Spirit Realm

By Ni Cang Tian,逆蒼天

Spirit Realm Chapter 1150

Spirit Realm Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150: Battle at the Mountain Peak

The rank nine bloodline Atkins was not disturbed by the chaos outside. His mountainous body still sat motionlessly in the palace.

When he heard the invaders were only some God Race youngsters, he ignored them.

He was thinking how he would go to invade Floris's territory and hunt Floris.

On the peak of the mountain, the rank eight Abyss Devils waited with snarls for Qin Lie and the others to arrive.

The cold eyes of the enormous Abyss Devils landed on Qin Lie and the others.

Under those cruel and bloodthirsty gazes, Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang all shook.

Wu Sha and Liu Yang looked pleadingly at Qin Lie, wanting him to act as soon as possible.


The flame ball formed from Gan Xing's Flame World finally floated up above the mountain peak.

Gan Xing activated his bloodline and continued to maintain Flame World, his eyes moving to Qin Lie.

Qin Lie finally flew down from inside Flame World.

Midair, Gan Xing, Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang all looked unblinkingly at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie dove down like a flaming meteor but suddenly stopped when he was about to touch the ground.

In the next moment, dazzling star-shaped door bloomed behind him.

The eyes of Gan Xing and the others contracted.

The Abyss Devils were also stunned. They all felt a bad premonition.

"Come out!" Qin Lie shouted.


An enormous silvery snake-like figure first burrowed out of the star door, a wave of corpse energy spreading to the surroundings.

"Rank Eight Silver-eyed Snake Devil!"

Wu Sha's expression changed slightly. She couldn't help but shout, her heart full of fear.

"Why is it an Abyss Devil?!" Yan Feng was astounded. He looked fiercely at Qin Lie, his eyes red as though they contained endless anger.

He immediately thought that Qin Lie was in cahoots with the Abyss Devils, and had deliberately set a trap for them.

The beautiful Liu Yang also had a terrified expression.

"Idiots! Smell the scent, and you will know if it is an Abyss Devil!" Gan Xing glanced at them.

Liu Yang suddenly realized. Her gaze focused on the Silver-eyed Snake Devil. She had a strange expression as she muttered, "Dead..."

"This thing is called 'Corpse Demon'." Gan Xing's expression was serious as he added, "The corpses of dead Abyss Devils have been turned into puppets through evil arts. This kind of puppet has no soul, cannot feel pain, and only has an instinct to destroy..."

Liu Yang and the others changed expression. When they looked at Qin Lie, their gazes had a hint of shock.

At this moment, more Abyss Devil Corpse Demons streamed out of the star door.

They immediately charged towards the rank eight Abyss Devils guarding the palace.

Within the star door, figure flashed, and the soul slaves led by Curtis appeared.

Soon, Miao Fengtian also came out, shrouded in corpse energy.


A bloody light flashed. Jiang Zhuzhe's expression was filled with eerie bloody light, his eyes full of blood as he walked out.

When he walked out, he immediately looked at Qin Lie.

Suddenly, he shook, great shock showing in his blood red eyes.

"The God Race!"

He saw Gan Xing, Yan Feng, Wu Sha, and Liu Yang. He had been dealt a great mental blow.

The human race had to work with the hundred races to finally drive out the God Race from Spirit Realm. And there they were, twenty thousand years later, standing before him. 

He only knew that he came to fight the Abyss Devils. He did not know that God Race clansmen would be at the other end of the star door.

Jiang Zhuzhe was petrified by the sight of Gan Xing and the others.

"God, God Race!"

Behind him, the Blood Drinkers who arrived all paled and shouted uncontrollably.

They were also frightened by Gan Xing and the others.

"Eliminate the Abyss Devils here," Qin Lie said with a frown.

Jiang Zhuzhe stilled. He looked deeply at Qin Lie, and then, without a word, nodded at his Blood Drinkers.

Those Blood Drinkers would never betray him. Their eyes were filled with bloody energy and the blood tang that emanated from them was nauseating.

Gan Xing and the other rank seven bloodlines looked at the group of Blood Drinkers with strange expressions.

