The Wife is First

By Lu Ye Qian He,绿野千鹤

The Wife is First Chapter 3 part2

The Wife is First Chapter 3 part2

Chapter 3 continued: Well Matched (in Marriage)

The day after the wedding, to greet the Emperor, the prince and princess consort are to wear court outfits. Jing Shao was now officially crowned as Cheng Wang and would naturally have a court outfit what was one grade higher than before. According to tradition, officials higher than rank three would wear the color purple, the emperor would wear a dark yellow, the crown prince would wear apricot, and other princes would wear a pale blue. Mu Han Zhang was conferred the titled of Tai Miao Qin Wang Fei, which meant that he was an official of the highest rank… Although that title was usually given to females, no matter what, he was a male, it would be too unsightly to have him dress in a female court outfit, so therefore he also wore a purple court outfit, the style similar to the robes of Jing Shao.

Mu Han Zhang was 20 years old this year and had already underwent the coming of age ceremony. Lan Ting quickly offered to help him fasten his zi jin crown in order to complete the court outfit. Although Jing Shao had yet to turn 20, he was after all, a prince, so he was allowed to wear a five clawed dragon crown. The zi jin crown was different from an ordinary crown, Lan Xuan who had never dealt with such a crown was unable to buckle it. Although she was anxious, she was not willing to ask for help, lest they say that she was uneducated and inexperienced, therefore losing the face of her young master.

Jing Shao glance at the little girl and stepped forward motioning her to give him the crown. He skillfully opened the zi jin buckle, "On the day after the wedding, it is proper to help your husband put on his crown." In previous dynasties, there was a tradition in which the husband would gift his bride a yellow robe in order to comfort her and ease her worries about returning home to visit her paternal family. Nowadays, to do so was uncommon. Jing Shao only said so to give himself reasons to assist him.

"Your highness ?" Mu Han Zhang, who was originally sitting, was now standing, "How does it look?" Jing Shao did not answer, only carefully buckling it on him and then smoothing down the two golden ribbons softly, onto his hair.

Two equally attractive people stood together, one, elegant and refined, and the other grave and stern, Xi couldn't help but praise, "Your highnesses standing together look perfectly well matched, like two pieces of jade."

She had already seen this morning's situation and realized that not only did his highness not hate the prince consort, but rather it seemed as if he liked him. Naturally, the clever Xi would not miss an opportunity to fond over his highness.

"Really?" Jing Shao, having heard what was said, held onto Mu Han Zhang's waist and pulled him to stand in front of a full length mirror. The person next to him was slender, and half a head shorter than him. Jing Shao was rather content, " Nn, truly well matched."

Mu Han Zhang looked at the image in the mirror in a daze, he found that the cut on his lower lip was already seven to eight parts healed. At one glance, one wouldn't be able to tell, unless one looked closely, one would only be able to see that was it of a pinkish color. Only when he heard the servants' giggles did Mu Han Zhang show a reaction, noticing that his highness was still holding on to his waist, he quickly moved, "hurry, we should not be late." Not waiting for him to reply, he walked out directly.

"Your highness, the prince consort is shy," realizing the rudeness of her young master, Lan Ting quickly whispered a reason to Jing Shao.

"Hn, why can't I see it?" Jing Shao said expressionlessly, looking at Jun Qing's reddish ears from afar, he thought inwardly that it looked like blossoming flowers.

"Sister Zhi Xi, is his highness angry?" Lan Xuan, who was frightened by his highness's cold tone of voice, asked anxiously.

Zhi Xi took a handkerchief and covered her lips, "His highness is constantly out fighting on the battlefield, he is really prestigious and dignified. Sooner or later you will understand."

Heading to the palace, the two of them had to sit in a red curtained, eight person sedan, with all the movement, the pain in Mu Han Zhang's lower back was really unbearable, he shifted uneasily.

"Is your waist uncomfortable? You can sit on me and I will give you a massage." Naturally, Jing Shao noticed his uneasy movements. He reached out and took him into his arms, putting his hand on the person's waist without waiting for the other's consent. The body in his arms stiffened before slowly relaxing, he couldn't help but hook his lips, "Later, no matter if the Empress praises you or rewards you, just accept it."

