Headless Villainess

By Satou Mato,佐藤真登

Headless Villainess Chapter 2

Headless Villainess Chapter 2

Chapter 2

After being kicked up high as lifting over thirty times, severed head young lady’s heart finally broke.

“I’m, I’m shorry….gusu, already. Stop the highhigh, hikku. I will, be good, pleash shtop already……!”

For some reason, severed head-chan is apologising while crying, she who has died and become just a severed head wouldn’t have her heart broken so simply by being kicked in the face up into the air, so I have no intention of accepting such an insincere apology.

But more importantly than that trivial matter, I’m filled with a sense of accomplishment.

After all, this is the first time I managed to do lifting continuously this long. This is definitely because I am one with the ball. It’s wonderful.

“……what, what’s with you. Doing something like kicking your friend–”

You have a complaint? Once again, shall we begin from dribbling practice? With severed head-chan I feel like I can take on a regular.

“Hee-. I’m, I’m sorry, you are right……! I’m all wrong. Bu, but please stop with the lowlow too……!”

Yep. This is quite a nice state. The lifting and dribbling had an effect. To establish friendship, soccer really is the best.

Well, let’s stop playing around and start taking action.

“That torture just now was playing around……actually never mind. Then, what do you mean by action……?”

It’s escaping.

As a suspicious person carrying her own severed head, I can’t just keep standing around outside under the sun after all.

“Ye, yeah. Understood. But, escape to where?”

Ignoring the question from severed head-chan who recovered surprisingly quickly, I ran my gaze along the stone pavement.

This country has a properly set up drainage system, so probably around here……ah, there it is. Then, if I do this here……oh. It really did open. As expected, compared to modern japan, the security is a lot weaker. Also, this body has quite a lot of strength. Maybe because I’m a zombie. I think this is pretty heavy for a girl to open but it opened unexpectedly easily. My limiters might have been released.

“Eh? We, we are going in here……?”

Severed head-chan raised a suspicious voice at my noisy preparations. What I had just opened, was what was known in Japan as a manhole.

(T/N: and pretty much the rest of the world)

Basically I have chosen to escape to the sewer system spread out underneath the town.

I thinking it’s a good place for hiding temporarily. Even in modern times, depending on country it has become a hangout for the homeless and since the sun does not shine down there, it is perfect for me who is a zombie now.

Thus in contrast with severed head-chan who is frowning in disgust, I happily descended into the sewers. It’s okay. I won’t feel anything even if I grab and throw away a cockroach with my bare hand. What I cannot deal with is just the whole ghost-type horror stuff. Hm? The me right now? Zombies are classified as splatter so it’s okay. Splatter is my favourite.

(T/N: It literally says splatter (スプラッタ), I could translate it as gore but that feels a little off so I left it as splatter….and please don’t google image it, I tried, I regret)

“Uu……? Wh,what a horrible smell……Are we really entering this kind of place?”

It’s okay. It’s okay.

To severed head-chan who is still faithfully breathing despite becoming just a head, I smiled and replied.

After all, I have no sense of smell.

“Wha!? Just because you are fine, doing something others hate, you are the worst!”

You are saying that?

I’m getting tired of what this severed head-chan lacking self-awareness is saying. I knew she was disappointing, but holding a conversation with a disappointing person like this is tiring.

“Wh, what are you talking about!”

Just so you know, your entire life you have been harassing others, that is the worst. You have caused trouble for a lot of people. Your crimes certainly weren’t bad enough to be killed, but you brought a lot of resentment onto yourself.

“Th, there is no such thing. I didn’t do anything wrong!”

You did. You did a lot.

You received the retribution of leaving the opposite way of me who living virtuously, severed head-chan.

Maybe my sincere lecture had some effect, severed head-chan became serious and said.

“Hey. Why do you think you are virtuous despite being a devil?”

Who’s a devil.

“I understand. The reason I became just a head like this, is because you are a devil right? What? What are you aiming for. My soul? Certainly I understand that my sublime soul would seem delicious, but I won’t hand it over so easily!”

……What is it already.

Lifing herself up on a pedestal, looking at me with scorn while speculating without any basis, even the gentle me is just a little bit angry.

Calling a virtuous human a devil, how horrible. An accident like a severed head being carried away by the current will happen you know? If someone discovers it, it will be a huge incident.

“hii. I, I will do anything so don’t throw me in the sewers! I will let you nibble my soul a bit!”

I spun my palm around in a quick motion.

You don’t want to be thrown into this sewage that is the collection of this town’s filth right? Severed head-chan seems to finally be understanding my personality of doing what I say.

So I will do it.

“But I apologlubglubglub”

Since severed head-chan was noisy, I submerged her once for now.


Severed head young lady is repenting continuously like a prayer.

What’s wrong. Apologising so simply, it’s not like the prideful severed head-chan.

The severed head-chan who still had the energy to rant even with her head chopped off, the severed head-chan whose heart didn’t break from the lifting, I can’t even phantom the reason for her eyes becoming so vacant.

Maybe she met some kind of horrible fate. Her hair is soaked and unknown objects are stuck on her face. Since severed head-chan is severed head-chan she is nothing but a severed head and thus has no body to wipe her face with. Hard to define filth is stuck across her whole face.

How pitiful.

“Yes. That’s right. Pitiful. The pitiful ones are those people who were involved with me. I’m sorry, Father, Mother. Imsorryimsorryimsorry–“

This response is boring. I want a little more rebelliousness.

Anyway, what shall I do now? For now nothing can begin until I get back a human-like appearance. To adjust the next surface as well as make it removable, I must make a connection with a trustworthy craftsman.

After that, whether I need preservation……well trying to live as a skeleton that has become only bones is also doable. But I want to try to live a human-like life. I intend to keep my heart human.


Oh? What’s wrong, severed head-chan.

Worried that severed head-chan who suddenly became quiet had broken, I tapped the head I carried twice.

Have you finally regained your sanity? It can’t be that you broke so quickly right?

“……nah, by now no matter what the devil-like you do I can’t complain.”

Severed head-chan slid her gaze away from me and muttered.

“I sympathise with whichever craftsman you are going to set your eyes on.”


Since I don’t have a mouth or throat I don’t really need it, but for a while for food let’s get by on those bugs and rats and for water there is sewage water, it’s economical isn’t it, severed head-chan!


Seems like severed head-chan’s heart is unexpectedly sturdy, apologising for some reason towards a set decision, I laugh lightly in my chest.

With severed head-chan as my partner, life from now on seems pretty exciting. At least with this severed head perfect for keeping things lively, I won’t get bored.

“No moree……why this kind of body……I want to rest in peace……”

Maybe my happy thoughts were transmitted since severed head-chan is crying tears of happiness.

Author’s note:

  • Craftsman-san

An innocent person

The next most pitiful person after severed head-chan