The Wife is First

By Lu Ye Qian He,绿野千鹤

The Wife is First Chapter 4 part2

The Wife is First Chapter 4 part2

Chapter 4: Entering the Imperial Palace (continued)

Jing Shao saw him faint, and in the blink of an eye, pulled that person into his embrace, quickly carrying him onto the sedan, "Chun Xi, go to the imperial physician courtyard and request Jiang Huan, Jiang taiyi to come to the wangfu. Raise the sedan and immediately set out for my palace."

"Yes !" the sedan bearers responded in unison, quickly lifting the sedan. Chun Xi hurriedly ran all the way to the imperial physician courtyard.

"Jun Qing, Jun Qing ? Where do you feel unwell, hm?" Jing Shao laid him backwards in his embrace, against his chest, and touched that person's forehead, "how did you develop a fever ?"

Mu Han Zhang merely kept silent. This person was hot and cold, very hard to figure out. Today in front of the Emperor, this person looked at him with regret, and repeatedly made him feel inferior. He was initially already in pain, his body unwell, and now he felt distressed in his heart and mind, it was difficult to bear. But he only felt disheartened, his consciousness was beginning to fade.

"Guan Shao'er seems to be unhappy with the marriage arrangement I planned for him." After the two people left, the Empress turned towards the Emperor and said, embarrassedly.

"He is still young, naturally he doesn't understand your troubles but this child's affections are genuine." Emperor Hong Zheng was very satisfied. Just now, in Jing Shao's reflection, he clearly saw and understood. Whether or not he accepted it, whether or not he liked it, his expressions were sincere. If he lost the right to succession and was still able to fake that grateful appearance, then he was truly too unfathomable.

Back at the prince's palace, Jing Shao held that person in his embrace and entered the main resident, "quickly fetch a cold towel."

After covering Mu Han Zhang with a good quilt, Zhi Xi handed Jing Shao a cold towel to put on that person's forehead.

"Jun Qing, how do you feel now?" Jing Shao looked at him in distress. In the last lifetime, Mu Han Zhang's health continuously worsened more and more. Ultimately, in the last few years he had to take medicine at every meal. In this lifetime, he would certainly be more attentive and keep him strong and healthy to the best of his ability.

"I am fine, don't you have to go visit the second prince? Don't delay." he persuaded, struggling to sit up, seeing this, Jing Shao pressed him down.

"My brother already sent someone to say that he will not blame me." Although he knew that he should go to his brother, etiquette was one thing, it was more important to not be misunderstood. Jing Shao felt that Jun Qing's health was very important, but he really should go to his brother's place to explain, later.

"Your highness, the imperial physician has arrived." Zhi Xi notified.

While Jiang taiyi was an imperial physician in the imperial physician courtyard, he was not the head physician. Even if his skills were rather good, he never expected for Cheng Wang to call him over to treat a patient, he had rather mixed feelings about it.

"This…" Jiang taiyi took Mu Han Zhang's pulse and looked at his complexion. Awkwardly, he turned to face Jing Shao.

Jing Shao understood and dismissed all servants to retreat. "Imperial physical may speak what is on your mind."

"Observing wangfei's pulse, his condition is presumably caused by pent up negative emotions and thoughts, which then became harmful to the body." Jiang taiyi glanced at Jing Shao. This type of fever was not a serious illness, but since Cheng Wang had called him over, there was definitely more to it, he could only go with the flow: "this old official will speak plainly, although wangfei is a male, concerning the deed between a married couple, compared to women, it is easier for men to sustain injuries. Your highness should be more careful."

Saying it so bluntly, Mu Han Zhang's entire face turned bright red. Jing Shao embarrassedly touched the tip of his own nose, "Yes, I was hasty and impulsive."

"Your highness, pardon the offence." Jiang taiyi was a bit apprehensive, unable to guess Cheng Wang's intentions.

"Haha, I am rather fond of Jiang taiyi's straightforwardness." After taking the prescription written by Jiang taiyi and handing it over to Meng Xi to decoct, Jing Shao took out a string of coral beads from his sleeve.

"Your highness, I cannot accept it." Jiang taiyi was immediately frightened, his whole body breaking out in cold sweat. He had always avoided attracting attention to himself, as he did not want to be dragged into the dispute between the royal heirs.

"This is not for you." Jing Shao saw that he was hesitant and couldn't help but say, "I heard that your son excels in martial arts. This year, he passed the military examinations, it is a congratulatory gift for him." It is said that red coral beads can help people avoid mortal danger, it was indeed a good item for martial artists to have. Furthermore, it was not good for Jiang taiyi to continuously decline his highness's good will towards his son, like this he set his mind at ease.

"If that is the case then this old minister thanks Cheng Wang for the reward on behalf of my son. Some other day, I will send him over to express his thanks." Jiang taiyi heard him, and accepted the red coral beads, then packed up, saluted, and took his leave.

Jing Shao ordered Duo Fu to see the imperial physician out, as he sat down at the bedside in order to change Mu Han Zhang's forehead towel.

"These things, just make the servants do it. Your highness should rest." Mu Han Zhang said in a lukewarm manner. Currently this person was gentle and soft, perhaps it was because this person felt that he was new and amusing. In reality, this person was not actually sincere about treating him well. Was this person sincere or not ? In his heart he made his own conclusions, looking at the details, the events that occured today in the imperial palace, the heart that had just warmed up, immediately froze into ice.

"Jun Qing?" Jing Shao saw that this person, who had just let down their guard this morning, was once again becoming distant with him. As expected, it was the events that happened in the palace that made him sad. He had always been impatient and spoke rashly, however, with Jun Qing's temper, this person would definitely suppress everything in his heart. It looks like, in the future,  there were still many things for them to talk about. Jing Shao scratched his head and sighed, "today in the imperial palace, you were wronged."

Mu Han Zhang opened his eyes and looked on passively at him, this person was actually aware of this?

"It is merely kneeling for a few moments, I am not a woman, I won’t feel aggrieved just because mother-in-law wanted to display her authority. Your highness is just being oversensitive." The voice was very gentle, absolutely pleasing to the ears, but for this person to say that they did not have even a little bit of resentment, Jing Shao thought that this person was surely angry.

"In the capital, the people ridicule me, saying despite the fact that I've made great achievements I am unable to inherit the kingdom. Although I am a legitimate heir to the throne, I am no better than a bastard prince born to a palace maid…" Jing Shao spoke these words in a self-deprecating tone,  this had been something he had suppressed in his heart for more than a dozen years. It was only now that he was finally speaking the words from the bottom of his heart.

Mu Han Zhang's hand that was concealed under the quilt gradually tightened into a fist, his heart becoming more and more cold. Sure enough, last night, this person had not been drunk at all, everything, all of it, was simply because he wanted to physically torment him, nothing more: "I, your servant, am now aware. I will not request anything else from your highness, only beg your highness to reward me with divorcement papers once you have obtained recognition and success."

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[ Bitter Black Rabbit Time ]

  • WAOW. For the imperial physician to know about that… that’s embarrassing. >////<
  • D-DIVORCE ?!
  • Jing Shao had better clear up this misunderstanding immediately.

[ Translator Notes ]

  • "Taiyi" is an imperial physician.
  • "Wangfu" is a prince's palace or resident.
  • "Guan Shao'er" is an affectionate term the Emperor is using to refer to Jing Shao
  • "I am unable to inherit the kingdom" is actually "unable to inherit Da Tong." It's possible that "Da Tong" is the kindgom's name.
  • "His heart becoming more and more cold" means he is becoming more and more unfeeling.

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