Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 9

Everyday Fighting With The Black-Bellied Male Lead Chapter 9

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Sensing the man’s anger, Lu Yue immediately panicked: “No… I’m telling you the truth. I didn’t lie to you.”

Zuo Sheng loosened his grip but his eyes were cold. “I hate cheaters the most. Since you don’t want to serve me, I will have to give you to the others. I don’t like reluctance.”

Delivery? He’s going to give me to someone else?

Luo Yue’s lip were bleeding from him biting it. Lu Yue pitifully said, “Sorry, Zuo Ye, I didn’t mean to…”

Zuo Sheng looked at the crying face of the teenager and felt a little irritated. So he said out in a cold voice, “Don’t cry.”

As a matter of fact, Lu Yue was no longer shedding tears. He squeezed his pale face and looked sadly at the man who could destroy his destiny at will. He pleaded pitifully, “Don’t give me away, Zuo Ye…”

Zuo Sheng frowned at Lu Yue, whose expression was very sad, he could not understand the reason why he was so sad. It was just a casual remark that frightened him so much that he stopped breathing.

What’s more, he reacted to him like this.

Zuo Sheng’s face was more unhappy than before. Before the teenager spoke again, he threw the man into the bed without saying a word.

Lu Yue, afraid of being sold, dared not say a word and curled up obediently.

Next, his body was ruthlessly played with by the man, it was painful, but he bit his lip so he would  not cry out.

Zuo Sheng laughed bitterly at his brave performance, and his thrusts became harder, Lu Yue finally could not bear it and began to sob helplessly.

After that, Lu Yue fainted.

In the darkness, Zuo Sheng looked at the tired and dizzy man, caressed his wet little face, and smiled coldly “If you are good, I’ll be gentle to you.” When the cell phone near the bed rang, Zuo Sheng went to the window to pick up the phone.

“What’s the matter?”

” Elder brother Zuo, why so indifferent, I am always a great help to you.”

Listening to Yan Bin’s playful tone, Zuo Sheng coldly replied, “I remember that we were just business partners.”

“Don’t be so ruthless. We are like brothers. How about inviting me to your house for dinner some other day?

“Coming to my house, are you sure?”

“Yes, the last time I came to your house was a year ago. Just because I’m tired of staying in the North District, my brothers have nothing to do for fun.”

“Whatever you want.”

Zuo Sheng hung up, and Lu Yue got all the information of the call through 001.

[Lu Yue: Who is the person who was talking to Zuo Sheng? Why is he calling Zuo Sheng Brother? ]

[001: Yan Bin, the boss of the North District, has a good relationship with Zuo Sheng. This time, Xu Shao’s affairs also got in the way. ]

[Lu Yue touches his chin: No wonder. Watch him for me and tell me when to come out. ]

[001: OK, the host is great! ]

For the next three days, Lu Yue continued to play the role of the cowardly and poor Lin Ze. 001 looked at the blackening value that had remained unchanged since that day and complained helplessly.

[Host, do you think Zuosheng likes or dislikes you in the end? You’ve rolled in the sheets so many times these days, why hasn’t the value dropped? ]

[Lu Yue gave 001 a blank look: A little, but this kind of like is only the degree to which you treat your favorite pet. I’m afraid he hasn’t even admitted that he’s starting to like me. No, he probably hasn’t realize it. ]

[001: Ah? What can we do? ]

[Luyue: That’s all right. Now we need a suitable person to stimulate him so that he can understand that he cares about me. ]

[001 puzzled: what stimulation? ]

[Lu Yue: You’ll know then. ]

Two days later, a man in a blue shirt appeared in his left home. The man was about 1.85 meters tall, he had a lovely baby face, he did not seem to look like a gangster at all.

Yes, this baby face was Yan Bin.

As Yan Bin stepped into the room, he saw a dark, stern man sitting on a chair and laughed, “Brother Zuo, I was standing at the door. You didn’t come to meet me.”

Zuo Sheng looked at him coldly. “You’re came by yourself.”

This meant that you came by yourself. Why should I greet you?

Yan Bin neglected his cold response directly and came closer to Zuo Sheng. Thick skin to a certain extent is also a skill.

“By the way, brother Zuo, I heard you were injured. Did Xu Shao do it?”

Hearing Xu Shao’s name, Zuo Sheng’s eyes immediately darkened: “It was his people who did it. It has been solved.”

“This time you cut off his supply of goods, he will not let you go easily, you have to be careful.” When he said this, Yan Bin put away his childish expression.

Zuo Sheng nodded: “I know, he can’t harm me.”

When Yan Bin first arrived, 001 immediately notified Lu Yue.

[001: Great host, Yan Bin is downstairs! ]

[Lu Yue cut his nails very calmly: Oh, yeah. ]

[001: Yes, shall we hurry? ]

[Lu Yue: It is not urgent, wait till I have cut my nails. By the way, give me something to increase my personal charm. ]


Lu yue is so mischevious ?
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