The Wife is First

By Lu Ye Qian He,绿野千鹤

The Wife is First Chapter 8

The Wife is First Chapter 8

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“Unexpectedly, there are actually people who don't miss their parents' house." Hearing Mu Hanzhang's words, Jing Shao only felt warmth in his heart, and he could not help but open his mouth to tease him again.

Mu Hanzhang took his hand back and turned his head away to look out the window, ignoring him.

Jing Xiao smiled, simply laid down on the wide seat of the carriage, and sighed: “Previously, when I did things, I never thought over them beforehand, so Jun Qing must remind me a lot in the future. Otherwise, I will sooner or later make bad decisions until I truly make a grave mistake.


Mu Hanzhang was silent for a while. When Jing Shao thought he wouldn't speak again, he heard him agree quietly. Thus, Jing Shao squirmed like a big snake and wriggled to his side. He stretched his arms around his narrow waist and stuck his face to it before rubbing back and forth: “Jun Qing, tell me about the situation of Marquis. It would be good if I have a response prepared.”


His back stiffened as a result of having a big head rub against him, so Mu Hanzhang could only turn around to tear off the person who was sticking to him. Jing Shao released his hands on his own initiative, and seized the opportunity to rest his head on the other's lap.

“…” Looking down at the guy, who looked as if he belonged there, Mu Hanzhang only felt that there was a deep sense of powerlessness.


The Houfu* has a large population, and the father of Mu Hanzhang is the current North Marquis*. Because the old marchioness* is still alive, there was no separation of the household. Several cousins also live in the Houfu. The inheritors of this house were not much, the North Marchioness has a pair of daughters, and then there was him, the bastard, the rest of the concubines still have no heirs.

[T/N: A Houfu is a Marquis' residence; I have translated BeiWei-Hou as Marquis Beiwei before, but the Bei (North) and Wei (power/influence) is actually just denoting his area of authority I think; A marchioness is the wife of a Marquis]


“Then your father is quite fleeting with his affections.” Jing Shao looked up at him, just to see the beautiful lines of his chin and his delicate Adam's apple that slid down his exquisite throat.


“Maybe…” Towards this topic, Mu Hanzhang did not want to say too much. “Our family situation is complicated. If you are not willing to deal with it, just ignoring it is all right.” During these past two days, he has discovered that Jing Shao is not very good with receiving people, especially those influential officials who have tricks and turns. He couldn't help but explain with a few sentences to him.


I am a prince, who can still bully me? Jing Hao wanted to laugh and say that he was overthinking, but when the words were on the tip of his tongue, they actually changed. He said, “I understand.”

It was not long before they arrived at the residence of the North Marquis. The two men straightened out their clothes and walked out together. Mu Hanzhang opened his hand that was being grasped by Jing Shao, but he could not compete with him, and also could not make a big move, so he could only let him have his way.


“I, Mu Jin, bring the people of the North Marquis' residence to welcome Wang Ye and Wang Fei!” The North Marquis Mu Jin stood in the front while leading everyone as they knelt down to kowtow in salute.

Originally, during the first return of the bride to her home, the new son-in-law should first greet his new father and mother in laws; but, if the person is from the imperial household, the wife's parent's people conversely had to greet the new son-in-law.


Mu Hanzhang looked at all his elder cousins kneeling before him. He couldn't say what kind of feeling his heart felt. Fortunately, Jing Hao was always holding his hand as if telling him, “Don't be afraid, I will support you.” Before, he used to only think about passing the civil exam to gain scholarly honor, so that these people could look at him with value. Now, it seems that this goal has been achieved in a strange way. At the very least, no one in North Marquis' residence now dares to bully him.

Feeling that the man was slowly returning his grip, Jing Shao's eyes showed a smiling expression, and his clear voice allowed everyone to get up. Then, the North Marquis led them into the residence.


The brothers of Mu Jin were all considered children of concubines, and couldn't inherit the title. Therefore, his first wife's eldest son, Mu Lingbao, stood by his side. He had already been appointed the heir the year before the last.


Mu Lingbao looked white and tender, perhaps it was because it was just after the new year celebrations, looking like he had gained some weight. Mu Jin accompanied Jing Shao. As they walked, he said at Mu Hanzhang's side, "Second younger brother, for the banquet in a little while, do you want to sit with your Mother in the inner courtyard or with us in the outer courtyard?" From start to finish, his expression was one of arrogant mockery.


“Elder brother has the capacity of an heir. These etiquettes should be clearer to you than to younger brother (referring to himself)." Mu Hanzhang also did not look at him, just merely held up his posture and walked forward slowly.


Mu Lingbao looked at his attire and his temperament, and he hated him so much that his teeth itched. In his heart, he thought that this bastard seems to have fallen into the nest of fortune?


Mu Jin glared at his eldest son and smiled at Jing Shao saying: “It is still early. Inviting Wang Ye to go to the front hall with this humble servant to partake in tea to allow Wang Fei to go see his mother, then come to the front hall to begin the banquet.


