Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere Volume 1 Chapter 1

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The boy who yearned for tomorrow



(TL: youth's attire, i have no idea how to phrase it properly. think of it as a young child wearing an teenager's outfit that doesn't suit her age.)

But the current her, had blood-red eyes reminiscent of a hungry beast as she intently stared at the young boy.

"I'm going to carve, a unique mark that would belong to just the both of us."

"N-no! Nooo!!!"

Although the young girl's arms seemed to be as fragile and delicate as a pure-white jade crystal, the amount of brute strength she had on her hands was shockingly higher than any child same aged as her; as of now she's currently pinning down the young boy tightly with just a single hand, while using her body as well as her legs to deadlock his lower body; and with her other free hand, she slowly reached into her pocket to reveal a surgeon's knife. 

"Although it's a pity that I can't carve down our respective names, I still feel like doing it~ Ah! Why not let's draw a half-heart at our waists, then that way, next time when we walk together it'll be such a happy atmosphere."

"I don't want!"

"I said already that it's not possible!"


Just as the young girl was about to plunge her knife downwards, it was as if that the young boy's shouting that reached heaven's pity, or that his luck had formed into a shield to protect him, for the young girl's surgeon's knife that was originally intended to pierce him had now been knocked off by the sudden intrusion, an empty can of drink. The surgeon knife spun a few times in the air, and eventually landed into the pile of garbage near them.

"It's dirtied........" The young girl murmured with a tone of sadness.

The boy heaved a sigh of immense relief; this is one time he would want to thank someone for their act of high-rise littering.

But, he was too naive to think that this was all over.

The young girl suddenly forcefully ripped his shirt apart, not caring about the howls of the young boy, she directly used her fingernails to deeply carve an arc onto his left waist.

The excruciating pain made the boy drip out some of his dinner from his mouth, and just as he wanted to scream for help, the young girl immediately leaned forward, using her mouth to plug up the boy's lips, and started to strongly suck up all the turbid stuff that came out from his mouth.

Slowly, the boy became unable to breath, and his consciousness started to fade away gradually. His last moments before he fainted into the abyss was seeing the crimson-red pupils of the young girl, as well as her chilling smile as she continued to use her fingernails to carve unto his waist.

"Good morning everyone! My name is Bo Yuchen, I'm 15 years old this year, my hobbies is playing video games and laughing at funny jokes! What I hate the most is exercising! Right now I'm living with my father, and although that I looked like the kind who can't do any heavy work, I actually am rather strong, there's no problem carrying tables or chairs, I'm also good with carpentry too, but if you want me to say something I'm not really good at, it would be spiders! So, please take good care of me!"

Mm~! Perfect, today's self introduction rehearsal is as smooth as ever, it's almost as if I'm a fully buffed hero who's in the spotlight.

Since my condition is perfectly OK, I redid my hair which became slightly spiked up due to my bad sleeping habits, and walked down to the kitchen to get ready to recharge my daily energy that I needed every morning.

"Yosh, dad, good morning."

"Ohh~ today you're also filled to the brim with confidence."

"But of course, your son has already successfully made his first friend ever since school started a week ago."

"Oi oi, that brat who played with you ever since you're young, don't tell me that you'd consider him as a friend now?"

"I'm not talking about that Guan Guo fella, this time it's really a new friend that I've made in high school; his name's Lu Bin, well, he also didn't have much affinity for friends like me, but because we had similar interests, we got to know each other pretty well."

"Heh heh, well then since your mood is rather good now, let Dad tell you a good news."

"Dad, your company is gonna come out with a new product again? Last time you kept bragging to me so excitedly about the newest game that just came out, but when you played the game you instantly became depressed so quickly.... up till now, I haven't forgotten about it, you know."

"Of course not, it's about your dad, he's about to remarry!"


"What's wrong son, you look as if you're extremely surprised?"

"I wasn't just extremely surprised............. It's more of like, my emotions could qualify for a platinum ranking..."

