Magic Crusade

By Leonardo Lawson

Magic Crusade Chapter 18

Magic Crusade Chapter 18


Four of the five men began to take off their robes while the other left his on. Each had a number from 1 to 4 in the centre of their chest.

(One was a short black man with curly hair, Two was tall and lean with spiky hair, Three was broad and four was short with a hump on his back. Five (obviously his name) was bigger and muscular than all the rest with black hair and beard.)

Red aura starts to cover all of them except five.

They all began to turn into giant minotaurs except for Five that stayed human. He just dropped and sat on the floor.

“We need the boy alive, but the other one… the other one se

One walked out while the rest stayed back.

“Well, I guess I’m first then. Sorry guys but I guess you won’t get to……”

He was cut in half before he could even finish the sentence. Seito rushed him and took care of him with one strike.

The two separated body pieces fell to the ground while the bottom half, his feet, began to kick.

Seito points the sword at the rest.

“Who’s next?”

They all looked at him and began to burst out with laughter, even Five had a grin on his face.

“Gikya! I guess I won the bet.” went Four.

“Bet?”, Seito asked.

“We bet he’d be dead before even landing a hit,” answered Two. “Well no matter, I’m next.”

Seito held his sword with a stronger grip, he got on guard.

Two gave him a smirk then disappeared in thin air.


Seito then heard someone whisper something in his ear from behind him.

“Behind you.”


As Seito began to turn around Two was already behind him and his giant fist inches away from his body.

He punched Seito straight into the wall causing it to crack. Seito fell on his knees with a bloody mouth.

Two began to walk and laugh.

“Guess that’s tha…”

His hand dropped off his body unto the floor. Blood began to spew from it.

“What!? He cut off my arm, how?”

Seito began to get up. He spat the blood from out of his mouth and wiped it off his face. 

Seito gave him a grin.

He started walking to where Two was.

“You hit like a girl.”

Two gripped his only fist as his rising anger started to show on his face.

“You…. little…… cheeky bastard!” shouted Two in anger.

He immediately vanished and appeared behind him and held his fist in an attempt to hit him. When he flung his arm, he looked at Seito and saw that he was corner eyeing him. Two saw this and felt off, as if something came over him. He got bug eyed and backed off.

Seito grinned at him.

“What happened… got scared?”

“N- No…. it’d just be too easy so I’m letting rest for a while longer.

As Seito was about to take a step something passed so fast, wind followed behind. When Seito looked it was five in front of Two, looking at him intently.

Two began to sweat.

“S- Sir Five, is there a probl….”

Before he finished Five put a giant hole through his chest.  Blood all over the wall and the light in Two’s eyes, disappeared.

“Surprised you waited this long.” stated Black Snake.

Seito stood there, not moving an inch.

Five turned around and started to walk back.

“Three, Four.”


They both begin to sweat.

“Being weak is a sign of weakness. Weakness is a man’s greatest enemy and then there is me. Show me a hint of weakness take your own lives for if not I will not hesitate it to take it from you.”

He reaches Seito and looks him in the eyes and Seito does the same while gripping his sword.

He goes back and sits on the floor.

Four turns to Three.

“Let us finish this.”


They each break off one of the two horns they had on their heads. They shoved it straight into their chests. They started to turn into pure red magic power. Soon all of their body disappears and only magic remains. Then the magic began to form into a bigger minotaur with four hands and a huge chain across its body with the numbers 3 and 4 mended in one.

It took off the chain and cracked it like a whip.

“Surrender now for this is it.”

Seito simply held up his sword.

It flung the chain at Seito.

Seito tries to hit it away but the force hits him away. He rolls but eventually lands back on his feet.

It takes a step forward and flings the chain again.

Seito immediately jumps to the side as the chain teared up the ground from where he was jumping from.

“Stop moving and go down already.”

“Devil’s Slicer.”

Seito sends a Devil’s Slicer after the newly formed Minotaur but it simply hits it with the chain and it disappears.

“Damn. I can feel Belze getting tired so I have to finish this as quick as possible. Not to mention there’s him and Black Snake,” Seito said to himself looking at both Five and Black Snake.

The giant beast wraps the chain around its fist.

“Lets just go for the knockout blow.

It jumps and ready its fist,

Seito boltstrides to the other side as the Minotaur came down and cracked the ground. He began to boltstride around it, looking for a weakspot.

“I can’t find any, damn it.”

The beast flings around its arm and hits Seito who gets hit back in to the wall.

He screams as he feels the pain as he connects with the wall.


It slams its fist into the ground which causes the ground to break up which heads straight for Seito.  

It catches him off guard which cause him to sink with half of his body covered under rubble.


The beast jumps up.

“It ends now.”

As he reached closer to Seito.

“Rage Fire….”



“Shit, I won’t be able to evade it. DAMN IT!!”

The flames engulfed him and turned him to ash.

Retse runs over to Seito and help starts to move the rubble of Seito.

“Thanks. But how are you back up so quick?”

“I replenish magic quicker than most that’s how I’m able to use so much.”

“I see.” Seito said nonchalantly. “Before we get to Black Snake, we need to go through him first.” Seito says as he looks over at Five.

“I am really getting pissed…”

Snake begun to get upset as he grabs the throne’s handles and they easily break.

Five turns around.


He looks at him and calm down.

“Hurry, I’m getting impatient.”

“Yes, master.”

Five get up and brushes off his bottom.

“I really wanted to toy with you but it seems I won’t get the chance,” he says to Seito.

He then looks over at Retse, “but you on the other hand, you’re a different story.”

Seito immediately went at him and swung his sword.

It hits.

He then looks and realizes that he actually caught it with his bare hand.

“Damn. Huh?”

He looks and sees Five holding up his other hand. He looks and saw his eyes, he saw that they had the intent to kill and his presence turned into one of a mad man.

He immediately left his sword and backed off back to where Retse was.


“I know.”

The sword disappears from Five’s hand and back into Seito’s”

“Hmm, well then, let’s get started shall we.”