Zhan Dao Ji

By 齐成琨

Zhan Dao Ji Chapter 2

Zhan Dao Ji Chapter 2

On top of an empty hill,

Zhou Tong put Ye Sheng down on the ground, and Ye Sheng, puzzled, looked at Zhou Tong.  Zhou Tong, full of arrogance, coldy shouted, “You will wait here!!”

Ye Sheng glanced up and caught a glimpse of Zhou Tong biting his own finger. Ye Sheng saw him draw a bizarre sign in the air, and spit out a mouth full of qi, and with his hand he formed a sign he shouted, “Rise!”

The space had split open, revealing a crack which widened, showing the gate of the school. Ye Sheng could barely stand straight because the ground was shaking, and then right away he tumbled onto the ground. Zhou Tong grabbed Ye Sheng and shouted, “Go!” Ye Sheng cried out in alarm as he was grabbed by Zhou Tong and pulled into the crack. And once they passed through, the crack closed seamlessly as if it had never existed.

After Ye Sheng went into the portal with Zhou Tong, he was extremely dizzy and was seeing stars. He took a few breaths and inhaled a strong sweet scent. Ye Sheng immediately opened his eyes and was shocked.

In front of him was an almost mythical temple’s entrance. There were huge pillars propping up and holding the entire school up; it was an almost boundless space!

He saw the large letters “Six Truth Sect”, which appeared to be carved out with a sword! These characters were carved out smoothly and with precision out of the wall, each character properly thick and thin. Ye Sheng did not dare believe that what he saw was possible.

“This…” Ye Sheng muttered.

The myths and legends of the temple turned out to be real!

Zhou Tong looked at Ye Sheng’s incredulous expression, he looked at him as if he was staring at a foreign object, the contempt in Zhou Tong’s eyes was clear.

“Stop looking at the building.” Zhou Tong waved his hand in the air. “From now on you will see this building many times, don’t stop now because you are intimidated!”

Ye Sheng was bewildered. In ten years he had never left his master’s mountain and couldn’t even begin imagine the Zhao Dynasty’s capital, so how could he understand this type of wonderland?

In fact, how could he even dream of such a place?

Speaking of this, there were a few rainbows in the distance.

Zhou Tong looked around and then he started to tremble, before breaking into laughter. “Sorry, Senior Wang! Younger Brother Zhou Tong has a gift for you!”

One of the rainbow appeared and landed on the ground, changing into a sword revolving around an Immortal named Wang.

He looked at Zhou Tong and immediately smiled. “Junior Brother Zhou Tong, there is no need to speak in such a way; you were just following orders.”

And then he looked at Ye Sheng. “This person, is this possibly the person Junior Brother Zhou Tong was to bring to me?”

It appeared as if Ye Sheng hadn’t heard him. His entire mind was focused on the Six Truth School letters engraved on the door. He was so detached it was as if his spirit had left his body and the body was left to remain nailed in place.

“Ye Sheng?” Zhou Tong asked inquisitively, “Are you not going to return the greetings?”


“Wait a minute!” Wang Qing waved his hand to stop Zhou Tong. “Is this possible? Is he showing his Ling Qi?”

“What Ling Qi?” Zhou Tong asked.

“According to the legend, the Ancestors of our Six Truth School left behind these three characters, which contain an entire person’s life’s learnings. At the same time, it reveals the person’s talent for cultivation! It measures their Ling Qi!” The youngster Wang Qing sighed in admiration. “Ah, really! Junior Brother Zhou Tong, it seems you have brought a child that has true talent! Talent that isn’t seen even in one and a thousand children! This kind of person, even though their innate skill may not be too good, will have extremely high perception!”

Zhou Tong looked a bit unsettled but did not refute his statements.

In his heart he wondered why his master never spoke of such things, and he could not tell whether this was true or false.

Then he smiled, looked up, and said, “Brother, does this guarantee that this child will have a bright future and have many achievements? From what I know from the monks, it is innate skill that is truly important and not some illusionary perception!”

Wang Qing looked at Zhou Tong and shook his head. “Junior Brother Zhou Tong, those words are a mistake! As far as I know, after the Yuanying stage, for cultivation, insight is important! Otherwise, if you can’t perceive, then all of your accomplishments will come to nothing!

“Only those in the Yuanying stage will understand, so we must wait before we talk more.”

Zhou Tong thought about this, causing Wang Qing to look at him deeply, so he smiled and didn’t say another word.

“Look.” Wang Qing pointed at Ye Sheng. “This child needs to be awoken.”

Ye Sheng felt extremely dizzy. He only lightly glanced at those three characters, yet it felt as if his entire soul was being sucked in.

Suddenly the scene he saw changed. He saw an old man past his prime, holding a shaking wooden sword, and with a cold voice said, “Old man, here! This is our country’s third generation sword style! You must cultivate to the peak of the Yuanying stage! Expect disaster! The later generation is leaving the school, so remember! To break this circle of disaster, you will have to reincarnate!”

Suddenly the old man exploded, releasing all of his Heaven’s Sword Qi!

Brandishing his sword, he had cut deep and profound cuts into the stone.

The man caught a glimpse of Ye Sheng, whose eyes were full of vigor and grandeur, and acknowledged him. When the old man had lost all of his energy, Ye Sheng’s body broke into a sweat. And then Ye Sheng had realized the man had stopped breathing!

When the old man had brandished his sword, Ye Sheng felt a small lump of energy gathering in his dantian.

“Go, child, your body now has my Qi…

“My friend… your luck is not bad.” [Editor Note: lol Ni Yang]

Ye Sheng quivered, and then shook like a storm as the vibration passed through him and then he suddenly woke up!

