Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere Volume 1 Chapter 6

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Volume 1, Chapter 6: Dawn

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It's been the second week, and it's still hopeless.

Risking the danger of being electrocuted, I shaped the keychain ring into an SOS shape, throwing it with large objects within yet not being able to attract people's attention completely at all. Those people living here seemed to be those kind of 'none-of-my-business-so-I'll-just-leave-it-alone' fellas.

Running away, electrocuted; running away, electrocuted; this process had been repeating for a few dozens of time already, and the amount of medicinal liquid injection also had increased from once a day to twice a day, right now, other than her going to work, she would be watching over me already.

Also, her mental condition seemed to be more and more unstable.

Until the 18th day that I was being imprisoned.

She dashed back with her body full of blood, and after she locked all of the entrance doors up, she ran to the room and locked it, afterwards hugging me up tightly, as if there's someone who wanted to snatch me away.

"Xiao' Chen is mine! No matter if it's the past! Or the future!"

What's the matter, there's actually scratch injuries and bullet holes on her body!

A short moment later, from outside resounded noises of the door being unlocked, and Qian became even more frightened.

"Give up......"

A female voice?

"I said before! Xiao' Chen is mine!"

It was the first time that I saw her terrified expression.

Suddenly, the room's lock opened.

"Aahh!" Qian seemed to have become mad apparently, as she pounced forward towards the door entrance with a syringe grabbed in her hands, but at the next moment, she was being ruthlessly shoulder-thrown by someone onto the floor.

"I said it before, right. Everything is futile."

A girl who had long hair till it reached her waist, wearing smartly looking red-framed spectacles, and wearing body figure accentuating casual clothing walked in.

"You're still like your old self."

The girl told me just that sentence, and my consciousness once more faded into darkness.

What's exactly going on.

When I woke up afterwards, I noticed that I'm lying in a room that I've never seen before, and the restraints that were entirely locking me up had seemed to be vanished already, and my mental condition were also way, way better than last time.

I carefully crawled up from my bed, the doors of the unfamiliar looking room were wide open, and it looked like as if it was telling me that I could just leave here anytime.

The table beside me even had my phone and my clothes placed onto it.

Both of my legs seemed to be still rather difficult to control still, but my movements seemed to have no problem regarding to it's freedom already, and my dexterity of my both hands had gradually returned back to normal. I stretched my hands to take my phone, and although it felt a little heavy, but compared to previously it's completely a simple task already.

Well then, it's time that I think through on what happened earlier.

"So you've awakened, Yuchen."


I haven't even begun to think, when from the doors outside walked in a girl who's age was similar to mine.

Long hair reaching onto her waist, red colored eyes that had extreme intellectual atmosphere filled within, a physical appearance that it could have ruined countries that were fighting over her seemingly, and an extremely lasciviousness curvaceous body figure.

She seemed a little familiar......

"You'll feel a little better if you drink a bit of this~"

She passed me a cup of white-colored liquid, and from the smell, I judged it to be roughly a cup of milk.

But I won't just accept it so rashly like that.

"Ai~ya~ai~ya, I've forgot that you're a person who liked to be suspicious of everything."

She drank a mouthful of milk.

Instantaneously, her movements were so quick that I couldn't even see it clearly at all, but I only saw the instance that her shape of her figure moved, with my left shoulder being grasped by her. And it seemed to perfectly pressed onto my acupuncture point as well, with my whole body being paralyzed momentarily, but then she actually went on to seize the chance to kiss onto my lips.

Within my mouth I can feel that there's liquid being forced into my throat, and this taste, wasn't it milk in the first place!

After this continued for roughly one minute plus, she seemed to have been rather satisfied, as she slowly edged away from my side.

"Now it can prove that my milk wasn't being spiked already, of course, you can also suspect that there's an antidote inside my lips too~"

She gave a sweet chuckle, and I won't deny that it's a rather alluring beautiful scene, but she didn't even realize that it was a little too over-stimulating huh.

"There's still a few dishes up next~, and after eating it, it'll be slightly more effective onto recovering your body, and of course if you are to suspect me, I'll use this kind of method to force you to eat them."

"Who are you exactly?"

After she heard my words, she laughed.

"Try guessing?"

What's up with this person?

After keeping silent for a moment, that girl gave off a helpless look of expression, afterwhich she placed her hands onto her white colored short sleeve blouse, and gently pulled it up.

"What are you doing!?"

"Won't you know after you've taken a look?"

And I saw on her belly, a wound that looked exactly the same as mine.

The instance I had my eyes onto the wound, that painful memory from my childhood immediately assaulted my brain.


I actually uncontrollably yelled out!

"Hehee~" She seemed like she had saw something rather interesting, for she actually laughed.

"Please don't misunderstand, I'm not mocking you, but when I thought that you didn't change at all during these few years, I felt a little bit reassured only."

"What are you planning this time again....."

"Of course it's to continue, continue our relationship from before~"

I breathed in a gasp of cold air; I've thought I had escaped from hell already, but I didn't knew that hell actually just changed to a different room merely.

"Look at your reaction, I knew what you're thinking exactly."

She slowly approached towards me, and as both parties' foreheads gradually knocked onto each other, she afterwards stretched out her hands to gently stroke my face.

"As long as I can see your this look of extremely adorable face, I felt that those hardships that I've been through these few years were completely nothing at all."

"You're such an annoying person."

"Although your mouth seemed to be saying it like that, but your body didn't retaliate at all, it's excellent~ just like last time, I really hope that you will always be able to remain this way of cuteness."


She slowly backed off from in front of me, and sat back to her original position.

That was unexpected!?

"No matter what, I've also grown up too, whether if it's my body or my mentality, so I won't do those stuffs that would harm your body painfully again anymore."

"Does that mean, you'll also won't cling onto me already?"

"I said earlier to continue our relationship, didn't you hear that? Or must I continue on what I was doing earlier then you'll listen properly to what I said~?"

I didn't speak already.

"Looks like that person's influence onto you wasn't incomparable to me as well, it really made me envy."

I took my phone that was placed beside me.

"What are you doing?"

"Calling the police, to let the law punish that person."

But when my hand was on that final 0 digit, it stopped.

"You hesitated.....right?"


"You've always been like that since young, even though you wanted to have vengeance on other people, but at the very last moment you'll always hesitate."

"I didn't hesitate! It's just......"

"Just thought that once she've been arrested by the police, her future would be finished, right."


"It's because of your personality, that's why that time I would mercilessly bully you without constraints, didn't you think about that before?"


She's absolutely right.

This is being a coward, or maybe sympathy, I myself already completely don't understand it at all. When I was young, if I was to tell Lao bà when she had bullied me for the very first time, maybe I wouldn't need to spend my primary school's lifespan inside a therapy center already.

"It's alright~ Bo Yuchen is just a gentle person like that, isn't he?"

Seeing me not replying, she then placed a key onto the table.

"This is your new home~, although it's being leased, but the rental fees would be wholly paid for by the Hui Liu Group.

"What do you exactly mean by this?"

I really hate this kind of charity way of things.

"It's nothing, I just wanted to forcefully extract a few benefits from you only."

Her way of doing things were still very forceful, but as of the situation now I didn't had the luxury to reject it, but to only accept it.

"Can you explain what do you mean by the so-called benefits exactly?"

"I haven't thought of it properly yet, but I think it's probably a 'date', kind of things I guess."

"Whatever then..... Hui Liu Yezhen."

-ch 6 end-

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