The God Of Immortal law Chapter 2

The God Of Immortal law Chapter 2

Chapter 2:Mechanical civilization


The applause which followed is for outstanding answer of Lin Yuan and also for the ancestors who contributed greatly in humans’ history.

“Sit down. Next time, don’t disturb the classroom.” Xu fang’s face also eased, if not for suddenly standing up and disturbing her teaching, she would not be angry.

Reason for not liking Lin Yuan is that, a teacher instinctively dislikes student who doesn’t learn, but now Lin Yuan has shown the signs of study, so Xu Fang’s heart is much more comfortable now.

The course continues, many students recovered, who were surprised or disappointed by not seeing Lin Yuan’s losing face, and focusing their attention back on their textbook.

Three more months until the college entrance examination starts, this is the first important turning point of their lives, unless those who do not want to go to college to learn advanced spells, no one will waste their time now.

Previously Lin Yuan used to sleep all the time in the class, whether it is a Sleep or a cultured course, he was slag, he did not have any chance to enter into the university, but now Lin Yuan has been reborn.

Sitting at the back of the classroom, Lin Yuan lowered his head, seemingly reading the textbook, in fact his attention sunk into the mind, organizing the mess of memories.

Lin Yuan, now is not that poor simple Lin Yuan, he has awakened memories from the memory of one hundred thousand years later.

“I didn’t know that the using level 18 spell, tearing space and time, I not only died but also traveled one hundred thousand years backwards in time.” Lin yuan muttered, if it weren’t for being in the classroom he would have started laughing.

Right. Lin Yuan is not the person of this era, but from 100,000 years later!

Compared to the hundreds of thousands of years later, the ten thousands of galaxies, with trillions of population, with huge interstellar empire of magic, the humans are still in the national era, spinning around their parent star, the population is still only mere 10 billion.

This era of earth, with one hundred thousand years of civilization hierarchies, is just a second grade civilization, compared with the future sixth grade civilization, it is worlds apart.

Second grade civilization can roam around their parent star, even if technology is developed to peak, one can only travel to numerous places in the galaxy, and sixth grade’s footprints are spread around whole universe.

But when compared to the future, where the peak of magic civilization was destroyed by the mechanic civilization, humans of this time have enough time to grow, to change their destiny of their future being destroyed.

Lin Yuan, after hundred thousand years after peak of magic civilization, accomplished to become the legendary law of god, with his hand heavy bow was able tear the stars, and even began to sense space and time, to build his own Divinity.

If no accident occurs at least for a million years, he would be able to complete the construction of divinity, igniting divine fire, he would be able to achieve true immortality, but at this time human race faced its biggest crisis in the history.
Mechanical civilization.

The so-called mechanical civilization, constructed by an advanced technological civilization, but has some deformity: it does not have biological wisdom, its follows only some sets of procedure.

The objective of a mechanical civilization is to constantly replicate itself, they will continue to consume any resources that exist, increasing their numbers, while eliminating all obstacles that obstructs their path.

The establishment of large interstellar magic civilization is an obstacle for their existence to replicate themselves.

Facing large number of trillions of mechanical civilization army, even if humans can annihilate planets, destroy stars, have powerful weapons, even if they destroy countless ships and robots of the mechanical civilization, they are helpless.

Because building speed of ships of mechanical civilization is countless time quicker than humans constructing their weapons.

The humans within 300 years were barely able to maintain their feeble existence, the administrative stars were broken through by the mechanical civilization, trillions of people died and finally leaving billions of people on brink of extinction.

In the end, the people who were not able to run away were surrounded by the countless battleships and robots of mechanical civilization.

Lin Yuan, at that time, was the whole race’s last strength.
Facing an overwhelming army of mechanical civilization, he did not flinch, before he ran out of mana, he destroyed countless battleship, burnt his life force, and casted a level 18 spell [space rip], not letting mechanical civilization hurt his people.

Lin Yuan was humans’ last surviving leader and legendary god of immortal law, even he died on the battlefield, he did not know what was the final outcome of the battle.

Lin Yuan did not expect he his consciousness did not turn to nothingness, but returned to a hundred thousand years back in time.

“Mechanical civilization originated from 2.5 million light years away from the milky way galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy, according to information received during war, the predecessor of this civilization in Andromeda galaxy is a sixth grade civilization, in the process of researching artificial intelligence their promotion of seventh grade civilization failed.

Ultimately causing whole civilization killed by intelligent program, on their ruins mechanical civilization started rising.”

Lin Yuan, in sitting position, silently thinking.

“Mechanical civilization started rising in just two thousand years, they consumed whole resources of Andromeda galaxy, the distance between the Andromeda galaxy and milky way galaxy is pretty long,

That is to say we humans have 98,000 years to solve this crisis or else, with the development speed of mechanical civilization even if they are given a year, humans would not be able to fight them and would get destroyed.”

98,000 years, just 98,000 thousand years for humans to develop, changing their fate of getting destroyed by mechanical civilization.

Remembering till here, Lin Yuan’s heart suddenly felt an urgent feeling, the person who didn’t see trillions of people dying would not understand his feeling of urgency.

“The top priority is to restoring the strength” after organizing the mess of memories in his mind. Lin Yuan has made his first action of plan, in the final analysis humans would get destroyed by mechanical civilization because of insufficient strength.