(TL: it was a rather vague sentence, I didn't quite get the pun the author tried to do here too. But a platinum ranking means when you turned your normal credit card into a high ranked, more elite card: the platinum card, so it might be possible that the author is trying to imply that his surprised emotion could qualify for the oscars if possible)

Still, hearing the word remarrying made me recall my ex-mom, who ran off all our house valuables and nearly sold me to an unknown country's farming village, separating me from my dad and friends.

You could say that other than the term "slut", I wouldn't have a much more appropriate word to describe her, ever.

"I know that you've been affected by her not only due to that, but you should also understand.... being a hot blooded male that I am, it's impossible for me to remain single without any female companionship for the remaining of my lifetime, what's more is that you also need a mother's caring and endearing love before you can grow up to become a......."

"I'm full!!!"

I've heard the same words many times before, and although I'm not the kind that wouldn't accept my dad's decision for remarrying. It's just that at that very moment, some bad memories resurfaced within my brain. So in order to prevent myself from going haywire in front of my dad, my only choice is to quickly escape from this place to dodge the subject.

In the end, I still couldn't change back my mood while in school, but I managed to last well till noon, and right now I'm currently eating lunch together with my good friends.

"What's up, you seem to be out of it." My good friend Guan Guo said as he placed a finely cut char seow into my bowl.

(TL: char seow is pork meat.)

"Thanks, I'm fine."

"Don't try to bluff us, you'll always been like this since young, do you still remember what I've told you about that habit of yours."

"That when I'm moody, I'll binge a lot of food?"

"That's right."

Binge on food huh...... as expected of him, even though I remained silent, he is still able to notice what was happening based on my outer appearance.

"Hey look you guys! I've finally got it!"

While we were doing a heart-to-heart talk, another friend of mine, Lu Bin ran towards us from a far distance, and as he ran with his chubby-sized body, his chest kept shaking about vigorously, living up to what Guan Guo had nicknamed him as: [The man who symbolises bouncing boobs].

And when Lu Bin had finally arrived in front of us, the stuff he was holding onto his hands made us gasp in surprise.

"It's actually the limited edition strawberry-flavoured cake!!"

"This smell..... it's simply unbearable!!"

In this rather old-fashioned canteen, every certain day of the week at the desserts store they would sell some specialized food to the students, and what's worse is that they are limited-only, hence me and Guan Guo always didn't get a chance to taste this godlike delicacy that takes just one short hour to be completely out-of-stock.

But! We didn't expect that today! With the assistance of the "Food Appetite Demon" Lu Bin's help, he managed to snatch three servings of it!

"Ka cha----"

Suddenly, just as when the three of us plan to happily devour our dessert after finishing after finishing our lunch, a bright flash of light inconspicuously shone before us, and when we turned around to look, it was actually a short haired young lady who's wearing some casual attire.

"Classmate, it wasn't good to do that, isn't it."

Guan Guo first laid down his hands from his the cake, and seeing so Lu Bin then reluctantly placed down his as well.

Aaahh, I understand the painful feeling that you're experiencing when your in the midst of gobbling up your cake, but Lu Bin... the expressions in your eyes are simply too pitiful already.

"Sorry sorry, I'd just love to take photos of the happy faces that I've seen every day." The lady wearing a casual attire stood up, adjusted the photograph that she'd just taken and handed the camera over to us to have a look.

"But this classmate's expression here is no good~ even when tasting such a delicious dessert he still made that kind of expression, this will not only affect the mood of the surrounding students, but will also cause the cake-master who made this cake to be rather sad too~"

(TL: sorry that i'm a guy who love to be as sullen as batman irl u happy son of a bitch! f** off!! oh wait. i think i'm not supposed to comment too much of these here. *disappears*)

As she was standing directly in front of us, she used both of her hands to support her body, and her entirety was almost lying onto the table.

