Cross x Regalia

By Sanda Makoto

Cross x Regalia Volume 1 Chapter 1

Cross x Regalia Volume 1 Chapter 1

Cross x Regalia:Volume 1 Chapter 1

Status: Incomplete

Status: IncompleteStatus: Incomplete

Cutting through the sakura's petal, bright and clear sunlight trickled down.

Light pink fragments calmly and lightly rustling about descending down.

Spring, a period where the path would normally be covered in light pink fragments, compared to the sakura blossom's beauty, the pedestrian were respiring in awe of its imposing figure instead.


This place could be counted as an exception.

Because on this bustling street, two types of aposematic; red and yellow in color, were fluttering everywhere.

This combination of color was obviously different from Japan's color, though resplendent it caused people to have an inconceivable sense of feeling and that of a profound culture.

Erected everywhere were billboards with writings on them, the characters were also different from japanese; chinese language.

China Town.

This one of the foreign towns that were distributed throughout the whole Japan.

The lines of sakura trees along the road extended all over to the eastern side of China Town, vendor stalls with delicious looking foods were also in the nearby vicinity. Displayed on the vender stalls in China Town were meat buns and almond junket; together with the falling down sakura petals, they mixed in to form an indescribable atmosphere that can neither be found in Japan nor China.

Amidst this scenery, a boy was running.

"Sorry! Sorry! Make way please!"

Brushing aside the crowd, the boy——was running as if his life depends on it.

Meanwhile, an unusual expression was displayed on his face.

"——Ah, what a pain in the arse!"

This kind of hopeless intonation, it was impermissible in the first place.

Although his appearance wasn't incorrect, but his body gave off a subtle poor and pedantic vibe instead; a totally different kind of feeling.

Sweat poured down soaking his entire sport jacket, this kind of situation was also intolerable. But he paid no heed to it, panting while running was also unacceptable.

Forget about it, he couldn't even make out which place is which.

His whole body was covered in tatter.

Not caring to covered his unsightly appearance in the least, the boy ran with all his might.

"Damn! Damn! Shit! Shit! I wanna cry! It's rare to have sales after two weeks!"

It is exactly as previously stated.

In both of the boy's hands were numerous plastic bags.

No, rather than both hands, correctly stating it would be the majority was at his index fingers. Between the bags; onions, carrots, and radishes were peeking out. At the bottom onions and cabbages could be seen. Inside the distorted plastic bags contained pork and milk. These plastic bags were arranged together, resembling that of soldiers preparing for an assault.

——It shouldn't be like this originally.

As to why it had come to this.

It is because at first he thought of buying triple the amount. What's more, inside the boy's mind, he was calculating out the loss and gain continually. This month food expense had already taken up 2340 yen, in addition this dinner cost also cost the same amount. Calculating this out there was no way to stop it now.

He had already obtained the mentality of an impoverished person.

Actually, it is better to describe to being more close to that of a group of housewives, afterwards it could be considered lucky that he got the front line of the queue. Having bought the low price spring onions, fresh rounded carrot, pork and milk, up until now it had occurred as planned.

At the moment, if he had not seen [that thing] walking leisurely passing him at the supermarket.


Using the sleeves to wipe out his tears.

Holding on numerous plastic bags, nimbly avoiding collision with passerby, the boy was running on the periphery of China Town with great speed.

Afterwards, halting at the fork road.

There he was besides a community multi-storied building construction site.

As he was taking a glance around,

"——Shirou, over here!"

The boy was called out by this serene voice.

On the second floor of the construction site nearby. Huffing as he lifted his head to look above, on the top of the grotesque looking dull red reinforcing bar suddenly appeared a girl sitting atop of it.


"Just a moment ago, I also saw [that thing] therefore I want to take a quick glance at it. [That thing] has already concealed itself in this small alley."

There was a girl wearing a white hat reflected in the sunlight and an even more pure white dress.

Long black hair tied up on both sides of the head, two scarlet hairbands swaying about near the cheeks. A fine slender figure like that of a human, however giving air of gentle and refined atmosphere. This kind of disequilibrium is really conspicuous.

The age......was not quite clear.

Sometimes it felt like compared to Shirou's age it is ten years younger, sometimes it felt like it around his age.

However, the figure lightly took off the white hat, facing with the back against the sun the figure smiled innocently, a perfect match with her appearance.

Finally, the girl pointed her hand out.

"That alley, there's trace of an identical scent left. It seems that it is trying its utmost to conceal its whereabouts, madly crossing the fence. At present there are three alleys in front. Look, it’s around that corner.”

While speaking in a strange tone of voice, the girl rapidly started to transform on the reinforced bar.


The boy, let out a breath.

Because the girl isn’t being cautious of this action, therefore it seems that it is possible to see through the dress.

Shirou hurriedly shifted his sight away, Nata not understanding this action, cocked her head.

“Um, what’s up? You seems hot, is the rising in yang energy in spring the cause?”

“N, no, nothing!”

The boy incessantly shook his head, trying to shift to the former topic.

“Say, saying the word [energy] and so on, it is like you know what its appearance looks like.”

“I am immortal after all.”

“Yes yes. You can even eat mist. Moreover, take these things too.”

The girl handily caught the plastic bags that were being thrown one by one . Needless to say that it is impossible to catch all of these with just two hands, from the fourth one onwards it had been piling up forming a pyramidal shape.

Like the skill of an acrobat, the girl’s white hat began to shake uncontrollably.

“Wow, you who is stingy to the core of all people, buy this much, there goes the hard-earned savings.”

“You are annoying! I actually want to buy more! It’s not easy to chance upon a low price product!”

“What. You plan to disregard [that thing], isn’t it better to fight till the end. In any case I have already entrusted my money to you. It is the best option out there for people planning to save their money.”

“Entrusting is entrusting! But not because of that you planned on ignoring [that thing].”