Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan

By Tsukiyono Furudanuki,月夜乃 古狸

Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan Chapter 2

Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan Chapter 2

The Magic of The Hero I

The light that wrapped me quickly disappears.

And when the light went out completely, I was in a different place not in the summons I had before.

I look around. On the wall of the room of about 6 tatami mats there are maps of the whole country, a map of Kanto, White board, Road map, and bookshelf stand in line, Tool rack and various components, cluttered oil and two long table in the center, a pipe chair is appropriately placed around it.

It is a small dirty room that cannot be said to have come up with any favorite view, but there is no mistake that it is a department of a touring circle of a university that I was before, before summoned to a different world.

I feel like crying because of nostalgic, but the ceiling is much lower than before.

Aree? Are the ceiling so low here?

For some reason, I was standing on the seat of the pipe chair.

Aa, That’s right, when I was summoned I was sitting in a chair?

So, as soon as I arrived at the other side, I remember hitting the back of my head gently overwhelmingly.

I get off the chair keeping a little embarrassing feeling.

Yokatta. There was no one in the clubroom.

I wonder how do I looked exactly If someone had seen it.

A man with tall body (that’s what I think) that suddenly disappear and the next moment appear while stood up in the chair, looking around with a tearful face.

Un! I have confidence that’s he is drunk! Even for me, it is too unpleasant!

I turn on the screen of my smartphone that was on the desk to check the date.

I think that it is all right because that kuso megami said at same place at same time, but I cannot trust it now.

I was relieved to see the date and time displayed on the smartphone.

There is no doubt. It is the original world that I see in dream with the same date and time. Since charging has not run out, there will be no punch line that I have been misplaced by one year.

However, I am a little worried whether I remember everything properly.

I think I can properly talk with friends, senpai-kouhai from the circle, and people from part-time job, but it is quite uneasy with professors and people who only meet at lectures, and people who are not close. Whether face or name.  

The most troublesome thing is about the university study. When I was in a different world, I don’t remember even a fragment, so there is a possibility that I will fail if I don’t do my best.

No, it should be more or less earn credit properly, still have a margin but the previous test may be completely wipe out … …

Check the schedule of the smartphone to exhume the memory.

It seems that there was no particular plan today.

Although I do not remember why I was in the clubroom even though I have no plan, Ma~a, it is not surprising because I often killed time in club room even when there are no plans.

In such a case, I am grateful for my habit of taking notes (memo) to smartphone anytime.

All three years ago, it is absolutely impossible to just rely on my memory. I wonder what did Protagonists in Light Novel do … … are most of them not going home ? …

Be that as it may.

Then, Let's quickly go back to our nostalgic home,but before that, let's eat cheese burger and potato set in Ma

No, I did not particularly like it, but I could not eat anything else in  another world, so it came out many times, over and over in the dream. 

Junk & fast food. I wonder if I will go to Ken ○ ky tomorrow. 

While thinking about today's schedule, 

I left the clubroom with my helmet and backpack that I had left in the club room before.

It was nostalgic (for me) when I arrived at the 2-wheel & bicycle parking place near the university gate, s/he was on the sidelines scooter and get on board on it. Perhaps s/he noticed me, and called out right away.

"isn’t it Yuuya, are you on your way home?"

“A, a~a … … long time no see”

Somehow I managed to respond while not changing expression by using my all effort, I look back to the eyes.

This guy is Kudou Akane. Same middle school & same high school, although faculty is different but still the same university, it is quite a close friend.

Because of her personality and both looks and styles, she were quite popular from old days, but never have been in a direction of sex appeal for me such as what want to going out with , not even once.

"I think we just met two days ago, though?"

“Is that so?”

To turn over while hiding agitation and pretending to appear casual. Sorry. For me it's been three years. I have desperately endured the instinct to huge. Please give me a break.

When I have atmosphere like that on my mind, Akane looks at me for a while,

“Yuuya, is something happen?”

Then suddenly asked.

“What do you mean by that?”

Since I don’t have an answer, I will return the question with a question.

