Headless Villainess

By Satou Mato,佐藤真登

Headless Villainess Chapter 3

Headless Villainess Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A few years after rumours of the corpse of a daughter of a noble came to life after being executed by the guillotine circulated.

In the kingdom, a huge crime syndicate has been formed.

The terrifying ability to bring together crime organisations together in one go in just two years. At the summit was said to be a woman whose history was shrouded in mystery.

‘Headless Empress’

As one working for a newspaper company in the capital, I secretly continued investigating about her.

And the informant I finally got in contact with said thus.

“I’ve been acting as an informant for a long time. But I don’t know anyone as good as that young lady in hiding her thoughts.”


“Most people, just by looking I can tell. What they are thinking, what kind of history they have, if they are telling lies. That was my speciality.”

–That…… is amazing.

“Yeah, that’s right, among my colleagues, they keep telling me to change jobs to a diviner. Then I would become famous as being infallible. My observation skills are of that kind of level. ……But only that person is different.”

–Different, meaning her thoughts can’t be read at all?

“Nope. Wrong. In fact she is easily understood. When I say that young lady, I thought this ‘there’s an easy ignorant target’.”


“When I first met her, I thought like that. This person, it’s some rich daughter of a noble from somewhere. I don’t know what kind of circumstances she has, how should I trick this young lady that casually came along, or maybe I should ransom her, or since she is quite a beauty maybe I should sell her off for money somewhere…haa. Now that I think about it it’s laughable, but I had thought her to be such a stupid young lady full of gaps that made me think like that. My long years of experience judged that. That this was an easy target.”


“It’s now that I know, but that was probably an act. There’s been a bunch of things and since now I’m in a position where I’m being used by her, occasionally I meet her but……Even now, I think that when I see her face.”

–Think, what?

“‘There’s an easy ignorant target'”


“It’s laughable. Even now I still see her as some kind of empty-headed daughter of an idiot noble and knows nothing about the world. Does it sound like the ramblings of a senile old man?”

–N, no, something like that……

“Oioi. Quite an honest response isn’t it. ……Naa, miss spy.”


“I told you I can tell just by looking. You are probably working for some newspaper company somewhere and disguising yourself if fine, but you are too naive. Is it that? Did you come to confirm the rumours that she looks exactly like that whoever noble lady that got executed a few years ago? Haa. Recently, the queen having neurosis and the king being mentally unstable also seems to be because of that.”

–Wh, what are you talking about……

“Is that so, thanks. I got everything I wanted to know. Oi, you guys, come out.”

–Wh, what are…..kh. L, Let go!

“You’ve been sniffing around about the ‘Headless Empress’. Did you think you wouldn’t be exposed?”

–Wh, what do you intend to do to me.

“I’ve found out what I wanted to know. Do as you like afterwards. And this is just for you to hear but……That young lady, seems to have a taste for severed heads.


“Bye then, miss protegee spy of the royal family. To become a severed head yourself in order to confirm something as pointless as that young lady’s face. To that young lady, from the neck up is probably the most useless part. To that young lady something like her head is just a camouflage and it’s all the same without it.”

“I felt like something extremely rude was just said about me.”

In the middle of her meal, Severed Head-chan suddenly started grumbling about something.

“What’s wrong, Severed Head-chan”

The brown-skinned girl who was feeding severed head-chan faithfully responded.

Right now I’m separated from severed head-chan. Brown-chan who is still in her teens is currently hugging Severed Head-chan and feeding her.

Hearing Brown-chan’s words, Severed Head-chan frowned.

“Stop with the Severed head-chan. You know my name right?”

“Nono. Body-sama calls you that so I’m learning from her~”

Without any sign of flinching from Severed Head-chan’s glare, the brown-skinned girl that seems to be a foreigner laughed it off.

This Brown-chan is a girl with a hardy history of attempting to steal Severed Head-chan when we had just began our sewer life. (T/N: 剛毅な経歴, hardy history? no idea) She was born in the sewers and our first meeting was when she somehow saw Severed Head-chan I was carrying under my arm as a valuable treasure, so she tried to to steal Severed Head-chan and escape only to collapse with a surprised scream.

Since then, we’ve been living together with Brown-chan to ensure the protection of our secret. She seems to have a lot of potential and is quite useful.

“Using sama for Body and chan for me……I still can’t accept that.”

“Is that so? No matter how you think about it it’s appropriate. Here, aahn.”

“Mu. ……Aahn.”

Brown-chan is transporting food to Severed Head-chan’s mouth. Without any special sign of resistance, Severed Head-chan opened her mouth and accepted it. After that she chewed and swallowed, where that ingested food disappears to is an eternal mystery.

I could also feed her, but in the past when I teased her by pulling back the food just as she was about to bite down on it, the short tempered Severed Head-chan got mad. After that, Brown-chan has been in charge of meals.

Looking at Severed Head-chan who looks like some animal being fed, Brown-chan’s cheeks loosened into a smile.

“Fufufu~, Severed Head-chan is cute~. Body-sama, can I have Severed Head-chan?”

“Of course not!”

Ignoring Severed Head-chan’s instant yell, Brown-chan focused on me with shining eyes.

But in this case, just as Severed Head-chan said, no.

