The Wife is First

By Lu Ye Qian He,绿野千鹤

The Wife is First Chapter 5 part2

The Wife is First Chapter 5 part2

Chapter 5: Fever (continued)

"Ke ke, your highness!" Having a heavy person dropped on top of him out of the blue, Mu Han Zhang couldn't breathe properly for some time.

"Haha, you shouldn't sit up, quickly lie down so you can break your fever"  Jing Shao said happily, immediately moving to stuff him back into the quilt and wrap the quilts around him before settling at his side, putting Jun Qing into his embrace.

Mu Han Zhang was dumbfounded for only a moment but by the time he managed a reaction, he was already wrapped like a silkworm cocoon, it was just that there was an extra octopus encompassing him. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Indeed, this person did have a quick temper.

With his face pressed into Jing Shao's chest, Mu Han Zhang could only helplessly adjust his position, putting a little of distance between them.

"Jun Qing, in the future if anything happens, I will tell you… If you have any opinions or ideas you must also tell me, this way we can avoid having any quarrels." Jing Qing lifted his hand and pulled down the headband from the person in the middle of his embrace, stroking the top of his head gently.

"Nn." Mu Han Zhang responded vaguely with a muffle, his consciousness was relaxed and he somewhat drowsy.

"Jun Qing, during the wedding night, I was really unhappy and drank too much. I thought that since everyone didn't believe in me, then I should just let everyone believe that I am no good. "  Jing Shao narrowed his eyes, indeed this is what he thought when he had woken up. But after pondering it over, and knowing what will happen in the future… Winning that position was not impossible. "But when I woke up and saw you, I changed my mind."

Mu Han Zhang did not answer, he only listened attentively.

Jing Shao saw that there was no sound from the person in his embrace and thinking that he was asleep, gently touched that person's hair: "I think it is better just to have a good life with you. Whether people believe in me or not, it is not important. In the future, I will protect you and not let you suffer even a little wrong…" Towards the person in his embrace, he was still unsure of how he felt. He only knew that this person was the only one who was willing to accompany him through everything, even death. Reborn in this lifetime, he harbored suspicions towards everyone at every step, and with every step there was only murderous intentions… Only him, this person was his redemption. He would embrace him tightly and never let go !

The whisper that was said was seemingly gentle, as if Jing Shao was saying it to himself. Unknowingly, he tightened his embrace towards the person in the middle of his chest, and made a soft smile.

When Mu Han Zhang broke his fever, it was already past noon. Jing Shao had sent Dou Fu to personally deliver a message to the second prince's manor, telling his older brother that he was at fault for not visiting and may instead visit later that night. Although the imperial family was large and had many people, their circumstance was special, as they were newly married, they didn't need to pay a courtesy to that many people. At any rate, his personal relationship with his brother had always been not very good. Might as well just pay a courtesy visit to his older brother's family later. Now it was afternoon, it was inappropriate to go at this time. Instead, he simply changed his clothes and had lunch with his wife until his heart's content.

Who would have guessed hat just as the food was being taken away, Dou Fu came to announce that the second prince and his consort had come? Jing Shao heard this and right away, put down his tea cup and headed out.

[ Bitter Black Rabbit Time ]

  • Wow. Jing Shao is such a doting ML ! Good !! You owe him a lifetime of happiness okay ?!

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  • Ahhh, I’m really thankful you guys are willing to defend me & very sorry I am not able to update more often. I know I am preoccupied with a lot of other things… I’m sorry for being selfish and wanting to finish this myself instead of handing the project over.
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  • Again, sorry this part of the chapter took longer to translate than I thought. I hope you enjoy reading !!

[ Translator Notes ]

  • "Ke ke" is coughing sounds
  • "Dropped on top of him out of the blue" is written as the phrase "congtian erjian" an idiom translating to "descended from heaven"
  • "A heavy person" was written as dakuaitou" translating to "fat person" or "person of big build"
  • "Haha, you shouldn't sit up, quickly lie down so you can break your fever"  …. translated directly as "return to lying down in order to induce perspiration and burning ability"
  • "Jing Shao said happily" it was actually "wen sheng" which is directly translated into smelling noise" and I get what he's doing but ????? There is no English equivalent of that. LOL. Not sure how to describe it.
  • "Settling at his side, putting Jun Qing into his embrace" the raws don't actually say his name but I had to replace it because it can get confusing with too much usage of just "his" and "him". Chinese sentence structures… why? Well, just a heads up if you guys actually read the raws and go wtf.
  • "Quick temper" using "ji" which can mean "violent, eager, impatient, annoyed"
  • "A soft smile" as "chun jiao" or " corner of mouth"

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