Headless Villainess

By Satou Mato,佐藤真登

Headless Villainess Chapter 1

Headless Villainess Chapter 1

Chapter 1

In the end, can this really be called rebirth?

As I picked up my head that had been chopped off and rolled across the floor, I calmly thought about that.

Good morning, new world. After dying in my previous world, I woke up after a long time. Although I woke up I have no eyes. Neither do I have a mouth, nose or even ears. In the first place, my head is separated from me.

(T/N: woke up=目が覚めました, 目=eyes, pun I can’t translate)

No matter how you look at it, having become just a body with the head chopped off, I am dead.

In spite of that, the body that is me is conscious and moving.

On the gallows, despite being the one who chopped of my head, the executor is trembling in fear, around me, despite having so much fun watching my execution, was the speechless pleib–correction, general masses.

Yeah. Just right now right here, my execution show was conducted and ended safely.

In this world, I was born and raised as the daughter of a noble, prosecuted of numerous crimes that brought shame to my name, had my engagement broken off by my fiancee the prince and to end it off was beheaded via guillotine.

And then my consciousness was revived by the shock of being killed.

If asked what is the shock of being killed I would not be able to answer but the current situation is that there is no other way of saying it. I touched my modest chest gently but my pulse had clearly stopped. No matter how I think of it, this body is dead. And although I picked up my dropped head, there was no feeling from above the neck. Sight and hearing is not from this severed head but by some design that is working on principles that I don’t understand.

How should I put it, there should be a limit for belatedness. In the current situation of having lost my head, what are you telling me to do? Play soccer with my own head? Seems very fun. If I can find a teammate in this world, I think I will try it.

As I thought of such a fun game, I brushed off the dirt on my severed head that I had picked up.

There was less blood than I expected. The bleeding seemed to have stopped already. This surreal situation of holding my own severed head in my hands, it’s almost like a dullahan. Well since I’m not a knight or anything, I think I’m just a zombie.

The me of this world was bawling like a baby right before dying so I think I had regrets in this world but is that really related to the me that awakened after dying? Having led a good life in my previous world and died a natural death peacefully, there is nothing more irritating than being awoken like this.

Well, although it is myself, there is nothing more disappointing than this.

In my previous world, I worked for 5 years in a large newspaper company before quitting and becoming free, I then lived off donations from the kindness of corporations and politicians whose weaknesses I had grasped. This severed head had such a lame personality that was unthinkable of having had my soul.

It really is sad. In human relationships, one must take advantage of people’s weakness. First grasp weak points such that they are unable to oppose you, then obtain money or information or connections, and finally end it off at a level where you don’t leave any grudges. She was such an ignorant ojou-sama that she did not even know those basics of communication. How sad.

Because of that I got cheated on, conspired against by my fiancee and his lover and then condemned.

I held up my own head and observed it carefully.

It’s a beauty. The stress suffered after being prosecuted until the execution has worn it down a bit, but until then she was raised as a selfish and spoilt ojou-sama without any suffering. In this country where the level of civilisation is at best a step before my previous world, she was born and raised as a very fortunate child.

Well as can be seen she already died though.

I don’t sympathise. The me of this world lived as she liked and indulged in excess without  self-awareness, getting killed was probably her own ineptitude. Even if she didn’t commit any crime worthy of death, she was a disappointing child whose stupidity was taken advantage of and killed, this only leads to the conclusion that she was an idiot.

Even still, what an awful face this has become. Soiled with tears and snot, the only good point she had of being a beauty is ruined–

“…….shut up”

As I was examining my severed head, the severed head said something.

Seeing the mouth move, I’m at a loss for words. I didn’t say anything. In fact, since I have no mouth I can’t speak. The severed head spoke on it’s own. This severed head is autonomous. What’s this, some kind of horror movie? I’m okay with gore but I’m not good with ghost-type horror stories, this severed head, despite being only a severed head why is it able to speak? Yeah, my existence as only a body is quite strange, but I think a head that is able to produce sound on its own is even stranger.

“I said shut up. What’s with this what’s with this what the hell is this. Anyone and everyone, looking down on me……!”

Seeing the severed head begin to speak, the surrounding people that had been observing timidly from a distance clearly began to panic.

As I was being scared of the speaking severed head-chan in my own way, she proclaimed in a loud voice.

“How dare you how dare you how dare you do this to me. I will curse you all now. Those who arrested me, the one who killed me, and all of you that watched and laughed as well! I will curse and kill you all. Ahahaha prepare yoursemoga!?”

I covered the severed head’s mouth and ran out from that place.

I was able to escape unexpectedly easily.

Well, if a headless zombie came running while carrying it’s severed head most people would make way. It’s scary isn’t it. I understand.

And thus like how how moses split the red sea I easily escaped from the crowd and am now walking in a deserted back alley.

Hmm, what should I do now.

Even though I’m trying to stay calm, I’m probably still confused from the reality of being reborn. I can’t really decide how I should live from now on. I almost never worried about how I should live in my previous world, but bizarre things keep happening and as expected even I am unable to process it all. I’m still unable to confirm the current situation.

