Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 16

Magic Crusade Chapter 16

                                               CHAPTER 16

"Belze", Seito called out.


The fang mark appears on his hand, the ropes begin to burn off.

"Oh", goes Black Snake.

He jumps up and the sun sword appears.

"So he does have the mark."

Seito began standing on guard.

"I really hate brats like you that try too hard. You're completely outnumbered, 100%. What can you accomplish?"

"Wanna find out?", asked Seito of him with a smile on his face.

Black Snake got slightly frustrated.

"Detain him!", he shouted as he gazed at Seito.

The men in black began to surround him.

"Belze, we're gonna have to go all out."

"I hear you loud and clear.", he replied.

Someone shouted out.


It was Retse.

"Huh?", Seito looked wondering what happened.

Retse turns to Black Snake and gets on his knees.

"Hm,what are you doing boy?", asked Black Snake as he looked down on him.

"Sir. The last time we fought it was a draw, but now I know what to do. Please Master, let me detain him."

"Hm, okay. But if you fail me boy....."

"I won't fail you Sir."

".... You better not."

The men in black that were surrounding him began to clear away. Retse then gets off his knee and begins to walk over to where Seito is.

"How about it, Seito.... A rematch?", he said before he started to grin at him,as he was still walking.

"Sure, fine by me. I was planning on taking you back anyways."

"You really get on my nerves."

He takes out the Flame King and points it at Seito and he raises the Sin Sword on guard.





"Devil's Slicer"

The Devil's Slicer collides with the ball of fire and causes a explosion.

"If I destroy it before it splits it's useless."

"Ehh, so you were paying attention."


Seito rushs in but Retse holds the gun and blocks Seito's swing completely.

Seito began to smile.

"This is going to be fun."

Retse began smiling as well.

"I feel the same way."

Seito starts to swing the sword continuously which Retse blocks all of them with relative ease. Sparks fly.

They back off each other.

Retse says, "You're as stubborn as I can remember."

"Thanks for the compliment", Seito gives him a sarcastic smile.

"Then as a little extra....."

He holds up his other hand.


"Air King."

A huge gush of air goes through the place and a gun, the same as the Flame King but had blue marks instead of yellow appeared.

"What, he had two guns."

He points it at him.


Belze reaches out to him.

"Yeah", he replied and got on guard.

Retse presses the Air King's trigger but nothing happens.


Seito lets down his guard.

After a second Seito is sent flying into the wall which causes him to spit up. A crater is created and he falls to the floor.

*cough* *cough*

He wipes the blood from his mouth.

"What was that?"

Retse begins to walk towards him.

"This is the Air King. While its counterpart the Flame King which uses fire, the Air King uses air.

Seito gets up and Retse stops.

"That thing really packs a punch", Seito stood there and said.

"That is true but using both of them uses alot of magic."

"Is that so. Devil's Slicer!"

Seito swings the Sin Sword which sends out a stream of Hell's flame.


He holds up the Air King and holds unto the trigger for two seconds. He lets go of it and a huge gush of air came out and connects with the Devil's Slicer. Both attacks push together for a while before exploding.

"Damn it!"

Black Snake yawns.

"This is getting tiresome, hurry it up."

He turns around and bows.

"Yes sir"

He turns back.

"I wish I could play a little longer but...."

He holds both the Flame and Air King together.

"This is it."

They began to shine.

"Belze, let's put it all on this."

He holds up the sword and Hell's Flame comes around it more potent then black aura begins to emit from his body.

Remember, kill him and don't expect to see the morning sun again."

Black Snake stated.

"Don't worry he won't die so easy."

"Rage Fire........"

"Death's Demon......."



Seito swings the sword and Retse pulls the trigger.

A huge stream of fire comes out of the guns and aims for Seito, burning through the solid concrete ground as if it was paper.

When Seito swung the sword a huger, more violent and ferocious Devil's Slicer came out.

The two collide.

They both began to scream out.


Both the Rage Fire Cannon and the Death's Demon Slicer was pushing each other, heading for each's target.

Seito gripped the sword tight, so tight blood started coming from in between his fingers and so did Retse with the guns.

Each being pushed back slowly.

"Just give up already!"

Retse proclaimed.

"Hng. Not a chance."

The attacks, still colliding, began to get bigger.

Belze started talking.

"S-Seito, you're using too much."

"Just hold out a little longer please."

Seito began panting and sweating.

So was Retse.

There magic was clearly faltering.

Seito fell to one knee and the Cannon began to slowly overpower the Slicer.

"Seito... I'm sorry."

Belze faints.

"DOG!", Mic shouts out.


The black aura and the mark began to slowly fade and he began to pant even harder.

Retse fell to one knee as well.

"You'll run out before I do."

"Damn it. Damn it. DAMN IT!"

Seito began shouting out.

Then an unknown voice came out of nowhere.

"Ha, I don't plan on dying until I've exacted my revenge so I'll let you use my power a bit."


The black mark and aura began to come back.

"How?!", Retse, wondering what happened.

"This ends now", Seito proclaims.

"You insolent......"


The attacks explode over a wide area catching Seito and Retse in the blast.