Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai

By Choko Aozora,蒼空チョコ

Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai prologue

Jui-san no Oshigoto in Isekai prologue

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The Translator:

Yukkuri Oniisan


Well, there is an occupation that’s called “veterinarian”.

Mr. Veterinarian[1], Doctor Dolittle[2], My Dog Rosinante[3], and many other works depicted this occupation.

Because of the depiction in these manga, novel and film, almost nobody who didn’t know what a veterinarian is.

A doctor who deal with animals.

That was the notion that many people held.

However, it wasn’t the whole truth.

From about 1,000 people who passed the national examination, only 40-50% of veterinary student find employment in veterinary hospital, the remained work in places that didn’t depicted too much in the drama.

The places that might be familiar to other are zoo, aquarium, and similar places.

The places that others hardly knew are working in health and sanitation in agricultural cooperatives or health care center, airport quarantine, or researching in pharmaceutical company, and the other similar work.

A veterinarian is a hardly popular occupation, the situation between doctor who deal with animal and with people are also greatly different – but let’s just leave it at that.

Kazami Shingo who didn’t wear a suit and only casual clothes was such a veterinarian.

If he was described in one sentence then he was a conservative man who chooses safety above others.

If he was asked with a “Yes-No” question, he would become troubled in choosing the answer.

If he went to a cafeteria then he would choose the recommended daily special menu.

Only when he was asked what his interest is, then he would answer without any hesitation that he live for his hobbies.

Since he was small, he was influenced by the dream, roman and fantasy from animes, games, mangas and novels. Well, in the current times it wasn’t unusual for someone to be overwhelmed by the subculture.

I am the protagonist of my life, maybe because of this he chose veterinarian as his occupation to act a piece of the aforementioned dream and roman.

With low acceptance rate, to become a veterinarian could be said as hard as to be doctor. Veterinarian is nonetheless different from others, but amongst the universities, there only slight difference.

First of all, since the universities typically had the same low number of student, about 30 people, in the class and they held the same motive then they could easily became intimate easily with each other.

It was natural that amongst the freshmen there were people who pass on their first try in the university test exam and there were people who passed in their second test. But there were also people who in the thirties and forties that had graduate from the other post-secondary education institution or is working; and there even people who was in their sixth year.[4]

Well, it could be said that veterinary university had a peculiar trait that because of the frequent gathering, the students get well along with the seniors and knew all the professors.

Because of that, the sense of solidarity amongst the veterinarian was very strong, even in the university the students already joined with Japan Association of Veterinary Students / JAVS. It didn’t only became the network of national veterinary university but also mediate the student exchange with overseas veterinary university and providing lecture from field working veterinarian, without being independent from any university.

After two years of reluctantly learning mathematics, social studies, history or English lessons, the students finally buried in technical lessons and practices to prepare them as a veterinarian.

These characteristics, combined with freedom in university, the students could spend their time in the university meaningfully if they have eagerness to actually do it.

Kazami felt regret leaving such university, he was a type of person who will ask for study extension moratorium so he could stay a little bit longer on the university.

He teach in the university if there was a class, if not then he would research in the university affiliated laboratory. If he had time then he would do veterinarian work that his university introduced for him to earn some income. Such was his daily life.

What was called laboratory was a place where experiment or routine work was conducted under a professor that studied a subject of their expertise.

It was divided into three major divisions. Basic Life Science division, Infectious Disease division and Clinical Science Division.

Basic Life Science division researches basic biology subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, or Toxicology, or studying the effect of drug or poison that was given to a living organism. It was a place to learn the basic structure of an animal, they also carrying out regenerative medicine research like iPS[5] cell development/

Infectious Disease division researches things like Microbiology, Parasitology, Epidemiology, or Sanitation; in other words researching microbes that can cause sickness. They have no problem researching in laboratory with bio-safety, food poisoning, or building sanitation.

Clinical Science division researches surgery, internal medicine, or radiology. Basically they researching what an animal hospital usually do. The research mainly concerned about the treatment of an animl that someone brought to the hospital.

Among those research divisions, Kazami belong to Pathology laboratory tthat belong to Basic Life Science division.

