Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 8

Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 8

Lu Yue lowered her head silently, his eyes were covered by his hair, and his whole body was surrounded by a bitter aura.

But the indifferent man was still pressing, “Is it Xu Shao?”

Lu Yue did not reply.

“Not him? Is it Li Cong?”

When Zuo Sheng frowned impatiently, the teenager in front of him suddenly raised his head, and Zuo Sheng was stunned there all of a sudden.

Lu Yue’s beautiful eyes now overflowed with sad tears, with almost despair and firm: “Master Zuo, I am not sent by anyone. I just… Love you.”

[Ding! Blackening value – 10, current blackening value 80! ]

Zuo Sheng’s pupils dilated instantly. He was trying to tease him, but he didn’t expect to hear such an unexpected answer from Lu Yue’s mouth.

He… Loves me?

After a second of stupor, Zuo Sheng wanted to laugh, but when he heard the teenager sobbing and crying, the curve of his mouth suddenly froze.

After saying that, Lu Yue seemed to put everything behind him. There was always a voice in his heart saying, “He won’t believe you, he won’t believe you…”

The more he thought about it, the sadder he was. He cried despite Zuo Sheng being there. Anyway, Zuo Sheng would not believe him. He didn’t like him. He simply cried enough to make him hate himself more.

Zuo Sheng looked at the person who was crying very seriously and suddenly felt a little more soft. He even reached out with pity and touched the unexpectedly soft head.

“What are you crying about? What’s there to cry about?”

Lu Yue suddenly stared at his eyes and his lips trembled as if he didn’t believe it. “Master.. Zuo Ye? “

Zuo Sheng was delighted by his stunned appearance and slightly hooked his mouth: “Didn’t you come to deliver me medicine?”

Looking into the small porcelain bottle held tightly by Lu Yue, Lu Yue understood and immediately put both hands of the bottle in front of the man.

“Here… Here you are. “

Zuo Sheng did not move, but said, “You come and give me medicine.” Then he leaned back, leaned back in his chair, and stared at him.

Lu Yue is still in the previous state, thinking that Zuo Sheng wasn’t angry? How could it be as if it hadn’t been heard at all? Did he ____________ Doesn’t he hate me ?

“What are you thinking about? You’re so slow!”

Lu Yue was shocked and found himself dragged directly onto Zuo Sheng’s leg.

Did he actually sit on Zuosheng’s lap?

Subconsciously, he struggled, “Zou Ye, don’t you want to put some medicine?”

Zuo Sheng put an around his waist and said in a threatening tone, “Don’t move around, just rub it in.”

Lu Yue had no choice but to take out the bottle in this ambiguous position, when a big hand touched the hip position without warning, and the teenager’s body shook.

“Zou… Master Zuo…”

“Don’t talk, go on.”

[Lu Yue: My man can really play. ]

[001: Host you can play more. ]

Lu Yuexiao: Highpraise! ]

[001: Ha-ha. ]

Hearing Zuo Sheng’s cold command, the teenager in his arms had to tighten his tender lips. He dug a small piece of ointment on his finger with trembling hands, then slowly approached the fierce wound on his left shoulder.

Although he had seen it before, when he saw it again, there was an unspeakable pain in Lu Yue’s heart. He’s eyes reddened as if he wished the wound would transfer to him.

He daubed it carefully, acting as if he were treating a newborn baby.

Zuo Sheng frowned slightly. The teenager’s movements were too cautious to be fragile.


The teenager subconsciously turned his eyes to him, and there was some redness in the corners of his eyes. He still spoke cautiously: “Master Zuo, did I hurt you?”

Zuo Sheng’s eyes flashed and his heart beat inexplicably when he looked at each other for a moment.

“No, you go on.”


Lu Yue did not know, so he continued to apply the medicine with concentration. Zuo Sheng couldn’t help turning his head to see Lu Yue’s long, white neck and faint clavicle.

Moving to those bright eyes, it is clear that they are very similar to that person’s eyes, but they are not very similar to each other. No, it is not alike at all, so gentle, so clean, people can not help but want to possess, destroy.

Zuo Sheng’s eyes darkened and suddenly grabbed the teenager’s arm to make him look at him.

Lu Yue was uneasy: “Zuo Ye… What’s wrong?

Zuo Sheng’s voice was hoarse and he issued an irrefutable order: “I want you.”

At this time, Zuo Sheng exuded a wild animal-like aggression, Lu Yue’s face suddenly turned red, and his body could not stop shaking.

Seeing the struggle in the teenagersl eyes, Zuo Sheng sneered and pulled up the corner of his mouth: “Why, don’t you want to?”

Who just cried and said that he loved me? Sure enough, these words were not credible.

Sensing the man’s anger, Lu Yue immediately panicked: “No… I’m telling you the truth. I didn’t lie to you.”

Zuo Sheng loosened his grip and his eyes were cold. “I hate cheaters the most. Since you don’t want to serve me, I have to give you to others. I don’t like reluctance.”

Delivery? He’s going to give himself to someone else?


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