Grimoire Online

By Gray Cat,灰猫

Grimoire Online Chapter 1

Grimoire Online Chapter 1

First Greeting

「Welcome to the world of Grimoire Online! 」

A little fairy floating in a blank space raised her voice loudly.

The reason why I decided to play at this game『Grimoire Online』was the words of my older sister.

「Ne~e jin, can’t you do this? 」

In front of me was an advertising leaflet from 『Grimoire Online』where the Closed β starts today.

「Nēsan, I’m not applying to be a tester…」

I don’t agree with words and more unreasonable words.

「Ok. Since I submitted the application, I obviously won the award. 」

The protest has been dismissed.

「Huh…From what time on?」

「Well, 13 o’clock. It’s the world’s first Virtual Reality game, doesn’t that sound like funny? 」

As I look at the clock, I don’t feel like complaining about my sister’s face showing an excited expression.

2 hours later….

「I’ m sure you’ll be surprised. We’ll eat as soon as we can. 」

As soon as it’s over, I run to the kitchen with a little bang.

「Grimoire …. A book of Magic」

There is no doubt that this was the beginning of a longer relationship with the world’s first virtual reality game, 『Grimoire Online』