Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere Chapter 5

Chronicles of an Extreme Yandere Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 - Trap

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My head.......hurts......

It feels like something was covering both of my eyes.

I tried to move my hand and feet, but surprisingly, it felt that there was something holding down onto my ankles and wrists, making me unabling to completely move at all.

Strange...... what exactly happened.......

As time gradually passed, the memories that I've hidden in the darkness within myself started to slowly recover. Although at first my mental condition was still rather muddled compared to the start, but as time passed, when my consciousness became more and more clear, my fear also began to expand bigger and bigger.

That's right, I've finally realized that I was being held captive by what type of person in the first place.

How can it be like this!

No matter how hard I struggled, the restraining devices on my wrists refused to budge a single inch, and it seemed like as if the other party; for sake of restricting me from moving around violently, added a plastic sleeve onto my neck, and although it wasn't very tight, it did prevent my body from leaning forward.

(TL: to describe what a plastic sleeve would look like, imagine a person who injured his neck. he would then need to wrap his neck up in a some sort of bandage that would hold up his head, right? that is what the author is saying.)

No, I must not panic.

After I've completely calmed down, the memories of what happened before I fainted seemed to appear before me.

I started to remember; that fella Guan Guo asked me to go explore, and after that I went to nee-chan's room, and after that..... just fainted?

An obscure mysterious fragrance slowly wafted into my nostrils, I felt that this smell was rather familiar, wasn't it the fragrance I smelt earlier while standing in front of nee-chan's room?

Suddenly sounds of footsteps drifted into my ears, was it the person who had kidnapped me?
"You........are......." Just when I wanted to voice out something, I realized that my throat was like being held up by something, resulting me in being unable to speak.
"Xiao-Chen, you have awoken!"

This voice is.......... nee-chan!

My blindfold was quickly being torn off, and what appeared in front of me is indeed nee-chan.


"Mm mm!" She happily nodded her head, and took a strangely shaped object from the small trolley beside her.

Ehh.......What is going on around here......

"Don't anyhow move aroound Xiao-Chen~~ very quicklyy~ very quicklyyy you won't feel any pain~~"
Nee-chan approached me with a mixture of happiness and mysterious-like expression on her face.

What is she going to do?

To see her sitting onto both of my legs, and after that she stuck out her tongue and started to lick around onto my neck.

"N, Nee-chan?

Nee-chan slowly raised her right hand, and this time, I finally saw what she was holding in her hand.

It's a syringe with some sort of yellowish liquid mixed inside it.

Instantaneously, all the hairs on my entire body stood up.


As if to prevent me from speaking, Nee-chan suddenly used her cherry colored lips to plug up my mouth.

"All~ right~~, Xiao-Chen is such a goooood boy~~"

After coming back to my senses, I noticed that the syringe had already been emptied, because the yellowish liquid had already been injected into my body.

This person.......... is she really my nee-chan......

"Here, let me help you to take these off, alright~?"

The plastic sleeve restraints which bound my entire body had been removed, but that doesn't mean that I'm free to move around. From I'm experiencing right now with my paralytic hands and feet, the injection that was in my body was definitely not limited to just that one earlier.

"Today is Xiao-Chen's birthday, right? So I've prepared an unexpectedly big present for you~!"

She placed an extremely exquisitely wrapped gift box into my hands, and looked at me eagerly.

"Open it up and have a look!"

My brain at this point is currently unable to react to my will; it seemed like my nervous system was being controlled by something else, causing it to issue commands towards my paralytic hands.

Slowly, my hands moving extremely gently, began to unwrap the gift box.

And what appeared in front of me, is a collar which had wordings engraved on it.

'My beloved Xiao-Chen'

That night, I gave off a asthmatic, dying howl.

It's been a week.

Under these kind of conditions which was good as being dead, I had managed to survive for an entire week!

I can't believe it at all, that bastard for the sake of maintaining me in this kind of alive-yet-dead status, would actually place an injection with that yellowish liquid substance into my body every day, and what's more frightening is, she's still able to control the amount of it, to allow me to just barely maintain my consciousness to stay awake.

"Ahh~ today's Xiao-Chen is soooooo handsome!!!" Almost everyday for every morning, before going for work and before and after she slept, she would always use all sorts of reasons, to try and forcibly have intercourse with me.

It doesn't matter whether if my expression was full of rage or drowned with hopelessness.

