He started walking over to Seito.

"I'd kill you right now but..... And don't think I forgot about Jann."


After a while of thinking he finally remembers.

"Oh, the guy that attacked the school."

"That was my kid brother."

He stops in front of him and bends down.

"I want to see your insides spilled but the master would tear me to pieces."

He stands back up then a man completely covered in black suddenly appears beside Black Snake and kneels down.

"Go tell the master we have captured him."

"Yes, my lord".

He disappears and Black Sanke begins walking back to his throne.

"We aren't waiting on his master."

"Right", went both Belze and Mic.