Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 7

Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 7

At this moment, Zuo Sheng was lying in bed with closed eyes. The man’s face looked a little pale, but the tight lines of his face gave way to an extremely dangerous aura.

Lu Yue’s eyes fell on the man’s injured shoulder, and his heart suddenly ached. Afraid of waking the sleeping man, Lu Yue tiptoed and walked slowly to his bedside.

Zuo Sheng was not asleep. Even when he rested, he would always be alert. When Lu Yue first came in, he knew. Without this vigilance, he would not have known how many times he had almost been assassinated.

Zuo Sheng’s body stiffened. As long as he dared to move a little, he could definitely twist the neck of that person immediately.

[001: Great Host. The target is pretending to be sleeping. ]

Lu Yue: I know that naturally. ]

[001: Oh, how do you know? ]

[Lu Yue smiled: Because he is my man. ]

001 decided not to speak any more.

Lu Yue stepped forward and carefully sat at the head of the bed, looking closely at the man. One hand touched the wound gently and murmured in a low voice, “It must be very painful.”

The man with closed eyes suddenly quivered his eyelashes, but the teenager who was sad seemed not to see it, continued to chatter: “Why are you so careless that you were stabbed… With a  Knife…”

The voice of the teenager said, choking, tears gathered in his eyes, he started crying.

“You should rest well, I’ll go first.” He bowed his head and kissed the sleeping man lightly on his lips.

As soon as Lu Yue left, the sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes. He looked in the direction of the door, and there was something else in his cold eyes. Then he touched the lips that had just been kissed by a teenager, where he felt warmth.

[001: System prompts, blackening value – 5, current blackening value 90! Ah ah ah ah ah, the host is great, you are really good! 】 001 praised it unabashedly.

Lu Yue: What’s this, but it’s only five blackening values. Let’s go on cleaning tonight. ]

[001 Happy Face: Hmm! ]

Lu Yue became tirelessly immersed in the game world, it was eventually dark outside.

[001): Great Host. It’s already night. Let’s go and clean the blackening value together. ]

Lu Yue was fighting with the ultimate Boss and quickly said, [Give me another minute. ]

A minute later, the word “victory” appeared on the virtual game interface.

[Lu Yue: What is Zuo Sheng doing now? ]

[001: Looking at the documents in the study. ]

[Lu Yue touched his chin: My man is a workaholic. ]

At the beginning, it was deeply disgusted with Lu Yue’s behavior of recognizing the target as his man, but now it is used to listening to it. Well, there should be a new understanding of the lower limit of your host.

Let’s go, let’s clean the marks now. By the way, first give me a bottle of advanced medicine. ]

[001: Successfully converted a bottle of advanced medicine, 100 points deducted! ]

Then Lu Yue suddenly had a small white vase in his hand.

Lu Yue went out and went straight to his study.

“Zuo… Master Ye. “

Zuo Sheng raised his head and looked at the teenager who came in, his eyes glittering.

“What’s the matter?”

Lu Yue’s eyes blinked uneasily, grabbed the small medicine bottle in his hand and said softly, “I… I heard you were injured, i was a little bit… Worried. “

When Lu Yue said this, his voice was as thin as a mosquito, but Zuo Sheng heard it word for word.

Suddenly he said in a cold voice, “Come here.”

Lu Yue looked up at him in dismay, and slowly moved towards him  as he looked at Zuo sheng’s irresistible eyes.

As he approached the man, he was surrounded by the fierce breath of the man, and his body began to tremble uncontrollably, just like a little white rabbit near a fierce beast.

Zuo Sheng looked at the apparently uneasy teenager and said, “What is in his hand?”

“Yes… It’s medicine. You’re injured. I think you may need it.” Lu Yue looked carefully at Zuo Sheng and took out the vial and spread it in his hands.

Zuo Sheng did not pay attention, but suddenly reached out and pinched Lu Yue’s chin. His deep and bottomless eyes went straight into those clear and confused eyes. Perhaps he had misjudged before. It’s totally different from that person’s eyes. One is confident and gentle, one is cowardly and flustered. It’s a hundred and eighty thousand miles away.

“I remember telling you last time, don’t mind my business. Can’t you remember the lesson? Or do you have other plans?

Lu Yue’s face turned white and explained quickly, “No, I don’t have any other plan…”

He increased the strength of hand holding his chin “You lie.”

“I’m not!”

Zuo Sheng squinted and mocked: “If you don’t have another plan, what would it be?” Do you know that such deliberate kindness is of no use to me?

Lu Yue’s eyes were watery, and he did not seem to know how to defend himself. The man he loved was wronged, he was really wronged.

Zuo Sheng was still sneering: “Hmm? Tell me your opinion? Why, in the end are you doing this?”

Lu Yue’s face was sad. The answer to this question was so obvious, that the man who holds his heart in front of him doubts him in such a questioning tone. If he says that answer, he will surely be laughed at mercilessly. No, maybe he won’t believe him at all.

Zuo Sheng looked at the young man’s sad appearance, somewhat irritated in his heart, and his words  became more sarcastic: “Why, can’t you answer?”

“Since you have a guilty conscience, tell me who sent you?”

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