In that place, his routine work was to investigate the cause of farm animal or zoo animal’s death due to illness or congenital syndrome, or to give a pathology opinion of a tissue sample sent from an animal hospital.

Kazami-kun, I’m sorry but could you do an autopsy of today of the pneumonic cow that the farmer brought today? My hand is full to give lecture to the university studnt.(Professor)

Yes, it’s fine. As usual, I will collect the report and also took several photos in the middle of autopsy, right?(Kazami)

Sorry for troubling you. I’ll leave it to you.(Professor)

While reading the thesis paper of a virus research, the old professor said these words to him. Yes, he lightly nodded.

While working in the laboratory it was normal for a professor to ask a undergraduate student or postgraduate student to finish his work.

The professor would ask the student to help in his work or research and the student would receive advice about their thesis from the professor. It was a give and take relationship.

Then when will they come?(Kazami)

I think they will come soon – oh, here they are.(Professor)

While they were talking, a humming truck engine could be heard from the outside.

The professor put his hand on Kazami’s shoulder and then looked at the time, Oh no, ‘m late, I’m late. Leaving these words behind, he quickly left the room.

Well now, let’s do this!

It would be a bit difficult to do this alone, but there was no other choice.

Putting the overalls, Kazami hurriedly changed his clothes and head towards the client that couldn’t be made to wait for long.

From ancient times, it was believed that blood possessed a power.

Furthermore if there were abnormality in the blood then people would fall sick, lost enough of it then it would be fatal, and it was said that drinking animal blood could increase someone vitality. Thus it appeared likely that there was something in the blood.

This was the truth. Blood could increase the power of a Commandment.

It was said that by gathering hundreds, no thousands of blood to use in a Commandment, it could even create a miracle or calamity.

In the past there were 4 Miracles such like that.

What was called “Miracle” was summoning a person from another world.

The First was unexpectedly summoned in a battlefield washed in blood, even when the First was lost for words, the First helped the wounded people in the battlefield, and thus afterwards the First guided the people and calmed the flame of conflicts.

Many people were saved by the Foreign knowledge on every Miracle.

The form of knowledge that was conveyed, weapons, tactics, culture, technology, culinary; there were many forms, but each Miracle had similar merit. It was said that the Foreign was hundreds years more advance than here, or maybe perhaps it was a world that was unfathomable for people.

The people who were called from another world like this ―― the Visitor, was respected as the Eminence and extolled by the people more than a hero or a great person.

The monsters ran rampant, while the countries contesting with each other desiring more territory.

In this world, as prosperity and decline went side by side, history kept repeating.

And thus, it had been a long time since the Fourth Visitor was summoned. A certain Feudal Lord appear and perform this Miracle for himself.

Officially it was to resolve an epidemic disease and famine from a long drought.

For this reason, he culled 500 people from his territory as “capital funds”. By using the victims to summons the Eminence, using his knowledge to push back the foreign invader and to bring prosperity to the territory ――.

Of course this was only the ostensible reason, he was only performed this for his own profit. If he didn’t do this then he was in the danger of losing his position as a feudal lord as a responsibility for the various mismanagement he had performed until now.

However, if he kept as it is then he would surely head to ruin.

It was sarcasm to say that he felt a least sorry for the peasants who become the victim from his selfishness.

Sacrifice some to save many.

Such words were something happened at every time, everywhere, and everyone.

Even under the brightly lighted stage there always a shadow.

The preparation for the Miracle was no different than a scene of slaughter.

The job was only to perform cutting up one after another of the meat sacks filled with blood ―― humans.

The place was a shrine grove with an old history.

It was wrapped by a pure white veil of morning fog, whereunder there was red stains that kept on gradually increased all over the place.

The calm scent of the forest, now was blended by the blood stink.

There were three types of people in the forest.

The people who was kneeling and trembling while waiting the blade swung at them, and the people who swung the blade. Then while being a minority, were the people who were just spectating.

Mixed amongst the people with a gag on their mouth and hand tied by a rope were elderly, men with grim expression as if had committed a crime, girls from village somewhere, also very young children.

