The Wife is First

By Lu Ye Qian He,绿野千鹤

The Wife is First Chapter 3 part1

The Wife is First Chapter 3 part1

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Chapter 3: Well Matched (in Marriage)

Jing Shao listened to that person's breathing even out into long breaths, slowly he leaned over, and gently kissed his forehead. He wanted to hold him in his arms but was afraid of startling him awake, therefore he could only give up the idea. Lying in bed, he started to think about why he had suddenly been reborn back to the age of 19. At that time, he was undoubtedly holding Jun Qing in his embrace when he jumped off the cliff, afterwards, his vision had blacked out… He thought of it for a long time and couldn't think of a reason, instead he began to think about what had happened during those 13 years.

In the 12th winter of the Hong Zhen Era he drove out the Xiongnu and returned victorious, the emperor was delighted so despite the fact that his two older brothers had yet to be conferred a title, the emperor made an exception and tilted him as Cheng Wang. At the time, there were a lot of discussions in the country. Rumors had it that the emperor was interested in making him the crown prince. Unexpectedly, just after that year, Empress Wu stated that their ancestors had never installed a prince as crown prince before they married, so she quickly made a match for him, the second son of Bei Wei Hou.

Both Jing Shao and the second prince was born to Empress Yuan. They were absolutely legitimate heirs to the throne. Empress Wu wanted him to marry a male wife and ruin his future, naturally he would refuse. He immediately flipped the table and went to see his imperial father, accusing Empress Wu of having ulterior motives. The next day, during morning court, the Emperor decreed that he was to be married on the 8th day of the third lunar month. He was not given the slightest chance to resist.

Since then, Cheng Wang who was once an obedient son, became an arrogant, unloved, abandoned child.

In the darkness, he smiled and laughed mockingly. This "discarded son" would return to the chessboard with his own agenda. This time it is hard to say who would and who would lose.

The next day, although they can wait until after the morning assembly to pay their respects to the Emperor and Empress, there were still a series of etiquette to follow, they would not be able to sleep for much longer.

"Your highnesses, it is time to get up," a servant knocked on the door of the inner chamber.

"Wait outside," Mu Han Zhang who was asleep, immediately woke up and lightly pushed Jing Shao, "Your highness, wake up."

"Nnng," Jing Shao mumbled in a daze, opening his eyes moments later to see a familiar face, the same face he woke up to everyday while in prison, "what happened?"

"It's time to get up… I… would like to get down and wear pants first…" Mu Han Zhang licked his lips. Last night, this person forcefully demanded to apply medicine for him and then insisted on sleeping on the outside, therefore, he had been unable to get his pants.

"….." Jing Shao took a moment to react, realizing that this was not a big prison, it was his wedding chamber, "Oh, I have been inattentive." Responding to his newly wedded wife, who was asking for pants, Jing Shao immediately sat up and reached for the new pair of pants that was on the clothing rack, handing it over to him.

Mu Han Zhang took the pants but found that that person was still staring at him, he had no choice to put on his pants while still under the quilt.

There were no praises, as someone who had been at war throughout the year, it was difficult for him to express anything, Jing Shao could only awkwardly touch his nose.

"Congratulations to the prince and prince consort, we servants are blessed to greet you," at the forefront of the group of servants that was kneeling in greeting was a plump servant, Duo Fu, the head steward of Cheng wangfu, smiling towards Mu Han Zhang in salute. Mu Han Zhang received the greeting and gifted him with a small embroidered pouch, " Please get up, you've taken care of Jing Shao since his childhood, this is my consideration towards you."

Duo Fu got up with a smile, allowing the rest of the servants to give their greetings, he now had a clear understand of the backing of this new prince consort, who only had two servants behind him.

Mu Han Zhang was not as polite this time, he received the full greeting ceremony and then rewarded each servant one jin of silver.

In his heart, Jing Shao nodded in approval, Jun Qing was indeed a part of the Bei Wei Hou household, even if he was the son of a concubine, he was nevertheless capable, despite not being very talkative.

Mu Han Zhang's two servants also went to give their greetings to Jing Shao. Lan Xuan was stupidly dumbfounded and only managed to say, "this servant greets your highness" before stepping back. Lan Ting was timid, offering a "congratulations," with a bowed head and a slightly trembling body.

Looking at the dreamy appearance of these two servants, the heart would quietly be unsatisfied. They looked inexperienced and incapable of taking care of someone, this would be rather troublesome.

Mu Han Zhang looked indifferently towards his two servants, looking into his eyes, Jing Shao was not able to take a glimpse of that person's emotions. Before marriage, Madam Bei Wei Hou said that the servants around him were old and unfitting, so he was only allowed to bring these two small servants.

Jing Shao knit his brows into a frown, looking at what the two servants wore, it was very likely that that had only been serving at Mu Han Zhang's side for less than a year, "Duo Fu, arrange for some capable servants to serve at the prince consort's side, and also arrange for an imperial guard to accompany him.

"It was this servant who was negligent, I will handle it today." Duo Fu apologized, thinking inwardly, because wang fei was a man, he was indeed allowed to have servants and imperial guards at his side, it was only that most husbands would overlook such matters. His highness being this attentive showed  that he genuinely cared for and kept the prince consort in his heart.

Mu Han Zhang heard this remark and his calm expression relaxed slightly, getting up to solute, "thank you, your highness." Assigning him servants and imperial guards meant that his highness was allowing him to go outside. It was a really thoughtful gift.

Jing Shao saw the surprise in his eyes, and only felt pain in his heart. He reached out and helped him up, "this is what I should do, there is no need to thank me."

[Translator Notes]

  • I've recently decided to stay with chinese pin yin for titles such as Cheng Wang and Bei Wei Hou. But for Wang Fei and Wang Ye, I'm probably going to keep it as, your highnesses when they are both addresses together. I don't think the small switches will cause problems in figuring out who is who.
  • One jin of gold coins is equal to 10,000 bronze coins. I'm unsure if Jun Qing gave the servants one jin of gold or not but I think it's unlikely so I changed it to silver.

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