Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN) Chapter 44

Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN) Chapter 44

[What are you guys doing together in such a place….. Swordsman aside, weren’t you interested in Priestess?] (Mikana)

Mikana sent a subtle look at the two of us who were coming out from the accessories shop together.

It seem she misunderstood us for something.
No matter where, I think girls tend to have some interest in same-gender love, I remember some people from my previous life.
Because Raven has fallen in love with Happiness I don’t need to worry about that.

[Hey don't get any strange ideas. We were just helping each other choose present] (Youki)
[Presents….. for whom?] (Mikana)
[Of course for the person we like!] (Youki)

After having said that, I’ve come to realize and shut my mouth tightly. But it's already too late…
Mikana looking at us alternately with grinning expression on her face.

[Fumu, Aside from you who likes Priestess, I never heard anything about Swordsman…] (Mikana)
[ ….. ] (Raven)

Raven sent an appealing glance at me.
Even you look at me with such eyes. I have already said it, now we have to figure out how to run away from Mikana pursuit.

[When we’re traveling in a party, I thought it was impossible for you to fall for someone without us noticing. And it's different from that idiot Yuuga who was making a Harem unconsciously. Let alone a girl, for you who keeps away from other people is….] (Mikana)

[ ….. ] (Raven)

[That said, you still won’t talk as always… Well I laughed at our first meeting, my bad!] (Mikana)

Mikana averted her eyes with apologetic look.
Apparently she seems to have laughed when she heard Raven voice for the first time.
Now it seems she’s reflecting on it.

[Is Raven still angry with Mikana?] (Youki)

I asked in a low voice as not to be heard by Mikana.

[Is not angry. However ……] (Raven)
[However..?] (Youki)

[Being made a fool and laughed at….. I think it just surprised me] (Raven)
[I see. You have not been traumatized] (Youki)

[ ….. ] (Raven)

I knew Raven worrying about his voice, but this is more serious than I thought.
People have things that they want to overcome, but right now I can't afford to worry about that.
Raven's problem is something that has to be settle by oneself.

[Haaa… Even so I wonder why you are associated with an ordinary people who dull like you?] (Mikana)

[Huh?! What is it suddenly?] (Youki)

[I mean Both Swordsman and Priestess are member of the hero party who defeated the demon lord. You aren’t people that can easily get acquaintance’s with ordinary poeple. Swordsman here is a man who avoids people as much as possible and Priestess gets countless offers to court wherever she go, though she declines them away…..] (Mikana)

[Eh it's news to me that Cecillia gets countless courtship offers] (Youki)

There Youki reacted to anything that related to Cecillia….

It’s was Raven which has made tsukkomi simultaneously by a low voice because worried about the talk of Mikana and me.
It’s will be trublesome to talk for a long time in front of the accessories shop.
Mikana and Raven’s identity stand out above all, and may come out and be a problem.

[Let's talk later, how about we leave this place. It truly attracts attention if we talk in front of this shop] (Youki)
[Certainly….  I don’t want to make the same mistake as Yuuga…] (Raven)

We decided to enter the restaurant as we planned a short while ago.
Aahh… I'm hungry!!

[Yes] (Youki)

[Hey… what are you secretly talking about without me?] (Mikana)

Whether it was to appeal me and Raven that had been talking in  low voices, Mikana was showing a sulky face.
Now what can we do with this girl.
To be honest, I don’t want to be together with her any more.
I'm not good with this type of woman, it feels like I will say an unnecessary thing if we are together any longer.

[Well we are going to eat lunch, see you later!] (Youki)
[ ….. ] (Raven)

I waved my hand and turn around to leave this place. Raven followed me
after give a bow.
With this we can eat luch and at the same time we can get away from Mikana.

[Huh!? Wait a moment!] (Mikana)

But the world doesn’t seem to work as we hope.
Our shoulder grasped with thougness when we have begun to walk towards the restaurant.

[What is it?] (Youki)

[Don't give me "what", I still haven't finished talking, why are you suddenly leaving me behind] (Mikana)

[ ….. ] (Raven)

When I asked Raven at my side for agreement, I shook my head for disapproval lengthwise silently.

[Uuu… but we are in the middle of talk …] (Mikana)

[Haa… don’t you remember the last turmoil? Will we start it again in this store?] (Youki)

I say so while sighing. It took five hours for the last turmoil to cool down.
Meanwhile because people had surged in front of the store, I thought that the accessories shop will be more busy.
I said so but the female staff was only seeing Yuuga and not doing their work.

[But….] (Mikana)
[If we talk here any longer we will stand out. I don't want get dragged in such trouble any more] (Youki)

Conversation stops and followed with silent. I think she understood.
But the silence broken by the sound of someone’s belly. Quite a big sound.

[….. Who?] (Youki)

By the way that's not me. I looked at Raven but he shook his head.
I looked at Mikana… She looking down with bright red face.
My line of sight of me and Raven meets.

[What!? Even I can become hungry,  got a problem!?] (Mikana)

Although that was misplaced anger.
But we didn't say anything in return.

[Come to think of it, you guys will be going to a restaurant. If it’s
so, I will go too. I’m hungry and if it’s in the restaurant we will be
able to talk] (Mikana)

[Hey don't decided it by yourself] (Youki)
[It's been decided, hurry lets go! I know a good restaurant around here] (Mikana)

[Hey Wa~it!!] (Youki)
[…Give up Youki… Mikana can't be stopped] (Raven)

I raised my voice and advancing towards the front rapidly to try stop her, but Raven tapped my shoulder and shook his head in disapproval slowly.
Haaahh… whats with this troublesome development!!

[Hey hurry up, do you want to be left behind!?] (Mikana)

She turn around and beckoning to us in a semi misplaced anger expression

[Is not a problem if you left me though…] (Youki)
[We have no choice but to tag along…..] (Raven)

Raven was discouraged and was arriving at Mikana side disappointedly with me.

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