As long as this collar-ish object on my neck that is actually a micro-injection sort of device remains, I will never ever have a chance to retaliate back.

And the longer I stayed, the more Shou Yiqian's problematic issues terrified me.

Sometimes, she would just stare at me while chuckling to herself happily for as long as an entire day, sometimes she would use those old generation type of cameras and go on a photographing frenzy on me, taking humiliating photos of me and plastering them across the entire room's walls.

Many times, I tried to bite my tongue to commit suicide, but under the effects of that unknownst drug I can't even have the energy to open my mouth.

Jump down from the balcony's railing?

Impossible, because the moment she leaves the room she would cuff my left hands with the wooden pillars of the bedside, effectively preventing me from moving away not even half a step away from that gigantic bed.

But I knew that I must never give up thinking of a means to escape, because giving up on thinking would mean I gave up on hope of living.

"Xiao-Chen, do you know that today, in your class there's an extreemely beautiful girl who transferred in, and the moment she came into the classroom she stole away all the attention of sensei onto herself, humph! It pisses me off!"

While grumbling unhappily, she stuffed some liquidish-food into my mouth.

"But luckily it's still all right~ because Xiao-Chen is not in the classroom right now, if Xiao-Chen's gaze were taken away by that person then nee-chan will be so sad that she would die, ahh, it leaked out again!"

She stretched out her tongue and licked off the liquid that were leaking out from my mouth and continued her nonsensical story.

"But then that girl is soo strange, after lesson have ended she immediately ran towards your seat and fell into a trance, then afterwards she kept asking about you from the students around her, it can't be that she knew you?"


"Ai~ya~ I forgot that Xiao-Chen is unable to talk~"

She cutely knocked the side of her head, before placing down the bowl of food, and returned to her own room to take out another fresh new syringe.

After the long period of injections I've experienced, I felt that I've been numb to all of this already.

"After injecting this you'll be able to speak tomorrow, but this time you must be a good boy~ if you're like last time again then nee-chan will be sad, all right~?"

I nodded my head.

"Good boy~"

She lifted me up, and then proceeded to lock me inside her room.

"Nee-chan will be going out to give revision lessons for some problematic students, Xiao-Chen you must behave and stay here, all right~?"

After a while, the sound of metal doors closing came from outside, and at this moment, the house had me alone in it again.

Quickly, I seized the opportunity and spat out the toothpick I hid inside my mouth, before using my trembling hands to place it inside the hole of the handcuffs, attempting to unlock it.

Damn it...... the inner of my mouth hurts........

But I dared not take my time, for it's possible that that evil demon may return anytime soon.


I actually did it!

I became overjoyed, as i didn't expect my efforts that I've stealthily practiced for an entire week had finally been acknowledged by heaven.

Taking a step at a time, I slowly crawled forward; every inch I moved forward my heart skipped an ecstatic beat wildly, and when I've finally reached near the entrance of the huge door I practically can't hold my overjoyed spirits, and finally had an expression of smile on my face for the first time in an entire week.

I placed my hands onto the doorknob, and easily opened the door, followed similarly by easily opening the anti-burglar door as well, I didn't think that she would actually be so forgetful to lock the doors today!

It's really heaven on my side this time!

Slowly, a step at a time, I crawled towards my victory.

"A desperate escaping Xiao-Chen is also soooo cuute!"


Time seemed to have stopped.

I slowly turned my gaze to my right, and saw her with a playful grin on her face as she looked at me.

"But you can't do that~ the world outside is veeeery scary! If Xiao-Chen goes outside he'll deeeefinitely be dirtied!"

So she was waiting outside for me all along, huh.........

"And so, as long as Xiao-Chen just stay at my side, those trashlike stuffs won't be able to dirty Xiao-Chen any longer."

Once more, I was dragged by her back into the room, and had my entire body fully restrained into the chair.

"So as your repayment towards me, you should always listen to what I say~~ "


"Today, I actually wanted to see Xiao-Chen's expression of despair~ is it all right if you just showed a little of that to mee~?"


(TL: muffled)

"Ah~! You agreed to it, right! I loooove Xiao-Chen the most, so this time I'll slightly increase the amount of electricity then, all right.....Ahh! Camera~camera~!!"

And so just like that, every time I attempted to do an act of escaping, she would use this sort of way to torment me.

"I muuust record down eveeery single action of Xiao-Chen~"

And not too long later, I fainted under the high electrical voltage applied onto me.........

-ch 5 end-

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