Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere Chapter 2

Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere Chapter 2

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In the evening, I arrived at my house doorstep tiredly and my usually nimble hands were vigorously trembling. I admit that I haven't completely accepted that my stepmom would be living with us, but I also knew at the same time that this sort of thing is a necessity for dad. And although I had once tried to imagine this sort of scenario happening, I didn't expect that my 'stepmom' would come so quickly.

"Hopefully my luck would be better than Snow White's."

"Welcome back home!!"

The moment I opened the door, a seemingly planned bear hug pounced onto me.

"Uwa! May I ask who are you?"

A woman's voice? Dad's girlfriend?

"Huehue~ ototo-kun energy~ ototo-kun energy~"

What is wrong with this person!

I stretched out both of my hands to push away the person who attacked me, but the moment I saw that person's face, my entire body froze.


Whaat! My stepmom is actually Shou-sensei! Dad!! Even if you had wanted to go for a young bride, you've gone too far this time!


Yo your head!

I quickly dashed towards the telephone, and coincidentally Dad's number rang on it.

"O-oi! This isn't right!"

"What's not right? Ah..... you've seen your stepmom already huh. So, how was it? She's youthfully gorgeous right!"

"I have to agree with you on that, but it's not right to do something like this.... the age gap is too big already!"

"Mm...... actually, I was thinking like that too...."

"Then quickly seize the chance now and explain properly to her before it's too late for amends!"

"Sorry, it's already too late, because..... she's already pregnant with your baby brother or sister."

What a bastard!!

"H-how, how many months already....."

"8 months, and also, we were already dating when you're still in secondary school........"

Are you a freaking horny beast!! How old would she be when I was still in secondary school!

Just as me and my dad were still talking to each other, Shou-sensei had already helped me carry my bag to my room. She took out food ingredients from the fridge and actually used my house's kitchen to cook dinner as if it was a natural thing for her to do..... it seems like she came to my house quite a couple of times already.

"Really, Yuchen, I'd say that you're surprisingly making such a big fuss about this, although there's a few gaps in our age, but isn't it fine as long as there's love?"

"Love isn't all-purposeful you know....."

"I realized that today you especially liked to rebuke me, did you really dislike your new mom that much!"

"This isn't about liking her or not, it's because your ages are too freaking far apart, and you're actually too horrendous to hook up with a student! I've really misjudged my opinion on you!"

"Wait wait, what do you mean by that?"

"Are you acting dumb!"

"I have completely no idea on what exactly you're fussing about..... Eh! Wait wait, your meaning is there's actually not only you alone in the house right now, your stepmom is around too?"

"Isn't that obvious!"

Unexpectedly, I could hear a woman's chuckling sounds at his end; although dad didn't say anything, I somehow had the feeling that he's hiding something from me.

"Oi, who's that woman beside you right now, you can't be freaking serious that you're hooking up with another woman again aren't you!"

"Don't say rubbish you stupid brat, your stepmom is here with me! Right now the person in the house with you should be your new sister, she's called Shou Yiqian! Tch, no wonder you'd flared up, you've suspected that I've become a cradle robber, didnt you! Listen up, Yuchen! Your dad last time was famously known throughout school as the <Justice of the Peace>, do you really think that I would do this kind of foolish stuff!"


"Ugh, that's worst isn't it, you actually want me to cohabit with an onee-san that I've just seen earlier, can't you think about it from an angle of a healthy young school boy!"

"Ai~ya~, at first I was thinking about that too, but then Qian-chan strongly said that a complete family is only complete when a brother and sister live under the same roof, and that got me thinking there's nothing wrong with it too, so I agreed to it; but actually there's no need to worry about this, as she's going to live for 1 day there only, you know that she's a teacher in your school, right, so next time she'll still need to return back to her own condo."

I secretly glanced towards Shou-sensei's direction, she does indeed look like a person who can take care of a family very well, plus I heard from Guan Guo that, the subjects she was teaching is politics and since I've learned some knowledge in the field of psychology before, I thought that maybe she could be trusted.

"Yuchen, let me tell you this for your own sake, it's no good to continue on being like that. I know what happened that time had traumatized you badly, but if you always distance yourself from women, what happens next time when you become a lonely old man, this won't be filial already, would it."

