Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 5

Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 5

System 001's face was cold: Go On then!]

The next day, Lu Yue finally heard the mechanical voice of the System 001.

[Great Host, Zuo Sheng is back!]

Lu Yue jumped up from the bed. [Where is he now? ]

[001: downstairs. ]

Lu Yue: How do I look now? 

[001: Host is in good condition, especially spiritually! ]

Lu Yue: [Adjust my face a little bit, don’t ask why, just hurry! 】

System 001 had to resist asking, it immediately triggered its space props, Lu Yue’s face suddenly became whiter, very fragile and pitiful.

Looking at the mirror on the wall, Lu Yue was satisfied with his appearance.

Hearing footsteps descend down the stairs. The man smoking on the sofa, raised his eyes and looked up. He saw the slender teenager's feet and his petite face as he came down the staircase. Zou Sheng stared into his eyes and the hand holding the cigarette tightened.

“Zuo Ye… You’re back.” Lu Yue carefully stood in front of the man and asked, but his eyes were filled with joy.

Zuo Sheng looked at the joy in the teenager’s eyes and shook his head. Then with cold eyes he said,"Hmm.”

When he heard that, the young man’s eyes became more curved: “Zuo Ye… You didn’t come back last night. Are you tired from work?"

Work? Zou Sheng looked at the boy who was unaware of the situation, his mouth curved into a little smile, "am a little tired, just caught two rats, don't know how to deal with it."

“Big Mouse?”

“Well, do you think it’s better to chop them and feed them to the dogs or fry them in a frying pan?” Zuo Sheng’s mouth began laughing cruelly, and Lu Yue suddenly understood that the two mice he mentioned were human beings!!!!

He turned pale and said, "Zuo Ye, it’s not good. It’s against the law to kill people.”

Zuo Sheng looked at him mockingly and said nothing more.

“Ye…” Lu Yue’s eyes showed a trace of anxiety. “You…” Lu Yue wanted to say something, but was stopped by Zuo Sheng’s cold eyes.

Just now Zuo Sheng’s words made him feel extremely panicky. Before now, he had a warm smile. How could it have changed so suddenly?

Housekeeper Wang moved the food to the table, then came to the second floor and knocked on Zuo Sheng’s door: “Zuo Ye, the food is ready.”

Zuo Sheng nodded slightly, and half an hour later, there was still no sign of him going down.

“Housekeeper Wang, hasn’t he eaten yet?” Lu Yue peeked at him from the door.

“Not yet.”

“Then I’ll take it to Zuo Ye”.

The housekeeper looked at him and said, “I seem to have warned you not to do anything superfluous.”

“I’m just worried about Zuo Ye.” The timid-looking teenager’s eyes were stubborn.

“And you want him to eat too, don’t you? I’ll try it. If Zuo Ye gets angry, he won’t hurt you.

The housekeeper looked at him thoughtfully and finally acquiesced.

When Lu Yue knocked on the door and entered, the man was processing information on the table.

“What are you doing in here?”

Zuo Sheng looked at the approaching teenager in a cold voice.

“I… I’ve come to deliver your meal, Zuo Ye, it’s time for you to eat.”

“No, take it away.” Zuo Sheng ordered directly and coldly.

“But you didn’t eat at noon, you’ll break down.” Lu Yue’s eyes showed a nervous look, but still did not move.

“I’ll give you ten seconds, get out of here right now.”

Lu Yue looked at him straight in the eye, then put the lunch box on the table without compromise. “I’m going to watch you finish eating here.”

Zuo Sheng, who has not been treated with this attitude for a long time, his lips quirked up, “Don’t regret it.”

Lu Yue was shocked by Zuo Sheng’s fierce eyes.

[Give me a pain shield. ]

[001: OK, host! ]

Next moment, Zuo Sheng directly pulled Lu Yue over, biting his tender lip.

“Zuo… Zuo Ye…” Lu Yue looked at the man who had suddenly acted and gasped in shock. This was a study!

“Zuo Ye… You… Eat first.” Lu Yue’s eyes were red, his arms were powerless, and his body trembled with shame.

Zuo Sheng bit his ear, and his dark eyes, like an abyss, looked straight at him. “Oh, how about I eat you first?”

Zuo Sheng didn’t give Lu Yue a chance to breathe, so he stripped off his underwear directly.



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