Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN) Chapter 43

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN) Chapter 43

I brought Raven to the accessories shop that I previously visited when I went on date with Cecilia.

[Wow…] (Youki)
[……….] (Raven)

When we went in, my face is twitches away.
Why are there so many couples in the store?.
We are the only two men to come here together.
There are couples flirting while shopping everywhere.

[….. Somehow I want to go back, but] (Raven)
[….. I know how you feel……………..] (Youki)

Since Raven whispered in my ear, I also answer it with low voice.
Even I don't want this situation to keep going on.
We are the only ones that feel out of place here..
But after we came all the way here to buy a presents…..

[….. We have come this far so just bear with it. I can't decided what to buy so help me okay!] (Youki)
[…hmm… understood] (Raven)
[well let's do so] (Youki)

Raven hesitantly followed me.
We will just quickly look around the shop and decide then go home.
He earnestly looked at the products.

It somehow feels different when a handsome guy earnestly looks at women’s accessories.
Geh… this is not the time to thinking such thing.

[May I help you sir?] (Clerk)

A female clerk approached Raven.

[…….] (Raven)
[Ano…. sir?] (Clerk)
[…….] (Raven)

Because of his complex, he only talks with a few people that he knows such as me or Duke.
The air between Raven and the clerk became awkward. I don’t know what to do.

[Ah sorry, my friend is a really shy person] (Youki)

I explained because Raven didn’t say anything. I asked the female clerk what was good.

[Ooh so it's like that…. at the very least have you decide what kind of accessories you want to purcase?] (Clerk)
[….. Hair ornaments] (Raven)

Raven murmured a word with a voice that only I could hear..
I see, hair ornaments it is.

[Excuse me, do you have a good hair ornaments?] (Youki)
[This way please] (Clerk)

The clerk lead us over to the location where the hair ornaments were displayed and brought us three pieces she recommended.

[…..] (Raven)

Raven pointing a finger to one of the hair ornaments in silence.
The hair ornament was a feather motif.
This surely coincidence, this is a perfect thing for Happiness. There is no sense of elegance though, but Raven seem have no problem with that.
Raven come back immediately after finished the purchasing
His facial expression has become slightly brighter. Probably because he was able to find a nice presents..

[….. Because of you I was able to buy a good presents, thank you!] (Raven)
[No no no I didn't do anything!] (Youki)

The clerk that gave the recommendation and Raven choose it by himself. I just replayed the words that Raven wanted to say.

[.…..Now it was Youki’s turn…. this is why we came here in the first place….. ]
[Ah, don't mind it!] (Raven)

I looking for a necklace that I saw when I was here last time.
I think this is the same place…. ah found it!
Thanks god it's still here…

[Phew …. It's haven't been sold,  good!] (Youki)

I picked it up immediately and payed for it. I headed back to Raven that for some reason staring at a ring.
Suddenly, I remember a dream that I had this morning.
But it was probably still too early for a ring, we’re not even dating yet.
The time will surely come later, it would be nice if it’s not too far off in the future though. I get closer to Raven.

[You also want to buy a ring?] (Youki)

In response to my voice Raven shake his head.

[I was just looking…..] (Raven)

Raven answer it in low voice.
He say just looking, but I wonder if he’s interested.
The other party I think is Happiness, well I'm cheering for them.
I hope Raven can be little aggressive to approach her, but the opportunity hasn't come yet.
With the presents I hope the dinstance between them will be dissappear.

Also it's not the time for me to worried about the others.
That said it was my own fault, I have to get a hold of myself to give Cecilia presents. It will become dangerous if I did it half assed.

[It's finished so let's go back….. No, I was hungry so let's eat lunch somewhere first] (Youki)
[Oh it's time already? Today was a good day thank you] (Raven)
[Me too Raven, with this I can reconcile with Cecilia] (Youki)

We leave the store while feeling grateful to each other.
We headed to one of the nearby restaurants to eat lunch before we go back.
Or that was supposed to be…..

[….. Oh aren’t you Swordsman? How unusual to meet you in such place!]

Suddenly Raven and I hear a voice from behind and turn around in unison.
We got dragged in the uproar because one of the hero party just stood there nonchalantly. The witch girl, Mikana.

Somehow I feel this is will troublesome…..!!

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