"Your meaning is that I use Sensei to get used to it!?"

"No no, before even speaking about sensei, she's your sister, isn't it. Also, it's fine if you spoil up to her sometimes too.

"I'm not a three years old kid any more! After talking for so long, where exactly are you guys, and what's with that sound that sounded like a plane in the background?"

"Ah, we had just went past the runway, I forgot to tell you, son, that the both of us plan to go for a month-long honeymoon vacation, and the destination is... New York!"

"You guys can just stay there for the rest of your lives!!"

It's hopeless to already count on dad, looks like it'll be up to me to salvage this situation! No matter! It's only living together with family, there's absolutely no.......

Damn it..... every time I panic, my wound at my waist starts to hurt slightly. Although after secondary school I need not rely on medication to ease the pain already, I had no clue why it suddenly hurt out of a sudden, and it was even more agonizing than any period last time.

"Dinner is ready~"

"That so...... thanks."

"You don't need to say thanks between siblings~"

Placed before us on the table is 5 plates of wide varieties of dishes including soup. No matter how you look at it, it's too difficult to eat with just two people! I glanced towards the food ingredients placed atop the kitchen counter, and the sight was unbelievably astounding, even though she had used the same ingredients me and my dad used to prepare a night's meal, she could produce 5 times the size of our usual-cooked dishes from it! Was her household skills already lv5!

I eagerly grabbed a chicken wing, and after munching onto it, the deliciousness of it actually made this my instant favorite, the taste surpassing over my favorite restaurant that I used to go often! Crap, don't tell me that I'm now experiencing something really happy!

While I was wolfing onto the food, I noticed that Shou-sensei didn't touch her chopsticks at all; she just sat onto the chair unmovingly and kept staring at me.


"Just call me nee-chan at home."

"Sensei you're not eating?"

Sorry.... before my heart could accept it, I won't call you nee-chan.

"I've just eaten earlier when I returned home, so I'll probably eat in a while later."

"That so......."

Silence then enveloped the dining table once more, while I was eating I could actually hear the tick-tock of the clock going on, as you could see the atmosphere was horrifyingly awkward.

I secretly peeked at Shou-sensei with the corner of my eye, and realized that she's still looking at me with an indulgent expression.

My wound started to slightly hurt again.

"Yuchen, have you had a girlfriend before?"


A sudden attack made me not being able to control myself for a moment; I'd almost spat out the rice inside my mouth.

Why would sensei ask this kind of question..... was it just her curiosity, or from a sensei's concerned guidance..... if it's the former I could answer unhesitatingly, but if it's the latter.....

"So, did you?"


"Then, your first kiss, have you done it already?"


I.... I choked!

Crap... I could answer honestly whether I had a girlfriend or not, but the question about my first kiss is really troubling, as I've done it already, although that time I was being forced to.

"Maybe.........should be......"

What the hell was I saying!

"Eehh, you did..."

"H, how about Sensei!

"No~pe~, not only that, I'm still a virgin~"


My chopsticks fell onto the ground.

Strange! That wasn't right, what was she planning to do? I originally wanted to use the same question to return an eye for an eye, but I had actually fell for the other party's trap!

Sensei........ you planned to set me up, didn't you......

"Whose your first kiss, someone from our school?"

"No no, it's from when I was very very small..."

"Eehh, a childhood friend..."

"Not exactly, since we didn't see each other for so many years already."

"Do you still like her?"

"Aaaaaahhhhh, this rice is so delicious!"

I decided to ignore her, and hastily proceeded to extinguish the dishes in front of me.

After the awkwardish dinner, I took my clothes and went to the bathroom to prepare to shower. Shou-sensei gave me a rather not bad feeling, at least she didn't seemed like the sort that would want to harm me, she's able to make such an outstanding dinner and also able to maintain the house cleanliness, maybe, she's a person whom I could really trust.

After I've finished my bath, I'll change my addressing of her.

But when I had finished my shower, I noticed something unnatural.

All my old clothes were gone; and all the laundry that were originally inside the washing machine was being taken out by someone, with regards to who doing that it's a no brainer.