Subconsciously, he felt the pot. Though there was nothing happening around him, he understood! [TL Note: I don’t even know about the pot. I really don’t. It appears for like 2 seconds in the story]

“Junior Brother, how do you feel?”

Ye Sheng turned around, and immediately saw an unfamiliar face.

“Huh?” He looked confused. “May I ask…”

Zhou Tong coldly snorted again. “This man is the school’s Inner Sect Senior Wang Qing. Are you not going to return his greetings?”

Ye Sheng, terrified, saluted, but Wang Qing said to him, “Junior Brother, you must not! Everyone in the school is a brother to one another. How can you bow unless you are rejecting me as a brother? Please, just call me Senior Wang Qing.”

When he said these words, both Zhou Tong and Ye Sheng were surprised.

Although Ye Sheng was terrified before, he now appeared calm. Zhou Tong was focused on watching Ye Sheng’s every move. Who in the world would have known that Ye Sheng was a master in shrewdness and foresight! In fact, he already assumed that within the sect there would be people like this, so he had hoped to keep a low profile. But, he never thought that there would be people like Senior Brother Wang and Zhou Tong, who had completely different attitudes!

Ye Sheng was shocked and his face had never looked so bizarre! His senior was just too humble! He was pleasantly surprised and said repeatedly, “Thank you! Generous Senior Wang! No, I will be so bold as to call you Senior Brother Wang!”

Ye Sheng had not yet entered the sect, but he still greeted his Senior Brother Wang with vigor!

Zhou Tong couldn’t help but look at Ye Sheng, but this time he held him in even more contempt. But Wang Qing couldn’t help but open his mouth and laugh heartily.

“Okay, okay, okay. This Senior has not yet properly greeted himself, truly he didn’t….”

“Senior Brother Wang, how could you say this?” Not only Ye Sheng, but Zhou Tong as well were baffled.

“Junior Brother, you must not have known this, but if there was a line to come into the sect, you would need to have your Ling Qi tested. For you, however, there is no need!”

“This…” Ye Sheng was astonished. This was the first time he had ever heard of this! What was this “Ling Qi?”

Zhou Tong knitted his brows and frowned. “Isn’t this a little inappropriate?”

“Hmph! It is not inappropriate, Junior Brother Zhou Tong.” Wang Qing coldly admonished. “Is it possible that you are doubting the Ancestor’s judgement?”

“I do not dare.” Wang Tong bowed, with a hint of fear in his eyes.

Wang Qing smiled at Ye Sheng. “Junior Brother has still not yet introduced himself?”

“Ye Sheng.”

“Junior Brother Ye Sheng, please listen. Normally, if you want to enter and become an Inner Sect member, you must first pass an elder’s test.” Wang Qing smiled when he said this and pulled Ye Sheng closer.

“This… is this really okay?”

“The Ancestors can’t help but let you in,” Wang Qing said. “Moreover, Brother Zhao Yue is in the same situation as you. But if you don’t cultivate your talent, you will have no other option but to watch others leave you behind in the dust!”

Hearing the name “Zhao Yue,” Zhou Tong’s eyes unconsciously flickered and showed a bit of fear, before it disappeared.

Ye Sheng had noticed this.

“Thank you.” Ye Sheng saluted. “Senior Brother Wang, please lead the way.”

As they flew along, Ye Sheng saw how big the school truly was. He couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Brother Wang, if I might ask, how many people are in the school?”

Wang Qing smiled and proudly said, “In the Inner Sect of our 6 Truths School, we have 30,000 disciples, and in the Outer Sect, the amount is innumerable.”

Hearing this, Ye Sheng could not help but break into a sweat. Looking down, he saw a large crowd of people, which was moving by extremely fast! However, not many noticed them flying overhead.

“We have arrived.” Wang Qing smiled and, with a wave of his hand, Ye Sheng slowly came down to the ground.

“Here, this is the elder’s hall!”

“Senior Wang!” A rainbow appeared and landed right in front of them. From it, a tall and sturdy person came out. He hurriedly said, “Senior Brother Wang, Senior Sister Lin wants a fight!”

“What!” Wang Qing’s expression changed. “To actually go so far as to challenge me to a fight!”

“It’s absolutely true!” The large man grimly saluted, but his face betrayed him as it showed a hopeful look.

“Don’t worry.” Wang Qing waved his hand. “I’ll go handle this matter. You wait here for me to finish, and I will immediately go and take a look.”

“But….” The large man said anxiously.

“No buts. Today is the day that Junior Brother Ye Sheng enters the sect. You stay, and I will go!”

When Wang Qing spoke, Ye Sheng couldn’t help but be astonished at his temperament. He was rigid and severe to the old man, but not to him.

The large man stood stiffly and gnashed his teeth. “All may have heard that Senior Brother Wang is caring and weak, but in reality the outside is different from the inside! No matter what, I must bet on you!”

The large man thought about it and then no longer hesitated. He patted his bag and a sword appeared and rose out into his hand.

“This treasure is at the seventh rank, determined by the elders. I give this to you, Senior Brother Wang Qing! I hope that Senior Brother Wang will defeat Senior Sister Lin this time!”

“Oh?” Wang Qing looked interested in the sword that the large man had given to him. Holding the sword with both hands, he stabilized it with his fingertips and closely examined it.

Soon he stilled, and then laughed and shook his head, “Junior Brother Zhang Han, I unexpectedly don’t want to help you. You must know, Junior Brother Ye Sheng’s innate ability to cultivate is immense, so I must take him to an elder to have him tested…”

After saying this, he waved his hand and the sword flew back to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han’s face fell, listening to Wang Qing. He suddenly threw the sword at Wang Qing and shouted, “Explode!”

In an instant, the sword flew towards Wang Qing and exploded.