By Tsukiji Toshihiko

Maburaho Volume 1 Chapter 1

Maburaho Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1[]

It rained yesterday. One can barely recall, if not for the puddles of water that reflects sunlight.

The bright blue sky was dazzling to the eyes in the morning. The warm breeze is faintly suggestive of the early spring and the calm weather is soothing to the mind. Until the summer came to Tokyo, one would feel like having a little break.

There are two children, a boy and a girl. The boy, wearing casual attire, is small for his age. The girl was small too but was still taller than the boy. She was wearing a matched red for top and down, which was contrasting the grass after the rain.

In a residential area there’s a vacant lot that was surrounded by concrete walls. Those two met for the first time. This playground is a very precious place for kids. It's a haven for kids as their gathering place, even if for those not acquainted yet.

The boy came to play that day. But because it was an early morning, his usual playmates were not present. There's no one, save for a crouched girl who was weeping.

The boy was concerned. Who is this girl and why is she crying here. The girl noticed someone arrived, but was still pouring out her tears. She was clutching in her left hand a pendant that reflects the faint sunlight.

Worried, he questions the girl.

She did not answer. Instead, she replied with nonstop heartbreaking sobs.

He asked many times. The boy was strong-willed, but at the same time, very friendly. This crying girl, he just couldn’t abandon.

A faint, really faint voice, finally came from the mouth of the girl.

It seems that her family will be moving away soon. Due to her parents’ work, they are always moving. It was not even that long that her family moved here, as their luggage wasn’t unpacked yet, that they have to leave again.

The girl was sad. It was always like this, telling her to move before she can make any friends. It’s such a lonely feeling. She doesn’t want to go anywhere anymore.

When the boy finally learned her troubles, his concern did not diminish. However, the boy, like the girl, is, just a child. For the girl he just met for the first time, there's hardly anything he can do for her.

Even so, the boy made his decision.

To help this girl.


It may not possible to make her wish come true. But this just may be enough to comfort her.

The girl stops crying and showed him a smile for the first time.

The two met and parted. She went off to a far place.

This event, experienced by the boy in the past.

These first bitter-sweet memories of what happened before were never given second thoughts again, as if they had happened on a far away galaxy.