Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 17

Magic Crusade Chapter 17


The explosion sends debris everywhere followed by clouds of fire and smoke.

The entire place was beginning to be covered in smoke.

Retse slowly gets up off the one knee and held his chest while still panting.

“The smoke’s everywhere. I can’t see Seito.”

He starts to look all over the place frantically, fanning the smoke away every second to try and see where Seito was.

Black Snake begins saying to himself, “This smoke will be troublesome for him. I guess I have no choice to butt in.”

One of his eyes turned into a green snake eye.

“Now where could you be?”

He looks at Retse and green smoke surrounds him then he looks elsewhere.

“Where are you hiding? No one can escape my eyes.”

He looks back around at Retse and sees an unfamiliar presence a small distance from him.

“He’s behind you!”, Black Snake shouts out from across the room.

Retse quickly turns around bust Seito rushes to Retse and uses his left hand to grab his face.

Retse tries to break free but Seito’s grip was too strong.

“W-What are you doing?!”

“Saving you”, he replies.

“What is he talking about?”

Seito smashes Retse on the floor, holding him down.

Black Snake started to lean out of his chair.



The wing mark appears on his left hand and both it and his hand begins to shine.


Retse’s whole body is covered in white aura and a bright light shine.

He began to mumble.

“It’s kind of pathetic for a noble to be weak to psychic magic. 

“Thank you”

Seito looks at him and gives him a small smile.

“Don’t mention it”

“What is happening here? He expelled my snake melody from his body”, he sat and said to himself, puzzled.

“You seem confused. Let me explain. 

The men started to rush after Seito.

“STOP!” Snake shouts.

They stop amid the order they were given.

The first time Retse and I met I knew he was being controlled.”


“Mr. Ken”

“Hmm? Oh it’s you. Retse Jinn, correct?”

“Hmm, Seito”, Mic called out to him.

“What is it?”

“He’s being possessed; I can feel a feint dark energy inside him.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes”, Mic replies.

“Hm. Is there a way for us to help him?”

“Yes but…..”


“It’s risky. He might disintegrate.”

“What’s the percentage of that happening?”

“About 80%”

“…….. Either way, we’ll have to try.”

“Yea, that’s about it”, concluded Seito.

“So let me see if I have this correctly. You already knew he was being controlled?” asks Black Snake.

“Yes, but the real problem was by whom. The fact that he hardly left my side meant that the person wanted to get close to me,” he stated.

“Hm, so you played along with it just so you could track him back to me?” Black Snake asked as he was sitting down.


“And when you were talking about smiles and all that….”

Seito responds,” a good actor always knows how to play his part. That way you wouldn’t be able to see I was expecting it.”

“Expecting it you say.” Snake says with a grin on his face. “How were you sure we weren’t going to kill you?” he asks.

“Simple, I’d be dead already.”


“He had many chances to kill me. During our sparring match or even many times we were in his limousine but not once did he have an intent to hurt me”

“So, you bet it all on that?” he asks.

“Yes, and when I saw you everything was clear.”


“You look too stupid to be doing this for your gain.” Seito cheekily implies.


Black Snake began to burst with laughter then starts to clap.

“Well done, well done. Now that you’ve reach this far what are you planning to do?”

Seito replies, “one of my two objectives are complete. One, track you and help Retse in one fell swoop.”

“And the second?”

He holds up the sword at him.

“To take you down.”

Mic, “he’s talking like he didn’t just come up with that.”

“Well I have to admit you did well to get this far but you overlooked two things.” said Black Snake. “One, you’re completely surrounded and two, I’m plenty strong myself.”

“Doesn’t matter. It could’ve been thousands. They’re all still weaklings.”

“Capture him and do it fast.”

“Yes sir!” they all shout.

They began to surround him. Some took out weapons of all shape and sizes and others took out magic wands.

Seito looks down on Retse who was still on the floor.

“I’m gonna have to fight and protect him at the same time”

“No need.”


Retse starts to struggle himself up.

“You aren’t planning to fight, are you?” Seito asks Retse.

“I am”

“Are you dumb? You’re still drained from our fight from before…”, Seito said.

“I may not be at my best but I have enough to fight the underlings.” he said while still struggling up.


Retse grabs his arm.

“For months. I have been his puppet. MONTHS! I plan to take back that lost time one way or another.” Retse pleaded.

He then squeezes his arm tighter.


Seito then helps him out and he summons the Flame King.

“Don’t overdo it.”


Seito rushes to one side and Retse begins to fire.

Seito clashes with the enemies. Each weapon clashes with each other. He fights while dodging attacks from other angles and manages somehow. He cuts them down and moves on to next.

Retse shoots and evade but his movements begin to get  sloppy till he falls and one of the robed men comes over him with a sword.



Seito blocks it and kicks him away.

Seito then say to himself, “He won’t hold much longer.”

Seito jams the sword in the ground. He then closes his eyes; dark aura surrounds his hand and then the sword. 

The ground begins to shake.

“What is happening?”

The ground then suddenly begins to crumble all around Seito and Retse, creating a crater-like hole and the men in black robe began to fall into it. 

He then pulls out the sword, picks Retse and then jumps into the air.

“Finish it.”


Retse put all his magic into it and shoots the scattershot which goes and explode in the crater.

They land on the other side where Snake was.

Seito boltstrides to the closest wall and leans Retse upon it.


Black Snake looked upon the crater from his throne where all his subordinates lay dead.

“Useless…… All of you…. USELESS!!”

He gets out of his seat.

A burst of malevolent purple aura appears around him.

Seito becomes stiff.

“This feeling….”

Retse is hit unconscious by the sheer pressure of it.

Seito looks around at him, sweat coming down the side of his head.

“I’m going to….”

“Master wait.”

“Huh?” Seito asks himself.

Black Snake begins to calm down.

“Let us take care of it.”

“Oh, it’s you”

He sits back down.

“Well then be my guest.” Snake obliged.

Five men walk from behind him.

“Iyakyakya. Sorry boys, gi hi”(He’s laughing)

“Let us be done with it.”