"Shou-sensei? Have you seen where my old clothes had went to?"

Although I knew, I still chose to ask awhile.

"If it's about the clothes, I've helped you to wash them already~"

Sitting on the sofa while watching the television, Sensei pointed her finger towards outside; and my clothes are expectedly hanging neatly on the clothesline, even my undergarments too.

Crap...... it feels rather embarassing.

"Well then~ onee-chan shall go and take a bath!" Sensei stood up and stretched her arms lazily, as she said while taking her clothes and headed towards the bathroom.

"Ah, onee-chan, the bathtub had a little bit of an issue, I'm thinking perhaps it's due to a blockage of the pipes that caused the water drainage to be a little slow, so after you've showered you might want to firs......"

"What did you just called me!?"

Uwa, she suddenly grabbed my shoulders, with both of her eyes fiercely glaring onto me, not caring about her clothes that had dropped onto the ground.

"Onee....chan, it , it hurts!"

What an extremely strong grip!

"Sorry, sorry! I accidentally got too excited, I didn't expect Chen-chan to finally call me onee-chan!"

Didn't i had just met up with you for less than a day, what do you even meant by finally and so on........... also, what's with the Chen-chan

"Well then onee-chan is going to go take a shower first, tomorrow afternoon is your class open lecture on politics, if you didn't sleep early tonight you'll be in trouble for tomorrow~"

"Don't tell me it's onee-chan who will be teaching?"


Ehh....... what is up with all of this coincidence.

Forget it, I don't wanna care anymore, I'm feeling a little sleepy after I'd showered anyway, so let's just sleep early tonight.

"Onee-chan~ heehee~" While in the bathtub full of soap bubbles, Shou Yuqian was smiling blushingly, as she dived her head inside the water of the bathtub; she ferociously drank a mouthful of water, before spitting it out like a little kid.

"Chen-chan's scent~~~"

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That's right, what's she bathing in right now is the remains of the bathwater that Bo Yuchen was using earlier, which had been slowly draining due to the pipe blockage.

Sooo happy~~~~

Face reddened with blush, she laid down in the bathtub, while her hands kept playing around with a towel that had been molded into a ball-like shape, occasionally rubbing the towel onto herself as she placed it on her nose and deeply sniffing it's scent.

Just like that, after 20 minutes later, she stood up placidly from the bathtub, and looked at the clock outside.


"The drug should have worked by now."

She gently sneaked into Bo Yuchen's room while still being in the nude, and crept onto his bed.

"So unfair, even though I've purposely worn the same outfit from that time to see you again, yet you still didn't recognize me, had you forgotten about it? Or does it mean that you didn't even place me in your eyes even from that time."

Qian's hands slowly stroked Yuchen's sopor face, while occasionally poking his cheeks.

"Don't worry, Chen-chan. From today onwards I'll always be by your side protecting you, and I'll help to fulfill all of your wishes, no matter how impossible they are....... so, you must always~~ never leave onee-chan all right? But since there's me around, you won't need a girlfriend any more~ or family and friends too~~ "

She smiled laviciously, afterwards which she proceeded to slowly unbutton Yuchen's pajamas.

"My first~~"

While she was in the midst of humming some unknownst melody, Yuchen's mobile phone suddenly rang.


Qian unhesitantly hung up the call, as she casually plucked out the SIM card afterwards.

"Almost forgot to make a copy of his incoming phone's calls and messages~"

With nimble hands, she flipped open the phone and placed back the SIM card, before putting by the pillow beside Yuchen.


Suddenly, a scar on Yuchen's left waist caught her attention.

"What's this?"

Qian used her hands to feel it for awhile, and instantaneously, her heart felt like it was being pierced to pierces, followed by billowing rage; she really wanted to wake Yuchen up right now to question him about the scar's origin, but she knew at the same time, that her relationship with him isn't that familiar till she could blatantly ask about that sort of thing, which only would make Yuchen unhappy with her.

As of now, she could only feebly stretch out her tiny tongue, and lick Yuchen's wound.

"Today........will be just this....."

-ch 2 end-

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Ototo-kun = Little brother

Onee-chan = Elder sister

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