Uuuuu....... what was that exactly that revealed out from her low-cut casual attire as she leaned forward so provocatively! It's too perfect! Is she, the holder of a such a well-endowed figure, really a citizen of our country?

"I got it, i got it." Under the pressure of my brain's non-stop reasoning, I managed to halfheartedly push away the camera.

"If you didn't enjoy your youth, next time you'll learn to regret it, alright~?" Her cheery voice, as well as her uncanny casual relaxed behavior before me made me somehow feel that, it wasn't our first time meeting each other today, and that we had known each other for a very long time.

And when I looked carefully, she's actually wearing hot pants that emanated a feeling of an active youthful girl with overgrown long knee socks.

Mm....... no matter how I look at it, she doesn't seem to be a student of this school.

"May I ask who are you, if you're taking photographs without our permission anyhow we could charge you copyright for that." Seemingly sensing the awkward atmosphere around us, the quick-witted Lu Bin then said this rather important question. Looks like all the sugar he had consumed earlier wasn't gone to waste after all.

"Eeehhh! You guys actually don't know me?" Unexpectedly, her reaction was even more of a shock compared than us.

"Eh? Who?"

Seeing the confused expressions on our face, she immediately took out a photograph from a tiny pocket within her high waisted hotpants, and thrust it to right in front of us.

"Second year Class 2 Lecturer, Shou Yuqian."

Why would a teacher make their own namecard nowadays, no matter how you looked at it, it seemed something wasn't right with it.

"Ohh-ohh-ohhhh!!! So you're the Miss Shou!" But Guan Guo suddenly seemed to have known her identity, and from the way his eyes sparkled brightly as he looked at her, he's extremely excited right now.

"You knew her?"

"She's the legendary good-teacher!"


Speaking of the good-teacher, you'll have to mention about the numerous good deeds that she had done, like the story about the confusion in the train station. Last time, a few students met some thieves in a train station, and since their own awareness wasn't really that strong, they were robbed clean of their entire luggage before they had even entered the train carriage. During the short duration of the incident the police couldn't locate the thieves, and just when the students had started losing hope of returning home as they remembered that they lacked time and road-fare, the good-teacher came across them as she was riding the train back home, and when she encountered these students, not only was she generous in her actions to pay for their fare home, she also rejected their eventual thanks they wanted to repay her afterwards; and ever since then, her kindly and benevolent image was known throughout the entire school which had consisted of a primary, secondary and tertiary three-in-one education system.

(TL: It was longer in the original, but I tried to place many full-stops and commas as I could.)

Before I had actually seen the good-teacher, I had always thought she would be some granny or auntie, but to think that she would be the young lady in front of us that looked roughly same aged as us right now.

"That's just a small matter~ being a good-teacher and all, heeheeeheee~"

What's more she's rather cute, isn't she.......

"Well then, I'll not disturb you guys on eating, when I've finished developing this photo I'll hand it over to you guys then, see you!"

Miss Shou then turned around and promptly walked away, but at the moment she turned, I thought for a moment that her eyes swept across me for a while.

Was i mistaken?

-ch 1 end-

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TL note: 

*Note 1: I tried to place as much "," or ";" as possible since chinese writers loved to put sentences together without spacing....

**Note 2: the chinese like to double-emphasize themselves sometimes when talking, example, "Your son me, have xxx xxx" . It is not a typo nor grammar error, it is just merely the person themselves double emphasizing their own names in an act of haughtiness. This will be rather important as most novels will have something like that.

***Note 3: In china, they call fellow stranger classmates as simply, "classmate". Sounds weird in english coz you wouldn't be that impolite, but it's just how it goes because they are implying to that other person that his status is a strangerish kind, and it's to refer to him/her in general sense, a "classmate" of the school. Just keep that in mind.

****Note 4: I would really want to call the teacher as Shou-sensei, but I'll just use the english form of how I would call out to my teacher here in english. Seemed too formal.... damm it. If there's any good suggestions to replace it just lemme know.