The cloak wearing knights uninterestedly slit their neck.

They were only seized the hair, exposed the neck and while the person was screaming their death wail in tears, they cut it. Afterwards, with a thud, the body fell to the ground.

It continued on and on, on and on ――.

They already cut down so many people that in just several dozen they would soon reach 500. Normally, people with a conscience would certainly fell disgusted in their heart by this spectacle, however there was none in this place.

Geez, it still not finished yet. I don’t find killing like this interesting at all. Since I will report to the Feudal Lord while watching for abnormalities in the surrounding; leave the killings for the fellows with murdering tendency. The guys who hesitate can stop. Since they would only kill half-heartedly and will needlessly suffer for it. Call me if you short of hand. Understand, Guren?(Captain)

Understood, Captain-dono(Subordinate Guren)

The demi-human captain who seen that spectacle with uninterested eyes entrusted the place to his aide

On a place not far from this murder site was the aforementioned Feudal Lord ―― the knight’s owner, the real performer of this killings.

His mouth was warped with smile that came from his fat stomach. He might be built up expectations imagining the future that the scene in front of him was misted over.

The knight kneeled in front of such Feudal Lord, and reported the situation with cold expression.

Umm, Lille-sama. Is this…… Really the correct conduct……?(Girl in Priestess Garb)

What do you think?(Lille, Woman in Priestess Garb)

I don’t understand…… When I see this scene, I become not understand.(Girl)

As it was blanketed by the white fog, as far as eyes could see there was nothing strangeness could be seen.

However, if someone put their nose on it, they would certainly notice it.

The raw stench from spilled contents of a living being began to envelop the forest.

The girl in priestess garb made a grimace.

The stench didn’t cling on her cloth, but on her heart.

Hmm. Then just for an example, there was a long draught happened and brought a famine where at least 1000 people will die. But if we killed 500 people at the beginning then on the next harvest festival there won’t be anyone died from starvation then wouldn’t that be a correct conduct?(Lille)

…… Although it would be cruel, but I think that in a hindsight it can be said that it was good that it could be saved just with 500 people…(Girl)

That is the correct answer from the viewpoint of numbers. It is doesn’t suit the moral but it was for to protect the preservation of the seed that is called humankind. Well, if looking on the long term, it is something that people do due to the circumstances, so I think there is no good or bad in it.(Lille)

The woman in the priestess garb perceivably stared at the interior of the fog.

If she concentrated her eyes, red stains could be seen from her place. Nearby, an elderly woman in tears was about to be cut down.

The girl tried to avert her eyes from this sight but the woman grabbed her head and Don’t avert your eyes pevent her from doing so.

With a moan, another meat sack had been cleaved open and fell down.

They are the property of another person, we shouldn’t spoke out against whatever kind of treatment they received. Since the owner is free to do what he like with them. Furthermore the Hadria Church had decided to not object on this act. Even if they didn’t participate in the implementation, they gave their tacit approval. Because you have a duty to attend on that decision then you mustn’t avert your eyes from reality.(Lille)


The reality is something like this. With this, a lot of people could be saved and the people in the conference room gave their applause for it. Nothing can be changed without a battle. Every Saints made up their Peace atop sacrifices like this. We only accidentally see this in front of our eyes. If you avert your eyes then you will become a hypocrite.(Lille)

The girl dropped her shoulder, so the woman put her hand on the girl’s shoulder and gave her a speech.

Although the girl feel sad by this, but this also a piece of this world, so the woman admonished her.

However this was just my thought. This might be how the decision of the Feudal Lord to try dealing with the prospect of his territory fell into ruin from infringed by another country. Well, perhaps this is just an optimistic thinking. It was the fault of the feudal lord to cling on a dream tale.(Lille)

The woman couldn’t even made a wry smile and just let out a sigh.

Certainly, even if many were died, if by a small sacrifice then a large number of people could be saved then this might be said as a correct decision.

To prevent an epidemic from spreading, a whole village could be burned, the citizen culled out, or if it was a large outbreak, then a whole region could be forcefully quarantined.  These harsh decisions had been taken by government since the ancient days.

