Worldly Stunning Blade Chapter 3

Worldly Stunning Blade Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Mercenary Group

With Li Lin’s kind invitation and hospitality, Lingfeng was supported by Ramos’s arm and they met up with the mercenary troups. Because Lingfeng, a wounded person, was there, the entire mercenary group didn’t travel much and just chose a suitable place to set up camp and start a campfire.

A few people started to patrol while others rested, prepared meals, or trained their martial arts. For this period of time, it was fairly quiet.

Seeing this, Lingfeng felt happy. Everything that was happening seemed very novel. Internally he sighed, this is the kind of world I will be having my next life in?

(TL: I thought the synopsis said there wasn’t going to be transmigration?…)

Seeing Lingfeng’s poor appearance, after settling down the troops, he arranged for Lingfeng to sort things out. Afterall, on the surface, Lingfeng simply looked too shabby. He was a complete mess without looking the slightest bit presentable. Only a faint trace elegance and grandeur could be seen by the way he moved.

As a person who had associated with nobles, Ramos felt this most deeply.  

Therefore it was under Ramos’s guidance that Lingfeng entered a tent and had a very satisfying wash. He changed into Ramos’s swordsmen clothes because their figures were pretty similar. Lingfeng was a bit robust, so the clothes’ outline was emphasized a bit. Unexpectedly, he seemed a bit masculine and handsome.

Soon after, he saw a nearby table filled with steaming hot food. It was Qian Qian who had told Derry to send it over. Inwardly, Lingfeng was grateful towards the kind little girl. After he was full, Lingfeng spent some time to meditate. Because his mind was fairly sharp and his senses quite good, the results of his short meditation far surpassed last time’s. His disorderly meridians were also sorted out.

At this moment, the corner of the tent flap was raised. An adorable head poked in, none other than Qian Qian. Lingfeng couldn’t help but smile at her.

It turns out, she had come to bring Lingfeng to Li Lin. Afterall, as a stranger, the commander Li Lin needed to have a good understanding of him. Shouldn’t Lingfeng give an explanation for why he had been unconscious on the side of the road in the Magic Beast Forest at least?

Linfeng had a headache. Truthfully, ever since he had been saved by Qian Qian and then, he had been pondering over this problem.

He was originally from earth and had transmigrated over. But if he just said truthfully that he had been set up and the battle was so large there were interspatial rips, and as a result, he was sucked through an interspatial tunnel into this world, then if they didn’t think he was crazy, then they would be crazy.

So currently, Lingfeng was thinking over and over of a lie. Before, when Lingfeng was on earth, he only knew to train his strength. He was a fairly honest person and had never made such a huge lie before. Making a small lie was fairly easy, but making a huge one was somewhat difficult. What’s more, besides knowing that this world had two moons during the night, he didn’t know anything about the world, so he didn’t even know where to begin.

He only remembered that the moment he had entered the world, he was chased after by a few strange animals for a few days. Because he had been injured inside the interspatial tunnel, he could only run for his life, the first time in his entire life he had done so. But in the end, his wounds were still too severe, so he fainted in the forest. If it wasn’t for Qian Qian and then, then who knows what would have happened.

Up until now, Qian Qian and then were the first humans he had met in this world. The only thing that made Lingfeng glad was that the words Qian Qian were in Chinese. If he had gone to another world where everybody spoke a language, Lingfeng would have felt much worse.

But no matter what, establishing a standing in this world would be his first main objective. Therefore, Lingfeng had to first confess that he was someone from this world. Before he gained some common knowledge, it was best to speak as little as possible. The more he spoke, the higher the chances of making mistakes.

Therefore, Lingfeng was in a nervous mood as he followed Qian Qian to Li Lin and the rest.

However, once Li Lin and them saw Lingfeng for the second time, they all froze simultaneously. There was simply too much of a difference between Lingfeng’s sorry appearance from before and how he looked after washing and dressing properly.

Lingfeng was about twenty three to four years old. This wasn’t out of everybody’s expectations, but his skin was very smooth, unlike the rough skin of the normal swordsman, however, he looked very muscular and filled with power. Seperately, his facial features weren’t that remarkable, but together, together, they seemed to have some charm. His entire face seemed determined and unyielding and at the same time, held a hint of grace. 
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It made one feel a bit strange.

But undoubtedly, together, it was very attractive, especially when he smiled; he seemed particularly free and without worries.

Seeing everybody’s reaction Qian Qian thought of when she the moment when she had flipped open the tent flap and saw Lingfeng just then, if it weren’t for Lingfeng calling for her attention, she really wouldn’t have come back to her senses. Now that she saw how he was like, she secretly became more and more bashful.

In the end, it was Li Lin who first reacted, laughing heartily. “Brother Lingfeng, come, please sit.” While he spoke, he pulled Lingfeng over to sit on the same seat. Lingfeng noticed inside the tent, there was Luna, Ramos, Derry, and the secondary commander and the rest. Where they going to have some kind of joint hearing?

But Li Lin, like most mercenaries, was very easy mannered and straight to the point. The moment he saw Lingfeng, he asked the obvious question, unable to suppress his curiosity. “Come, tell us, how did you end up in such a sorry state? Look at you, you’re looking much better now.”

“Ah, I got separated from my friends and got lost.” Lingfeng could only come up with this explanation then prayed that Li Lin and the rest to not ask any questions that were too tricky.

“Separated from your friends?” Li Lin asked subconsciously. However, everybody believed Lingfeng’s response a little because many people risked their life to form parties to adventure in the Magic Beast Forest, whether to fight against a few magic beasts or find a few precious plants. It could only be said that Lingfeng’s situation was unfortunate, chancing upon a magic beast whose power was above there’s, causing casualties.

So Lingfeng’s explanations was a bit believable.

Linfeng knew that now he needed to start telling bigger lies, so he nodded, and replied, “That’s right. Now, besides me, I don’t know how the rest are.” His tone held a trace of grief. He hoped that they heard this, he would win some sympathy. This way, perhaps they wouldn’t ask too much about his companions.

“Oh, then what kind of powerful magic beast did you mean?” Obviously, Derry was thinking of magic beasts constantly.  

They were at the Magic Beast Forest and Lingfeng had obviously gone through battle. The wounds on his body couldn’t have been faked. Derry’s question could also indirectly show Lingfeng’s and his companions’ skill level. As long as Lingfeng said what grade the magic was beast, they could roughly estimate the power of his party.

Magic beasts, so long as they weren’t low grade, would always be of interest to young people. Everybody all couldn’t help but listen attentively. Even the calm and seasoned Li Lin showed an expectant look after he heard about the magic beast.

“Ah, of course… we met one.” Lingfeng dragging his words a bit. Li Lin and the rest actually thought that it was because he didn’t want to think about the bitter situation. It was highly possible that at the time, Lingfeng’s friends were wounded and such. How could they know that Lingfeng didn’t even know any magic beasts’ names? If he spoke rashly, then he would definitely be exposed. He really didn’t want to expose the fact that he had transmigrated, so he was mulling over what to say.