The Blood Drinkers which drank blood to strengthen themselves gave off a mixed and strange aura.

The Blood Drinkers had the aura of the human race, the other foreign races of Spirit Realm, the Ghoul Race, and the Abyss Devils.

The bloody presence flowed through every Blood Drinker's veins, forming a vicious, furious, and extremely unique bloodthirsty aura.

This bloody presence was actually in a controlled state.


Gan Xing's brow furrowed tightly. He gently shook his head, his expression strange.

Wu Sha's eyes showed a hint of strangeness. She said softly, "Maybe the races of Spirit Realm should not be dismissed..."

"Father! Outsiders! Invaders from other realms are invading!"

At this time, outside Atkins's palace doors, a rank eight bloodline descendant of his suddenly shouted.

He had already understood when the star door formed and Curtis, Miao Fengtian, and Jiang Zhuzhe came out.

This God Race team did not come to die, but had prepared.

They were just the creators of the realm entrance.

Once the realm entrance opened, many experts from the outer realms arrived, and their presences were so strong that even he was frightened.

This was clearly a hunt for his father!


Inside the vast palace, Atkins shouted angrily. The sharp scream caused the nearby chain of volcanoes to shudder violently.

Thousands of stabbing gold light ripples erupted from that palace and caused it to crumble to dust.

Within the blinding golden light, Atkins walked out, head held high. The golden horn on top of his head was shrouded in layers of golden ripples.

The golden ripples spread into the surroundings like waves in the sea.

Whenever a Corpse Demon was touched by the golden ripple, its flesh would be torn apart.

The Silver-eyed Snake Devil, the Sharp Claw Devil, Hurricane Dragon Devil. These Abyss Devils who had the thickest skin in the Frost Desolation Abyss, suddenly had many holes on their bodies as though a torrent of sharp golden swords had pierced them.

Atkins snarled. As he stepped off the mountain peak, the surrounding mountains split, and the clouds moved towards him.


Curtis's eyes flashed with cold light, and he suddenly steered his six-level Soul Altar towards the Lord of the Abyss.

The other Asura Race soul servants did the same.

With Atkins as the center, the golden ripples continued to spread. All the stones turned to powder where they passed, and the rank eight Abyss Devil Corpse Demons were covered in wounds.

As Curtis and the others charged towards Atkins, their Soul Altars gave off heart-wrenching screams.

That was because the golden ripples had touched their Soul Altars.

The four-level, five-level and six-level Soul Altars wavered when attacked by the golden ripples as thought they would fall at any moment.

Qin Lie looked at Curtis and the others. He deeply frowned. It was the first time he got a clear idea of the power of the Lord of the Abyss.

Curtis and the others had fought in the Abyss for many years, and against many Abyss Devils.

They had consumed their flesh.

In Boluo Realm, Curtis and the others had almost always had the upper hand when fighting Tyler, Nivitt, Tyler and the others.

Among the same cultivation level, they were much stronger than the foreign races of Boluo Realm.

Qin Lie thought that the six-level Soul Altar Curtis would not be much weaker than a Lord of the Abyss.

Yet, when Curtis led his Void Realm experts towards Atkins, and they were blown back by the golden ripples, he finally understood how strong the rank nine Abyss Devils were.

He finally understood why Lieyan Wang would say the Abyss Devil Race were a race of similar strength to the God Race, Spirit Race, and Soul Race.

"Dammit, this Lord of the Abyss is so strong. Do I really have to get my Soul Beast avatar to fight as well?" He suddenly felt a headache coming on.

When he finally faced a rank nine Lord of the Abyss, he understood that Curtis and other Asura clansmen were not match for rank nine Abyss Devils. Despite of possessing same general rank, their battle prowess was just too far apart.

He realized that only his Soul Beast avatar could fight Atkins one on one and not be defeated.

But according to Lieyan Wang, the Soul Race and the God Race fought frequently. If he summoned the Soul Beast avatar, would his connection to the Soul Race be exposed?

"Screw it! Even if it will be a pyrrhic victory, I will exhaust this Lord of the Abyss to death!