The people that said that these were bad should think that they were also the same people saved by it.

However, the girl shook her head.

She didn’t agree to it, so the girl started to speak.

It isn’t a dream tale……(Girl)


A dream tale that could end is useless. This sentence that glorifying the result had no meaning so that a life only exists to be killed, cannot be a truth! Then to make this all of this can be said as a right conduct, then I will try to change it out! It is my duty to become the escort who will show the Eminence such kind of right way.(Girl)

If there is no sacrifice, then he couldn’t appeared in the first place, right?(Lille)

The one who will judge if it right or wrong will not be me. I will done my best to perform it, if it was wrong then I will be the first to receive the punishment.(Girl)

I see. Then that will be arduous.(Lille)

The girl, who the woman thought to be crushed by reality and become depressed, was instead brushed this aside and made a resolution.

The woman was surprised for a moment, but then she then found the girl’s extremely straightforward intention interesting and made a pleasantly laugh.

Isn’t this nice? I think a person who dares to do something without hesitation despite being inexperienced and immature is precious. You are a good girl, a bit too straightforward though. Put efforts on doing things you think is correct to you. I will give a push from behind. So, what kind of Eminence do you wish for? This territory who will certainly bankrupt sooner or later. The world which war between countries never died. What kind of Hero do you wish for?(Lille)

It will be wonderful if it is a person who can save everyone. Where anyone wouldn’t get killed, get starved, get sick, and fight with each other. Completely saving everyone, making the dream tale into a reality, it will be great if this happened.(Girl)

Pffhahaha! That is really an excessive wish. Hmm, then I don’t know if there is anyone like that but let’s try to choose someone like that.(Lille)

The woman burst into laughed at the honor student’s idealistic opinion that she found amusing.

But the girl was deadly serious. She was deeply eager in working to make it become a reality.

While these two priestesses were conversing like this, the Feudal Lord and the demi-human knight arrived.

They reported that preparation for the ritual catalyst had finished without problem.


Thank you very much.(Kazami)

Kazami who had received the sick animal saw the truck off.

Beside Kazami was a calf that was only as high as Kazami’s waist. *coff*coff* It had a muffled cough. It could be called the hallmark symptoms of pneumonia.

If it couldn’t be cured with antibiotic and before it spread to other cow, it would be deemed as useless and like this it would be handed over to the university, killed and become another industrial waste, or rendered into fodder or fertilizer powder[6] by recycling parts of its bone and fat.

Furthermore the other animal that failed to breed, or suffered from bone fracture with no hope of getting better, before they piled up the fodder cost, they would then deemed as useless refuse.

This was a sad story, but it was the heartless reality of animal husbandry and trade of this area.

Sorry. I’ll make it as painless as possible.(Kazami)

While cuddling and petting the calf’s head, it might had been become hungry as it sucked his finger. It seemed that it hadn’t reached the weaning age.

He extracted his finger and put the edge of his overalls to its mouth for to suck.

It was quite accustomed to people. Maybe the farmer had raised it affectionately.

There, there. Then I think I will make a milk.(Kazami)

He pulled the rope tied to the halter and entered the autopsy room.

The room had a sloped water resistant floor like a bathroom. In the middle was a lattice covered ditch like a street gutter.

Kazami tied the rope on a nearby autopsy table and putting formula milk powder in the two liters baby bottle. For a cow, this size was normal.

After dissolving the milk powder with warm water, it brought closer to the cow and it extended its tongue towards the bottle. It seemed that it was really hungry.

Hey, no need to rush.(Kazami)

After he giving the milk, it decreased in a blink of an eye.

It pressed and pushed its face up as two liters flowed and disappeared.


Though it ruined the mood, he mustn’t hesitate. This the most heartrending time.

While the cow seems to be satisfied and became docile, Kazami prepared two vials of medicine and two syringes.

He quickly inserted the syringes into the vials and then nimbly took them out.

Because he had seen this numerously, without becoming attachment to it, he acted quickly.

After administered with tranquilizer that was called Xylazine[7] in the jugular vein, in less than ten second the cow became unsteady and then fell down. Then while it fell down and powerless, he administrated anesthetic[8] and its consciousness steadily clouded.