"Hmm, like a face or atmosphere? It felt like suddenly changed"

“Is it just your imagination, right? Humans don’t change suddenly like that. Especially when there is nothing happened”

“Is that so~ ... … perhaps, your girlfriend pregnant?”

And suddenly speech slantingly.

“Bu~tsu! Are you Stupid! There is no such thing!”

“Th~at’s Ri~ght. there is nothing worthy, for having no girlfriend =  Yuuya’s age”

Akane-san, your speech is very rude. Ma~a, actually she did not exist and I could not do it in another world … …

“I don’t want to be told by Akane-san who having no boyfriend = Akane-san’s age”

“Rude! It is not like I don’t have boyfriend, but I choose not to”

No man or woman going out with them, she tell everyone like that. I am different! I just cannot do it!! … … Chikushō … …

 “He~e he~e, I am sorry”

Such a conversation with Akane after a long time is fun, Today I will decide to leave before the defect comes out.

“Ma~a, Such a good thing. I will drop by somewhere, so go home”

“Where do you drop by”

“Ma.I wanted to eat suddenly”

"I am going too! I have not done it recently"

Why?(he said why in English) Seriously? why?? 

" Ma. in front of the station right? I will go ahead and pick up the seat"

As she said so, Akane runs the scooter without listening to my reply.

Why has it come to this?

While thinking such a thing, a bike had running to Ma○.

Honda CB 250 F, my favorite vehicle.

When I am in high school I took part-time job secretly from school and taking small and medium sized motorcycle license, and bought this guy in second hand.

After a long time, I feel the tension rises, and I will watch out so as not to increase the speed.

I have not seen you for three years, and it is faster than a horse. It is no joke to had accident while going home.

Akane who secured the seat already arrived at the shop was waving her little hand.

"You're late"

You are just too fast.

I want to complain but I can’t because I don’t know how many time it will bite me back.

After quickly order at the counter, I sit in the seat opposite of Akane.

“… … like I thought, Yuuya had changed!”

“This again?”

“Like the atmosphere or how you walk. And somehow there is something that different. The atmosphere too”

No, though you said atmosphere twice.

Even so, Akane is too sharp. Are all the women like this? I hear that when a man cheating, the woman immediately know (no, I have never experience it even once, to begin with it is not cheating) then how I deceive her.

“Recently I've trained, doesn’t it looks like that?”

“Is that so~ … …”

Somehow Akane convince to it.

“… … is it possible, Love?”

I intentionally provoking while grinning with the look of ridicule.

“Ha~a? Do you want to drink cola from your eyes?"

While staring at here, she said something dangerous. Akane-san, normal people cannot drink with their eyes yo?

It better to stop because she looks like she will really do it if I tease too much. It’s not like I am scared. Not in the least.

After that, there was no pursuit from Akane, After having a foolish talk, I go home with Akane.

It seems that nothing has changed in our family after a long time.

No, the time in here, it is just a few hours since I went to college, but it is still lateral though.

The surroundings are already dim. Soon it will be 7 pm, it is the longest noon in a year.

 I put the motorcycle in the garage and enter the house from the entrance.

It was pretty dark inside the house, although it is not a problem since I had trained night-vision in another world, so I can see enough.

Because my mother had semi-night shift for this week, is Ayumi had club activity?

There seems to be no one at home.

Father? Had a work in overseas. I wonder if it was the Middle East now?

In Japan times | (is it Okay using Japan time?) 1 year had not met, to begin with I only had a chance to meet several times in a year.

I don’t have a confidence can remember his face … …

I climb the stairs and enter my room.

It is rather dark. Because my room is on the east side, it gets dark early in the evening.

As expected, I can’t see well, I use the magic "light" to light the lights.

I looked around my room, and entrust myself to the feeling of relief that I finally came back.

Put the backpack on the desk and fall to the bed.

A nostalgic smell of my room (it is not stink) with a smile.

Then I looked around the room all over again and settled.

I shouted spontaneously.

“Why magic still usable?!”

A light bulb created with the magic "light" floating near the ceiling of the room.