Sadly, this world is not a fantasy world. According to my, or more like the current world’s me, knowledge as well as what I have seen so far, even in this world magic is just a superstition.

Which means I can’t imagine that a headless human would ever be accepted. It’s probably impossible even for my family. Unfortunately it wasn’t a household overflowing with such family love that they would accept a daughter whose head and body are separated.

And before all that there is a larger problem.

“Go back, go back to that place! You are my body!”

Severed head-chan is super noisy.

“What do you mean severed head-chan! Despite being my body how impertinent! Just go back to that place just now already. I need to curse every single one of those scum back there who laughed at me to death!”

Please stop. Just by appearance I’m already suspicious enough, I don’t want to add such an obvious crime on top of that.

……By the way, does she even know how to curse them? If so, severed head-chan might prove useful for something.

“No way I would know something like that!”

And just like that it became clear that severed head-chan is just doing things randomly without thinking.

“But since I became like that, I can definitely do it! Fu, fufufufu, I have returned due to my regrets and resentment! If I curse someone with this resentment that has driven away death, that person will die!”

Yes yes, please don’t say things like an elementary school kid, miss sixteen years old. Just listening is depressing. If you are nothing but a head and even that is empty, isn’t there nothing left?

For now it has been established that severed head-chan is only able to be noisy. I think it’s a talent perfect for keeping things lively. Humans, everyone has their strengths.

“What’s with those remarks. In the first place what are you. Even though you are my body why don’t you listen to what I say!”

Even someone as generous and patient as me can’t really deal with this ranting severed head-chan. Since it’s my body now, I have no intention of listening to what severed head-chan says.

“What did you sayyyyyyyy! What audacity, impertinence! Despite being a body so audacious!”


It seems that even though I can’t speak, severed head-chan can hear my thoughts. Since I can’t hear what severed head-chan is thinking, this feels slightly unfair but since I can’t speak right now it’s a thankful feature.

“Hmph. Head and body. It’s obvious which is superior if you think about it. Since you realised it, listen to what I say!”

Well severed head-chan is the type that says what she is thinking, so I guess it’s not really necessary.

But still severed-head chan, your intelligence is so disappointing it’s unbelievable that you are my head, can’t you do something about it. When I think about having to be with her from now on, my future seems like its coming to an end.

Well, I can throw it away but if I do that I will forever be in a headless condition. A headless life is a bit too inconvenient. If I adjust my neck’s surface, I think I will be able to properly attach it. So getting rid of it now would be premature.

So severed head-chan. Won’t you quietly accompany me for now?

“Shut up, I just need to curse everyone! Die, die, those that killed me, those that laughed and watched my death, those who arrested me, everyone, everyonne, dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

With tears building up in her eyes and grinding her teeth, she who has become just a severed head spat out her fury. The lamentation of being killed. The grief of being betrayed. The voice filled with these whirling emotions echoed in this back alley. Listening to such a bitter voice I thought.

Severed head-chan, seriously shut up. If the palace guards come how are you going to take responsibility?

“What’s with you. Someone like you won’t understand my feelings. Have you been betrayed by everyone around you!? Have you been scorned by the person you loved!? Have you been abandoned by your parents!? Have you been killed unreasonably killed!? If you haven’t shut up!”

Yes yes, okay, severed head-chan.

To this severed head-chan who is brandishing the experience of having died once at the young age of sixteen like she knows all the suffering of life, I have a recommendation.

“What is it, body”

Severed head-chan glared at me but since there is no weight behind me, there is no pressure at all.

Let’s play soccer.

Of course, my friend is you.

“Ha? what’s with you, despite being a body, trying to be friends is disgusting. In the first place from just now–Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?”

Taamayaa. (T/N I have no idea how to translate this, some kinda phrase you scream at fireworks)

I looked up at the severed head young lady I kicked up high, but unfortunately it didn’t explode. What dirty fireworks, I wanted to try saying that once.

I received the severed head that dropped from a high height with my chest.

So, impressions?

“Aaaaaaaah, what are you doing suddenly”

Still so lively. In that case, one more time~.


It gets kicked up rather nicely. Since I’m at it I might as well do some lifting. Even though I’m like this when I was a student I was in girl’s soccer. ……I was an eternal substitute though.


Ooh, compared to the strange distribution of weight, it surprisingly easy to keep going.

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! St, Stoooooooooooop! I’m sorry, I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Nono~. It’s very fun so until you drop I will keep going~. Okay, five~, six~, seven~.

Author’s Note:

  • Severed head-chan

She repeatedly did bad things without being aware of it. Although she was so ignorant she didn’t think of those bad things as bad, she didn’t do something bad enough to be executed.

More pitiful after death.

  • Body

A natural devil.

Although she inherited the way of thought that naturally did evil things from severed head-chan, the ability is a league apart.

In the previous world, probably some kind of devil or evil god.

Hecate’s fun fact:

The part’s where severed head-chan was cursing those people who arrested her, could also be translated as those people who f**ked her….I chose to go with the first translation.

Also first part is a bit confusing because the mc was refering to both severed head-chan and herself as “I” until severed head-chan proved autonomous, hopefully you get it anyway.