Then he tied its feet with rope, inserted electrode to its mouth and anus and then gave it an electric shock to cause a cardiac arrest. After he confirmed that it had negative pupillary reflect and had died, he slit its throat and drain out the blood.

To put it simply, he paralyzed its muscle, gave anesthesia to stop the pain and make it lost consciousness, then he killed it. It was a merciless killing but it was one with humane method.

……… I think there are no senseless victim. Since they had been born with a life, it will be good if it at least every child could have more fun experience.(Kazami)

Beside the mute corpse, while staring at the empty space, Kazami petted the cow.

One of the key research project for a veterinarian is to find better treatment method or develop method to diagnose the disease in early stage so it could decrease the number of sick animal such like this.

Even by comparing the number there absolutely a progress compared with the past. Compared to ten years, no twenty years ago, the difference is evident.

While Kazami was closing his eyes for ten seconds and pray for it to be able find happiness in the next life ---- At that moment…

------found him ------


Suddenly he felt that he had heard a girl’s voice.
However in the autopsy room there was no one else. He look around for a chance that a student visited to search for something, however as expected, there was no one else in the room.

Am I just hearing things?(Kazami)

He never felt an auditory hallucination this real, however believing that it has no use thinking about t any further, Kazami took the dissecting knife from the shelves. Pulling himself together, he began the pathology autopsy.

While keep an eye for swollen lymph or other abnormality he cut a hole from the top of the rib to the abdominal cavity. While holding the still warm stomach he cut open the costal cartilage tubercle where the cartilage originated in the middle of the rib cage until the clavicle. Even if the bones didn’t get cut, by severing the cartilage that connected the bone, a creature could be disconnected with just one knife.[9]

Then he exposed the whole viscera from the lung until the intestines, then he record the abnormalities that he found with camera and written memo.

After that finished he put the pathological parts into the zip pack filled with formalin and his task was completed.

Kazami, who was washing the blood clinging in his hand, he look around restively at the surrounding shelves.

Let see. The containers and the vinyl bags are…(Kazami)

Then he would hand over the autopsy specimen to a merchant, although it should be burned or recycled by rendering it, since either process took tremendous labor, they called the merchant many times.

For the purpose of examination, Kazami cut about 10 kilograms of here and there. Afterwards he put those lumps into the vinyl bag, which then deposited into the container, before storing it in the giant freezer.

Kazami who had finished with the task returned the laboratory and began to examine the tissue slices from the specimen collected with the same procedure he just conducted.

From low magnification to high magnification.[10]

He was just looking for the states of the cells to the signs of the pathogens ------ at that time, with a jolt suddenly the electricity to the microscope was interrupted.

Hm? What happened?(Kazami)

This microscope was just bought recently that’s why for it to be broken was weird.

When he took his eyes off from the microscope lens, he immediately noticed the unusual phenomena.

The electric light that should have switched on had gone. Not only was that, but the outside that should have been still bright in this time of year was dark.


Kazami who started doubting his own eyes, checked his wristwatch.

It was just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon. This season was still warm enough to be not called as autumn, so it surey won’t be dark at this hour. While thinking how strange this is, he approached the window to check at the outside condition.

It was pitch dark ----- Nay. It was pitch black.

The scenery, that he usually seen from the window was covered by the blackness that didn’t shine even one bit, he couldn’t even see any shape or form in it.

From the nearby place to the faraway place had completely vanished, the ground was opened like the mouth of hell.

Wha-What the…(Kazami)

At the same time he took step a back from the window, there were sounds of falling rain.

It was “blood” dripping from the window. It came down dripping like raindrops.[11]

Even if he blinked many times to fix his mistaken sight, it was red. It wasn’t rain water.

He had seen many kinds of animal bloods until now. So he wouldn’t mistake this red thing with other thing. Since wasn’t he just seeing blood just now?

Moreover this blood, it would slowed down after a while just like a bleeding.

The deep crimson red color, the trait where the color turned irregular when slipping off, and the gel of blood that slid down the glass like a half congealed jelly. He had seen them all.

