The Wife is First

By Lu Ye Qian He,绿野千鹤

The Wife is First Chapter 5 part1

The Wife is First Chapter 5 part1

Chapter 5: Fever

Divorce? Jing Shao was stunned, after recovering from the shock he sneered, "You're a man, divorcing you doesn't really affect your reputation. Nevertheless, as a divorced man, you will not be allowed to pass the entrance examination. Even if I let you go, in this lifetime you are destined to miss the imperial examination."

"Then what do you want?" Mu Han Zhang sat up and looked at him coldly. If this person wanted to keep him here to be tormented, he would definitely not endure this abuse.

"I can't inherit the throne, and you can't participate in the civil examinations, therefore we are even." Jing Shao said with a slightly self-righteous magnetic voice.

"… Ah ?" Mu Han Zhang was stunned for a long time, in the originally cold face of Jun Qing appeared a crack, quite a silly expression, his mouth half open. It felt as if he had been choked and then thrown into the air, only to land on a soft cushion in the end.

Jing Shao saw his stupefied expression and thought it was funny, he wanted to try reaching out to poke it, but a voice from the outside called, "Your highness, his highness's medicine is ready."

Jing Shao frowned and allowed Meng Xi to bring in the medicine. Mu Han Zhang reigned in his expression and lowered his head, not saying a thing. Meng Xi took a quick glimpse of at his complexion, smiled and walked over to the bedside.

"Your highness, please allow this servant to serve his highness the medicine" Meng Xi carried the medicine, embarrassedly looked over to the bedside, where Jing Shao was motionless.

Jing Shao took the medicine bowl and moved his hand to signal for Meng Xi to retreat, turning his face towards the door, "Dou Fu !"

"Here." Dou Fu smiled and revealed his head through the small space between the doors.

"Guard outside the door." Jing Shao saw his appearance and thought it was somewhat funny, Dou Fu was already this age but still behaved like a child.

"Yes." Dou Fu naturally understood what the prince meant. He dismissed the rest of the servants to go do other work and ordered for guards to stand at each corner of the resident, while he himself, guarded in front of the door, basked in sunlight and smiling, making sure that no one could lean against the walls and hear what his highnesses were saying.

[ Bitter Black Rabbit Time ]

  • Jing Shao was really quick to work on resolving the misunderstanding ❤
  • Ehhh ? Most of Jing Shao’s servants are named with Xi ( Zhi Xi, Chun Xi, Meng Xi ) while Jun Qing’s servants are named with Lan (Lan Xuan, Lan Ting). That’s cute.
  • Oh, here is some fan art of Jun Qing and Jing Shao. () ()

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