In the land of Rear Dale prologue

In the land of Rear Dale prologue

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「…Oh boy…」

Kagami Keina was trying to cool down her heated body limply by the window.

It's not like she stayed too long in the bath or something. Thinking long and hard, after careful consideration over her predicament, she came to the conclusion that it's something similar to a teething fever.

The scenery from her view was a clear blue sky, with some clouds floating around here and there. It was very good weather.

Looking a little down, she could see an endlessly stretching mountain range, at the base of the mountain was a vast forest.

Once her gaze moved further down, there were 10 or so wooden buildings lined up in a row.

Keina's livelihood in the 22nd century can be said to have been unimaginably tranquil, she wondered if it was right to call it that. Calling it deserted would be a little rude though. Thinking about her existence in the midst of this scene, she spilt out a dry laugh.

Focusing her concentration on recalling the events that led to this exhausting situation, it stretched back to this morning.

「Guest~ It's morning~」

To the sound of a childish and broken greeting, along with the sudden intruding bright light, the girl slightly opened her eyes. Absentmindedly looking overhead, what came into view was a grainy wooden ceiling.

Stealing a glance to the right, there was an opened shutter style rectangular window.

Turning to the left, holding up the large white bed sheet that was covering Keina until just now was an energetic girl giving her greetings 「Goood morning!」with a bright smile.


「Ehehe, oneechan, it's morning~!」

Answering with a yawn mixed in, the girl began to become more alert after receiving a reply with a radiant smile. Looking down on her upper body covered by the morning sun light, Reina sternly stopped moving. The girl standing next to the bed tilted her head in confusion at the sight.

「The morning sunlight…and a wooden room?」

Just yesterday, speaking of which, just a while ago even, she thought that she was supposed to have went to sleep in a white walled room, it was hospital room that she was sick of seeing all the time. Rather than that, even waking up by herself was supposed to be impossible, she was completely dumbfounded about being able to rise up and stretch.

Whether it was a few seconds or a few minutes, her shock lasted only a little while. Noticing she was staring right at the girl who came notify her that it was morning, she moved her prone body up.

「Are you okayy? Oneechan? 」

It was a sincere question. Keina pondered how to relieve the girl who had a glint of worry in her dark-colored eyes. Tossing aside her worries for now, she opened her item box.

From which she casually grabbed a candy - Effect: Restores a tiny amount of MP - in her palm and presented it to the girl in front of her.

In the past, when she was often crying as a child, the nurse in charge of her would often do the same thing. Keina handed over the candy with a smile.

「T-thank you. Oneechan! 」

「No problem, it's my pleasure」

Moving from the bed she gave the girl a light pat on her head, and in doing so, dyed her with bashful expression and a wide smile.

Placing the candy in her apron pocket that hung on top of her clothes that look similar to a smock, she neatly folded up the bed sheet and blanket that Keina was sleeping on and cheerfully left the room.

During which she had completely forgotten to tell Keina 「It's breakfast time so hurry up and come down okay?」

Pushing down the warm and gentle feeling of the scene she had she saw, Keina suddenly realized what she had just did.

(…I opened the item box…?)

When she thought about it, on the right side of her view, popped up a semi-transparent portrait-style window.

15 words appeared line up next to each other. Operating the scrollbar that was on the upper right corner of the window, a large amount of items ran from the top all the way to the bottom.

「No way…This is…」

She pinched her cheeks.

…Ouch. It's unmistakably real.

Preforming the classic reality check between dreaming or not, it was confirmed that this is the real world.

Thinking that it has to be a dream, next to the item window she opened up the Magic Skill screen. Once Keina saw that she could select the skill 【Nightmare Trance】, her face turned further pale.

This is just like the online game I was playing before, this world. It's just like Rear Dale isn't it?