Since after the blood had left the body it would solidify, for this reason so that the central gutter at slaughterhouse or autopsy room wouldn’t get blocked by the congealed blood, there always water flowing in it when at work.

Kazami’s start pinched his face as he was wondering if this really a daydream. It was really painful, however the scene in front of his eyes didn’t change at all.

As expected, something is wrong.

Although an idea to open the window and check outside crossed his mind for a moment, he didn’t lay his hand on the window. Sorry but he didn’t want to touch that blood.

That’s right, what about the other people?(Kazami)

For the time being, it was better to link up with other people inside the college building. Thinking this Kazami opened the door.

Fortunately, this room was located inside school building. He should head towards the professor’s room or class room that wouldn’t be exposed to the blood in the outside.

It was what he thought but…


The moment he rushed out from the room, the endless darkness continued until the ground just in front of his steps.

Kazami already missed a footing and took a step forward, but too late he began to fall towards the open hell. He stretched out his arms and grabbed the doorknob.

This was really miraculous. His stretched out arms by coincidence touched the doorknob. This was fortunate, otherwise he was going headlong to the open hell.

No way, this is a lie right……!?(Kazami)

Supporting his weight using the doorknob, Kazami who was hanging in the air became pale.

The foot was instability shaking, only carving the empty sky. His lower body had pierce through the original flor level but he didn’t feel anything below.

The door metal hinge began to scream unpleasantly, his fingers start to slip from the doorknob. His shoulders that were overworked started to throb in pain; Kazami desperately put his whole power to the fingers.

Whenever he saw, everything was solid black.

He didn’t understand what was going on, but it seemed that this laboratory was the only room that was safe.

After he had some grasp of the situation, Kazam grasped the doorknob with both of his hand and try to return to the room somehow.

However the “start” didn’t wait even a bit for Kazami, and it immediate intensified.


Suddenly, there was crack going along the laboratory outer wall.

Wai-, eh? No way, it will……!?(Kazami)

Furthermore, the crack didn’t only travel in the wall but also in the space, and start to spreading out. It was as if a crack on a LCD monitor.

And then the crack travel as if disregarding space where people exist. It even pierce through Kazami who couldn’t give any resistance, it keep spreading.

However the broken body didn’t hurt or bleed even a bit.

Because of by a threatening phenomenon he didn’t understand and the sounds of the crack spreading out, as one would expect, Kazami’s heart began to thumping fast.

What is going on here!?(Kazami)

One by another the connection to the world broke down.

The words he spoke out that time, became his last word in his hometown.


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[1] An old manga. Doubutsu no Oishasan / 動物のお医者さん.

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Dolittle. But most people remembered this name from the Hollywood movie and not the original books.

[3] More completely: 愛犬ロシナンテの災難 Aiken Rosinante no Sainan, the tagline for 向井荒太の動物日記/ Mukai Arata no Doubutsu Nikki (Mukai Arata's Animal Diary: The Disaster of My Dog Rosinante) . A TV drama about a dog in an university . For those who don’t know, Rosinante (Rocinante) is the name of the dog (MC of the drama) that refers to Don Quixote horse name.

[4] In other words: The people who late to get graduate…..

[5] iPS: Induced pluripotent stem cell. iPSs are adult cells that have been genetically reprogrammed to an embryonic stem cell–like state by being forced to express genes and factors important for maintaining the defining properties of embryonic stem cells. It is researched for it regenerative medicine potential.

[6] Also known as meat and bone meal.

[7] Xylazine is an analogue of clonidine and an agonist at the α2 class of adrenergic receptor. It is used for sedation, anesthesia, muscle relaxation, and analgesia in animals such as horses, cattle and other non-human mammals. In other words, tranquilizer.

[8] Most likely, Kazami use Ketamine.

[9] This will be really hard to understand for people who didn’t familiar with general mammalian anatomy or never cut open a cow or pig.

[10] This is about the microscope lens… From low magnification (40x) to high magnification (1000x)

[11] Insert Silent Hill BGM here… Kazami just entered Nightmare World…