He remembered that year, the Empress rewarded Mu Han Zhang with very expensive and precious things, making him believe that Mu Han Zhang and the Empress were on good terms. Naturally, he would be even more disgusted and annoyed with him. Thinking about it now, he was really naive at that time, the Empress's reward was not unreasonable. No matter who it was, as long as the person he married was a man, the Empress would be joyful.

Mu Han Zhang looked up at him before nodding, "I understand." He has also heard about the royal affairs. As the son of Empress Yuan, it was normal that he did not get along with Empress Wu. Right now, was this person comforting him? Thinking about it, his heart was slightly moved. Other than that bad night, after sobering up, this person was genuinely gentle and kind.

"In private, don't address yourself like that. Hearing it is very strange." Jing Shao kneaded one side, thinking,  this narrow waist was not at all like that of a woman's, which seemed like it would snap with one pinch, rather, it was more like that of a leopard, lean and powerful.

The strength of the massage was perfect. Although he realized it was inappropriate, it was difficult to break away from, Mu Han Zhang was forced to feign ignorance while talking to him, "your highness should also be cautious when speaking to queen mother. It is enough to say a few words if you are interested in the topic."

"Jun Qing, are you concerned about me?" Jing Shao heard this and couldn't help but hook his lips, bowing his head to ask him.

Mu Han Zhang glared at him, "I am only advising you." In the past, he had heard rumors that Cheng Wang was extremely irritable and short tempered, but he had never expected him to be frivolous like this.

"Haha…" Jing Shao saw him like this and only felt that it was cute, he couldn't help but laugh.

The servants outside of the the sedan heard the laughter and gripped the handle harder. Dear heavens! Everyone in the capital knows that Cheng Wang married a prince consort, now he would be unable to inherit the kingdom, to still be able to laugh joyously like this, was he driven insane by the Empress?

Mu Han Zhang saw him still laughing and turned his head away to ignore him, but no matter which way he turn he would bump into Jing Shao's strong and warm chest. His face reddened in embarrassment, it looked as if he was throwing himself into his embrace ! Like this, he began to struggle to get up.

"Okay, be good. I won't laugh anymore." Jing Shao said, not letting him go, he whispered, " don't cause a ruckus or else the servants will find out. "

"You…" As expected, Mu Han Zhang really stopped moving about, only glaring at him angrily.

[ Author has Something to Say ]

Empress Yuan was the Emperor's first wife, and after she passed away he married another woman, who is the current Empress. In the Qing Dynasty, the eunuchs refer to themselves as "slaves". Ahhh yesterday I received a lot of comments, so happy, I will continue to work hard ~

[ Bitter Black Rabbit Time ]

  • I think it's rather adorable that Jing Shao is using every excuse he can think of to get close to wifey.
  • Jing Shao likes to tease Jun Qing and I love it.
  • Jun Qing is such a soft bunny.

[Translator Notes]

  • Zi jin is a type of crown. I don't know how else to explain it.
  • To "lose face" is similar to losing one's prestige or honor. There's not really a good direct translation for it
  • For Xi, I cannot tell if her name is Miao Xi or Zhi Xi, as she is referred to as both. And Miao also means clever (?) but I'll probably be sticking to Zhi Xi.
  • An eight person sedan, is a sedan that's carried by eight people. Just to be clear.
  • "You can sit on me" is actually more so "You can touch/ use me" but of course that makes no sense.
  • To hook his lips as in to smile, or smirk.
  • "Later, no matter if the Empress praises you or rewards you, just accept it."  It's more like Jing Shao says "Don't hesitate to / feel free to accept it."
  • When Mu Han Zhang says "I understand" he uses the word "chen" which is how servants/ officials refer to themselves in the presence of royalty.
  • "It was normal that he did not get along with Empress Wu." It really says, "It's normal that he did not get along with the next Empress."
  • "His heart was slightly moved," was actually "His heart was slightly sweet." He thought Jing Shao was really sweet.
  • "In private, don't address yourself like that. Hearing it is very strange." Jing Shao means to say that he doesn't want  Jun Qing to refer to himself in a subservient manner, it makes them seem as if they're not close.
  • "It is enough to say a few words if you are interested in the topic." I'm not sure what the actual translation would be. Just know that Jun Qing is warning Jing Shao to be careful.

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