Worldly Stunning Blade Chapter 2

Worldly Stunning Blade Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Saviors

Once Qian Qian saw the person for the first time, a feeling arose in her heart. The person was wounded.

In a flash, a scene of a man facing strong magic beasts and bravely fighting appeared in her mind, a fight so intense that it had clouded the sky and the sun and moon’s rays were unable to penetrate through, until in the end, the person had killed the magic beast with great effort, but because he had received wounds from fighting, he traveled hurried, and the wound was too severe, so he finally dropped to the ground underneath the tree, beside the road.  

Thinking of this, tiny stars sparkled in Qian Qian’s eyes, her curiosity growing large.

Inevitably, when someone was curious, their guts would be rather large. Qian Qian didn’t say a word to her companions, and just went up and gave a push. If the person had any evil intentions, who knows how many times the current Qian Qian would have died. Fortunately, the person didn’t make any movements.  

Ramos waited for some people, then immediately went forward, propping up the person with Qian Qian.

Now, everybody saw his face clearly. It wasn’t clear if he was handsome, at best he could be considered a pass. His features were very distinct, and rather heroic. His body looked pretty sturdy, but currently, his chest was already very visibly bloodied.

Immediately, Ramos moved his index finger in front of that person’s nose. Not bad, he was still breathing, not a dead person.

“Derry, go report to captain. He’s no dead for the time being, ” Ramos ordered. Soon after, he surveyed everybody and saw the green clothed woman. Immediately, he said, “Miss Luna, we’ll be troubling you again.”

The woman named Luna also didn’t delay, and only walked up to the stranger, then started chanting something. Her hand movements didn’t stop, one holding a magic wand, the other seeming like it was making a seal. Then, everybody felt the surrounding air’s energy slightly fluctuate, like there were soft, blue rays of light gathering at the man’s chest. The stranger’s wound seemed to be alive as it started to gradually fuse.

It wasn’t until Luna looked tired that the blue light slowly faded away. The wound that had been saturated with the light was mysteriously healed completely.

Next, everyone could only wait for Li Lin’s arrival.

Ramos looked at the man’s lips that were already so dry, it had cracked beyond recognition, and then asked, “Who has water on them?”

All the mercenaries had canteens on them, but they all had wine inside. Only Qian Qian brought out the canteen she was carrying and went over to pour him some water, but because the other was still unconscious, he didn’t feel anything, and almost all the water flowed onto the ground from the corner of his mouth. Without a choice, Rmous supported his neck and tilted up his head with one hand, and used his other hand to open his mouth. Then Qian Qian approached again with the canteen and fed him some water.

After she saw his mouth move, Qian Qian took back her water canteen. Suddenly, she thought about how she had used the canteen herself, but just now she had poured it onto a stranger’s mouth.   

Qian Qian was as stealthy as a thief as she secretly wiped the canteen with the cuff of her sleeve.

Now the injured person slightly opened their eyes.

“Hello, stranger! How do you feel?” Ramos inquired quietly, but the stranger seemed a little too unfit to answer. Perhaps his injuries were too severe, or perhaps it was because he had just woken up and wasn’t fully awake yet. He looked clearly exhausted. After he came back to his senses, there was a soft light in his eyes, making everybody feel a bit of warmth.

He didn’t seen to be a bad person, Qian Qian judged internally. Li Lin had once told her that it was easiest to judge a person by their gaze and even said that the eyes were the windows to the soul. Qian Qian believed that a person with a pair of such pure and kind eyes couldn’t be a bad person. Although everybody else’s thoughts weren’t as meticulous as Qian Qian’s, they also felt that the stranger seemed to be a good person.

The man looked at everybody. Only after he rested his head on Ramos’s shoulder for a long time did he start to open his mouth with difficulty, saying, “H, hello.” His voice was husky, like his throat had been choked by someone. His stuttered words seemed to have cost him a great amount of effort.

Ramos immediately motioned for him to not speak for now. Although Luna treated him, he definitely needed time to heal. Also, because his injuries were so serious, Luna used focused all her power on only one point, treating his chest. The other injuries weren’t healed.

The man nodded to everybody. Everybody could see that his movements were still a little stiff.

Soon afterwards, Ramos asked for Qian Qian’s canteen again and gave him some water.

Now, Li Lin had rushed over. Actually, Li Lin had noticed right after Ramos’s group had only just started walking away, but because they were only six to seven people and hadn’t given him any warning, he thought that they had just seen some kind of strange vegetation until Derry came back and said that they had discovered a wounded person. Only then did he hurriedly rush over.

The stranger regained some strength, then struggled to sit up. He closed his eyes, moving both of his hands up and down on his chest. Seeing this, everybody was extremely puzzled.

What was he doing? Was it that he had some kind of unusual custom? To their knowledge, there were some races on the continent with eccentric beliefs. They had some strange activities, mostly praying, ceremonies, etc. Perhaps the man before them was the same way?

Only after a good while did the stranger open his eyes, then started struggling to get up. Although he seemed to be trembling, he still stood up. Seeing that Ramos’s hands were supporting him anymore, he smiled benevolently. “Thank you.” His voice was still husky, but much better than before.

“Oh, right. I’m Qian Qian, what’s your name? And why were you fainted here?” Qian Qian asked.

Perhaps the stranger felt like not introducing was impolite, so he said, “I’m Lingfeng. I was here, be, because… cough cough…”

“Don’t hurry, don’t hurry. Take your time. I should introduce us first.” Ramos said in consideration of Lingfeng’s condition. He said to the side, “I’m Ramos, this is our mercenary corp’s commander Li, he is Qian Qian’s father. Right, Qian Qian was the first person to find you, she can be considered your savior. And the guy next to Commander Li is Derry, the one over there is Mitch, the person in green is Luna, the person who treated your chest wounds…”

While Lingfeng heard Ramos’s introductions, he nodded in greeting.

After sitting down for some time, Lingfeng’s complexion improved quite a bit. At least now he could stand firmly and could even take a few steps, but it seemed that it wasn’t enough for him to walk out the forest. However, fortunately he had recovered a little and hadn’t continued to be unconscious, otherwise they would have left him there. But if he wanted to survive, perhaps he needed to rely on the people before him.

Thinking of this, Lingfeng tentatively sized up the people who had saved him.

The first person he took note of was naturally the first person who discovered him, Qian Qian. She was very young, looking fifteen to sixteen years old, her stature rather small. Her head only reached his shoulders. She wore a strange yet simple armor. She had a large pair of quick witted eyes inlaid in her white jade like face, a small and exquisite nose, cherry red lips, looking completely delicate.

Then he looked at her hands. Her fair, white hands couldn’t be compared with his rough ones. Puzzled, his gaze happened to land on the tiny hole in her earlobe. Now he understood that it was a woman dressed like a man.

(TL: so only women wear earrings?… reminds me of  and)

He also had to look a few times at the woman clothed in green, Luna. He had already noticed that the wound she had treated was healed on the outside. It was such a miraculous treatment.

Meanwhile, he didn’t examine Ramos and the other men very carefully. He only felt a little grateful towards them in his heart.