Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 6

Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 6

An hour later, Zuo Sheng withdrew from the wonderful body beneath him. At this time, Lu Yue was on the floor, with dry tears on his face, stared with both eyes blank, and looking pitiful.

“Remember, don’t mind my business in the future.” Zuo Sheng said looking at him coldly.

[System 001 came out at the right time: Host, the melanization value of the target has not lowered. It seems that your method is useless after all?

[Lu Yue: What does a broken machine know. If you want to thoroughly attack this kind of psychological darkness, you need to use a tender offense. Gradually let him feel that I am full of love for him.]

[001 refuted: But the blackening value has not decreased. ]

[Lu Yue: Of course he didn’t believe it at first. He was hurt once, of course he would not trust others easily. However, I am confident that he will open up again.]

System 001 would like to ask, where does your confidence come from?

[Lu Yue seemed to know what 001 was thinking, and then said: [He does not like other people managing him, although it is only about eating, so the sex – was just to punish me. He must have thought that I was timid and would not commit another crime next time, but I love him. How could I let my beloved person ruin his body because of this little punishment?]

[001 was silent: it’s like you really love him.]

[So, you don’t have to worry about it.]

For the next two days, Zuo Sheng never appeared in sight, and Lu Yue never had the opportunity to continue his performance.

Why hasn't he come back for two days in a row, and does he have another outside? Lu Yue frowned as he nibbled at the white fruit he bought from the system store.

[001 face was filled with black lines: no. 】

[Lu Yue: Then why is he still not back? I have not been intimate with him for two days. 】

[001 Angrily said: Is this the only thing you think about in your mind? You should think about the task more, the blackening value is not falling at all! 】

Because of the sudden show of emotions from System 001, Lu Yue: [Eh, Eh! The next time he comes back, I will definitely make the blackening value drop. 】

[001: Are you sure? ]

[Lu Yue vows: Very sure. ]

The next day, Zuo Sheng finally came back as expected.

[001 became Excited: Host! The target is back! ]

[Lu Yue jumped up: Back? Where? ]

[001: Now he’s in the study, but he seems to be injured. ]

[Lu yue: Oh, where’s the injury? Is it serious? ]

[001: The host can be rest assured that it is only a knife cut on the shoulder, which is not very serious. ]

[Lu Yue calms down: Fortunately, it’s just his shoulders. ]

For Lu Yue’s rare nervous look, In 001 secret channel: the host is not so ruthless.

However, Lu Yue’s next remark immediately broke its conclusion.

[Fortunately, it didn’t hurt his waist. We can do it without delay. ]

[001:… ]

In the bedroom, Zuo Sheng was sitting there with a cold face. The cold aura radiating from his body made the doctor who was next to him panicked and his face became filled with cold sweat.

Nevertheless, he tried to restrain his hand from shaking. Although he had dealt with numerous wounds, he could not face the man in front of him without strong psychological qualities.

There was a deep bloody cut across the broad shoulder of Zuo Sheng, apparently with a knife.

Well, it was just two boxes of goods that was paid for, so he could not wait to get out. Zuo Sheng narrowed his eyes, but his anger could not be seen.

Zhao Xun came in from the door and said, “Ye Zuo, people caught it. It’s the one from Xu Shao. What should we do?”

“First shut up the man and ask him if there’s anyone else that is a spy here. If there’s one, chop them and feed the dog.”

Zhao Xun nodded, but the doctor who heard this could not help shivering, but then began to do what he was called for.

After 2001, Lu Yue probably knew why Zuo Sheng was injured. Xu Shao from the Western District smuggled two boxes of goods and was captured by Zuo Sheng and the local police. Xu Shao, with hatred in his heart, led the people who were planted in the Eastern District to fight directly. Zuo Sheng was deliberately injured and plotted to remove all those people.

In short, it was Zuo Sheng’s self-directed plan to kill two birds with one stone.

Lu Yue touched his chin: Sure enough, It’s my man, too smart. ]

[001: When did he become your man? ]

[Lu Yue rightly and vigorously said: They all slept with me, of course, my people. Do you have any opinion? ]

[001: It doesn’t matter what you think as long as you don’t delay in completing the task. ]

When Lu Yue passed by, the doctor was talking to housekeeper Wang at the door. Lu Yue was nervous and said, “Did he get hurt, Housekeeper Wang?"

The doctor turned his head and looked at the young man with only a slight surprise. Then he said, “It’s a knife wound. I’ve bandaged Zuo Ye. It’s not in the way.”

Not only did Lu Yue not feel relieved when he heard this, she became more and more nervous: “Knife wound? How could there be a knife wound?"

“Don’t ask about these things.” The housekeeper Wang opened his mouth at the right time and then sent the doctor away.

Lu Yue looked at the hidden door, hesitated for a moment and then walked in nervously.

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