Knowing that it wouldn’t be transmitted to Brown-chan, I conformed with Severed head-chan.

After all, Severed Head-chan is my toy.

“Who’s a toy!”

“Is that so~. I can’t have her?”

Hearing Severed head-chan’s yell, Brown-chan perceived my thoughts and her shoulders drooped. This kid loves Severed Head-chan. What a weird taste.

Well, it’s about time.

Judging that the meal was done, I took Severed Head-chan from Brown-chan.

“Hm? Going out?”


As I answer Severed Head-chan, I fit Severed Head-chan to my neck and returned to a human-like state from a zombie one.

Now I am able to join with Severed Head-chan. Since I got a certain craftsman to work on my neck’s surface, if I wrap a scarf or something around the connection part, I can openly go out as a normal human.

By the way, as for the craftsman I requested to work on my neck’s surface who had said “Even if I die–no. Even if my wife and daughter were taken hostage I will protect your secret”, a trustworthy person who said such sincere words while crying as he vigorously made his oath of confidentiality.

And so even though I’m known as the ‘Headless Empress’, the only one who knows that me and Severed Head-chan can be separated is Brown-chan and that craftsman.

(T/N: The term used of headless can also be interpretted as neckless, so….)

“That’s one of the occurrences that confirmed you really are a devil. So, where are we going?”

To the Severed-Head chan that so earnestly accompanied me of my trip down memory lane, I send this thought with a smile.

Just going to deal the finishing blow.

“Finishing blow?”

Yes. Remember? Just recently I let Severed Head-chan meet the King.

“Ah, yeah. That was fun!”

Saying that, Severed Head-chan’s face lit up with a smile.

Since a lot of money is flowing into this country due to the organisation I created, I managed to mix into the tributes Severed Head-chan who was boxed up. It was an offering filled with an element of surprise that was not only for surprising the King but also a chance for Severed Head-chan who had her engagement broken and killed to dispel her resentment.

By the way I sent in Severed Head-chan alone without going along. When I left retrieval to Brown-chan, she happily carried out the plan. Brown-chan is a capable child.

“That person was like an idiot, being so surprised. It was refreshing~. But does that have any relation to this?”

It does. It’s the continuation to that.


To the stupid Severed Head-chan with bad judgement, any further is a secret.

“Take care, ‘Headless Empress’-sama”

Lightly waving my hand at Brown-chan lowering her head respectfully, I left the room.

The neurotic queen fears the shadow of the one who was once her love rival.. The king who became mentally unstable and spouting nonsense about meeting with the talking head of the one who was once his fiancee and should be dead. Due to large amount of capital flowing in from a certain crime syndicate, bribery is rampant in the bureaucracy. The country’s politics are in a mess.

The citizens’ dissatisfaction that arose from these problems has been building up. This country is already like a powder magazine that would explode with a poke.

For me now, even the weapons for those plebeians to wield can be prepared cheaply.

Ok, let’s go, Severed Head-chan.

“H, hey. I don’t get what you are saying at all, but anyhow this makes me extremely uneasy. Where are we going? Hey!?”

We are going to set off some dirty fireworks.

In order to give the final push to explode this country’s gunpowder and set off grand fireworks, I skipped out. Without being affected by the uneasy Severed Head-chan, as the body, I walked out confidently.

Once upon a time, a girl who was executed one-sidedly screamed.

“How dare you how dare you how dare you do this to me. I will curse you all now. Those who arrested me, the one who killed me, and all of you that watched and laughed as well! I will curse and kill you all.”

To be able to make such stupid words reality, isn’t it pleasant enough to make you think it was a good thing becoming a zombie?

As expected the lighting of the fuse is something I want to do by my own hand.

“Co, come to think of it maybe we should stop? It definitely won’t end well! Hey! Are you listening!?”

How could I stop something so fun.

I went out ignoring the half crying Severed Head-chan. The one who met me outside the estate was the kind informant grandpa.

“Oh, young lady. Are the preparations done?”

“Ah, isn’t it the informant geezer! Hey, restrain and confine me now! I’m probably trying to do something unthinkable! For the sake of world peace! Hurry up!!”

“Hahaha! As expected, Headless. I can’t even see a sign of a lie or acting. I won’t be fooled by what you say anymore.”

“Listen to what I say a biiiiiiiiit!”

As I smiled at the two getting along well, as the body, I looked up at the sky.

Today is a clear day. It’s a good day for the end of this country.

“Okay, empress-sama. Shall we begin a grand festival?”


I strongly nodded at the grandpa’s words in my mind.

“No way! Cancel that festival. Guards-san! There are suspicious guys here to capture theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem!”

Severed Head-chan is resisting without knowing when to give up, but the guards in this region have already been bought over.

I definitely won’t let you get in my way. After all, something there wasn’t something that made me so excited even in my previous world.

And so I believe that.

“St, stop, don’t board! If you board something will end!!”

As I boarded the horse carriage with Severed Head-chan’s lively screams, I whispered the meaning of my own birth.

That’s right. Surely, for the sake of this day–

–I became the beheaded corpse of the executed villainess.

Author’s note: After that the country collapsed.

Hecate’s regrets: I will come back and redo this if I actually get better at translating, yeah this is pretty bad.