The Wife is First

By Lu Ye Qian He,绿野千鹤

The Wife is First Chapter 5 part3

The Wife is First Chapter 5 part3

Translated By Amaryllideae

Excerpt from Ch5 Part 2:

Who knew that once the food was just cleared away Duofu would come again to report that the Second Prince and his imperial concubine were coming. Jing Shao heard this and immediately put down the tea pot and ran out.

“Wang Ye!” Mu Hanzhang pulled him back. “Change your clothes first and then go out.”

“Oh!” Jing Shao slapped his forehead; he forgot that his sister in law would also be there. Wearing just this out was lacking in manners, so he changed his clothes hurriedly. After waking up he didn't think that he would be able to see his brother so soon. He only felt that there are so many words he must tell him and that this time he definitely can't be muddleheaded.

“Wang Ye, this subject will not go.” Mu Hanzhang drew back the hand that was being pulled by Jing Shao.

“What’s wrong?” When paying a formal visit, even if it was his elder brother, he still had to make greetings and serve tea. They'd also prepare a greeting gift. Jing Shao stopped his steps and looked at him.

Mu Hanzhang pursed his lips: “Wang Ye did not go to the second prince's residence because this subject was sick. Although he is one's own brother, it is not worthwhile for a small misunderstanding to arise.”

“En?” Jing Shao's head filled with question marks and he (JS) stared blankly at him (MHZ) for quite a while, only to understand that Jun Qing was afraid that his brother would see him (MHZ) well, and think that he (JS) deliberately did not go over to his second brother's residence, hurting the two brother's harmony. He couldn't help but smile. He seized Mu Hanzhang's waist and held him, saying as he smiled: “In the future if Jun Qing has words to say, then just be straightforward, my brain does not function very well.”

Mu Hanzhang looked at him and softly said: "This subject will remember, Wang Ye should hurry and go now.” He knows that Jing Shao's feelings for this brother who shares the same mother with him is not ordinary. If he said those words straightforwardly, there would be suspicion of trying to instigate disharmony in their fraternal relationship. Since he was an outsider who has just crossed the threshold (married into the family), it would be better for him to be careful with what he says.

“Is Jun Qing remembering to speak straightforwardly, or noting down that my brain doesn't function well?” Jing Shao seeing him answer so fast, could not help but tease him.

“All remembered.” Mu Hanzhang’s expression was still as indifferent as before.

Jing Shao seeing him with such calm expression, felt that it was indescribably good-looking so after  looking around and seeing that no one was paying attention, he stole a kiss on his cheek and then quickly went out the door.

Mu Hanzhang watched Jing Shao's departing figure and slowly rubbed where he had been kissed on the cheek. The corner of his lips could not help but lift upwards.

Because the second prince came so suddenly, Jing Shao had no time to go out to welcome them and Duofu directly invited them into the tea room of the Ting Feng Pavilion. The Ting Feng Pavilion was where Jing Shao usually received guests, read books, and amused himself; it was already considered part of his inner courtyard, where he usually only accepted close guests. The layout of a prince's manor was like this: the courtyard in front was considered part of the outer courtyard. Past the flower garden was precisely where the Ting Feng Pavilion was, and then behind the pavilion was the east residence and the west residence. Jing Shao lived in the east residence and in the west lived the womenfolk

The tea room is quite elegantly furnished. The elaborate tables and chairs, many were made in the Jiangnan style. On all four sides, apart from the pillars it was all decoratively carved. During the winter, when they circled around wearing winter clothes, it was quite warm. In the summertime, the four sides could be removed and allow for ventilation on all four sides. On the flower shelf were placed several fresh seasonal flowers and a few thin vines were also wrapped around the pillars. At this time, buds have already begun to open, bringing forth a light yellow among the tender green, filling the pavilion with vitality.

The man sitting in the seat of honor in the tea room was dressed in a dark yellow long-garment for princes. His figure was slender and his appearance bright. He was only sitting there, but he had a powerful, not abrasive and dignified air. Using the five senses, he and Jing Shao were about seventy percent similar; it was only that Jing Shao was somewhat less austere, and a bit more calm. This person was Jing Shao's brother from a common mother, Empress Yuan's eldest son, Jing Chen.


When MHZ says “I” he is usually using the term “臣” or “chen” which is usually a diminutive towards oneself used in front of royalty translated as roughly “I your subject/servant”.

Stuff that confuses me:

  • I’m not sure if “Ting Feng Ge (Pavilion)” or “听风阁” is just the name of a pavilion or if it’s a term referring to a specific type of building. If anyone know comment down below and I’ll fix it right away~~~

Stuff I thought about:

Ok so if I have the timeline right, JS’s mother (Empress Yuan) was empress before the current Empress Wu ( the one who forced him to marry a male consort). But his elder brother of the same mother is only the second prince… meaning Empress Wu most likely had a son before she was Empress that was born before JC and so after she ascended the throne her son became the legit first prince (because sons by consorts/concubines are illegitimate for the throne I believe?) This means that the first prince who is probably the one that Empress Wu is trying to enthrone is JS’s enemy!!! D;

I felt so smart after I thought about it since I’m not that good with conspiracy theories and complex schemes in general, but now that I typed it out, it sounds kinda dumb and obvious XDDDD

Anyone notice any other interesting hints for the future plot? ?