I'm Really a Superstar

By Chang Yu,尝谕

I'm Really a Superstar 988

I'm Really a Superstar 988

In the compound.

Inside the room, the tea had been brewed.

Master Lian swept out his arm. "Please have a seat, Master Zhang."

Zhang Ye said politely, "You first, Master Lian."

"You are the guest, so you first," Master Lian said.

Zhang Ye nodded and dispensed with the niceties. He sat down.

Around them, a few of the Lian Family Style disciples were also present. But they looked quite nervous, or maybe they were being cautious, as they kept their eyes on Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye said helplessly, "Don't be so nervous. I'm just here to resolve things for my friends and coworkers. After I have my tea and finish filming the promo, I'll leave immediately." He knew what sort of reputation he had, so he made clear his intentions to put them at ease. And it was true—he was not planning on causing any trouble today.

The Lian Family Style disciples looked embarrassed.

"It's not that."

"We aren't nervous."

"Yeah, we're not."

"You're an honored guest, so we must show you hospitality."

In truth, what they had just said was totally different from they were thinking!

Not nervous?

How can we not be fucking nervous?!

Over a dozen large sects—such as the Shaolin Monastery, Wudang Sect, Huashan Sect, Kunlun Sect, Emei Sect, Iron Palm Sect, and the rest—with a few centuries of history were all taken down by you. In the entire martial arts community, who would not be on tenterhooks around you? Whose hearts wouldn't tremble if they saw you! For you to appear at our Lian Family Style's grounds today, how can we not be nervous? How big-hearted would we have to be?! Just hurry up and leave already! Leave once you're finished with your business! We are terrified into panic just at the sight of you!

When a junior martial brother of the Lian Family Style was given a signal to leave by his senior brother, he stole a glance at Zhang Ye before quietly withdrawing from the room and going outside into the training hall.

There were still several fellow disciples inside the training hall who did not know about the events that had occurred outside.


"Little Junior Bro?"

"How're things outside?"

"Have those people been taught a lesson yet?"

"Where's Master?"

Those disciples all asked about it.

Instead, they witnessed their junior martial brother wildly gesticulate while panting, "Quick, quick, quick! Don't say anything! Just hide our training hall's plaque!"

A senior brother was taken aback. "What for?"

A senior sister said with wide eyes, "Why hide the plaque?"

The junior martial brother gave a bitter smile and said something shocking. "Zhang Ye is here!"

Everyone in the training hall suddenly looked horrified!

"Holy fuck!"

"Why is he here?"


"Quickly! Hide the plaque!"

"Hide it! Hurry up and hide it!"

All hell broke loose as every one of them started panicking!

This was what Zhang Ye represented.

His name was dreaded in the martial arts community!

Meanwhile, the people inside the room did not know what was going on outside. Actually, Zhang Ye's attitude was very clear and the issue was considered resolved. Both parties were very courteous to each other. There wasn't much conflict either. However, due to Zhang Ye's notoriety, several of those disciples took things into their own hands by hiding the plaque for safety's sake. Honestly, though, they couldn't be blamed for being overly cautious as it was always better to be safe than sorry. Zhang Ye's reputation was simply too notorious. As someone who could take the Huashan Sect's plaque and make it into beaded bracelets to give away, they couldn't be blamed no matter how nervous they got!

After three cups of tea.

Master Lian suddenly said, "Master Zhang, I've long heard of your great name."

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "My name isn't all that great. It's just infamous."

The Lian Family Style disciples started sweating. Oh, so you know that yourself too, eh?

Master Lian also smiled. "I've long admired the martial arts style of the Taiji Fist. We've heard a lot about the Taiji Fist since my master's generation, but we've never had the opportunity to see it for ourselves. Since you have graced us with your presence today, Master Zhang, and this is a rare opportunity, I wonder if we could exchange a few blows and learn from each other?"

Zhang Ye said, "You're too polite, Master Lian. Of course I don't mind exchanging a few blows with you."

Master Lian was delighted and rose to his feet. "Then, Master Zhang, I look forward to it."

Zhang Ye also stood up. "As do I, Master Lian."

Master Lian instructed, "Clear the room."

They did not go outside as there were too many people out there. Instead, his disciples quickly shifted the teapot, tea table, and assorted aside, then left the room in understanding. They knew full well that they were not allowed to stay behind to view this exchange between the two martial arts masters.

They withdrew.

Inside the room, the cleared space was about five or six square meters. It wasn't big, but it was more than enough.

Master Lian gave him a fist and palm salute. "Please, Master Zhang."

"Please, Master Lian," Zhang Ye said.



A lot of the Lian Family Style disciples were getting very curious.

Thud. Thump. They had started fighting, and sounds of their exchange constantly came from inside.

"Who do you guys think will win?"

"Our master will win, of course!"

"You really think so?"

"Ahem, I guess our master will probably—"

"There's nothing to guess. It's an 80% chance that our master won't be a match for Zhang Ye."

"It's not an 80% chance, it's a 100% that he won't be a match for Zhang Ye."

"Sixth Junior Bro, why are you praising the enemy and putting down our master?"

"Do you guys really think that other than grandmasters, there's someone who's a match for Zhang Ye?"

Five minutes later.

The sounds of fighting stopped.

When the door opened, Zhang Ye and Master Lian walked out one after the other.



The Lian Family Style disciples looked at them anxiously, wanting to know how it'd turned out.

Zhang Ye said, "I must take my leave and go to my coworkers, Master Lian."

Master Lian said, "If there's any trouble, you can come look for me anytime."

"Thank you."

"Take care, Master Zhang."

"No need to see me out, Master Lian. Goodbye."

Zhang Ye left.

Immediately, many of the Lian Family Style disciples gathered around their master.


"How was it?"

"Who won?"

"Who was the victor?"

Master Lian looked over them. "We drew."

They were shocked when they heard that.

"A draw?"

"Master, you're that powerful?"

"Even Zhang Ye was not your match?"

However, Master Lian shook his head as he looked out at Zhang Ye's retreating, distant figure. He smiled and said, "He did not even use 20% of his strength, while I'd given it my all. He was just giving me face and being polite." He then sighed and said, "Taiji Fist is indeed worthy of its reputation!"

The Lian Family Style disciples fell silent at once!

20% of his strength?

Their master was not even a match for 20% of Zhang Ye's strength?

It was no wonder that he could single-handedly challenge over a dozen large sects in succession!

There were differences between the various grandmasters too. Rao Aimin, for example. She could face two grandmasters by herself for a short period of time without being disadvantaged. Naturally, there were differences between individual martial arts masters as well. Zhang Ye, Yang Shu and Master Lian were both martial arts masters. But even if Yang Shu and Master Lian were to team up to take on Zhang Ye, they might not be able to take more than 30 attacks from him. Whether it was their moves, physical attributes, or their concealed power, the gap was simply too great!

All of a sudden, Master Lian spoke, "Master Zhang's associates are filming a promo today. Help them however you can. Sometimes, we only get to know certain people after we've met them. There's no need to believe the rumors floating around out there. At the very least, I dare say that Master Zhang is not that unreasonable man he was rumored to be."

Was that so?

Was he really?

The Lian Family Style disciples were still skeptical!