Jing Shao glanced at the person at his side, seeing him nod, he slowly let go of the hand he had been holding: “You are still sick. Don’t tire yourself out too much.”


“Yes.” Mu Hanzhang responded with a single word and smiled at him gently. He followed Mu Lingbao to the rear court. Zhi Xi and Lanting waited for several slave girls and eunuchs to go first before they also followed behind. The entourage was large and quite magnificent.


The interactions of the two after they got off their carriage all fell into the eyes of Mu Jin. It was quite surprising to find that Mu Hanzhang was not blamed but was actually very favored. At the same time, the North Marquis breathed a sigh of relief. He was more sure about being able to rely on Wang Ye to find a business path. The smile on his face could not help but be more brilliant.


“Oh, look look, our Wang Fei is back.” The voice was exactly that of the big mouthed third aunt, but Mu Hanzhang also ignored it. He went straight to the main house and stood in front of the door.


“When the Wang Fei returns to her mother's house, all wives and unmarried ladies must immediately pay respects." Zhi Xi stood by Mu Hanzhang's side, announcing to everyone with a dignified air.

All the aunts and cousins stared blankly, only to realize that this person had already become a high ranked Cheng Wang Fei, and he was no longer the bastard child that received no favor.


The North Marquis' Wife, Madam Du smiled, and stood up from her mistress' seat. She lead all the womenfolk along with her to pay respects: “Respectfully welcoming Cheng Wang Fei's visit home.”

“Mother please rise.” Mu Hanzhang stepped forward to help his Mother*, also allowing the others to get up.

[T/N: Although she is the first wife and not biologically his mother, children from other mothers usually also address the main wife as mother]


Regarding Mu Hanzhang's bearing, North Marquis' Fu Ren was very satisfied, and she took his hand and let him sit on the mistress's spot with herself. Mu Hanzhang looked around. Behind North Marquis' Fu Ren, stood the concubines, Of the four of them, three were present. Only his own birth mother was missing.


“Have you gotten used to living in the prince's mansion?” Madam Du was not in a hurry to discuss the matter of his mother and amiably asked the question the first wife should ask.


“Replying to Mother, everything is fine,” Mu Hanzhang was worried in his heart, but he couldn’t directly ask. It would be disrespectful to the first wife. “Has Consort Mother's body been healthy recently?”


After Madam Du's birth of a little daughter, her body has not been very good. She looked much thinner than the average married woman, so even if she was smiling, she had a sharp look to her: "I'm glad that you have so much filial piety. My body is quite robust, but Concubine Qiu was stricken with illness the day before. Without her by my side, doing anything is not convenient."


Mu Hanzhang's long sleeves hid his hands that had curled up into fists, but his face did not reveal anything: "With the care of Mother, Aunt* will definitely get better. Wang Ye just let this son bring some snow ginseng back. Give to Mother and Aunt to help them heal.” As he said this, the little eunuch behind him came forward and presented a box of snow ginseng.

[T/N: Even though he addresses his birth mother as "Aunt" she is his mom, just weird court etiquette that I'm not sure I'm translating accurately]

A cold light flashed through the eyes of the Marquis’ Wife, and she smiled and let the maid receive it: “My husband, the Marquis, arranged for you to go to the front hall to attend the banquet in the afternoon. Even if you stay with this group of women, it will not be interesting. Take this opportunity to go see Concubine Qin then.”


Waiting for Mu Hanzhang to leave with his entourage, the Marquis’ Wife's face turned cold.


“Oh, this kid has grown up. Knows how to use the Wang Ye to threaten Sister now." The third wife laughed coldly and said, looking to win favor as she looked towards the person sitting in the mistress' seat.


“Wasn't able to find out much.” Madam Du took a handkerchief and wiped her mouth, and languidly stood up, “Let’s go, we must prepare for the banquet.”


Jing Shao was standing in the Marquis' study room with both of his hands behind his back. He looked rather interested in a painting on the wall. The long picture scroll occupied half of the wall. It had on it nine different bladed weapons and on top was a line of words: “…to think of nine treasured weapons…three cuts, first to speak of treasured spirit, second to speak of Hanzhang, third to speak of inner essence; two daggers… to name based on appearance, to engrave their flower seal*."

[T/N: I have no idea what those poetic words mean, but I tried to translate it lol. If anyone else wants to give it a try this is the original text: "……以为宝器九……刀三,一曰灵宝,二曰含章,三曰素质;匕首二……因姿定名,以铭其柎."]


“Is Wang Ye also a person who enjoys weapons?” Mu Jin smiled as he asked.


“Treasured weapons recognize their Master. If it is not one's own, then one can only appreciate it but not be able to slay the enemy.” Jing Shao turned around and said this with a smile that was yet not like a smile as he looked at the North Marquis.

“Wang Ye is truly a master,” Mu Jin smiled, not continuing the subject with Jing Shao. He changed the subject and said, “Since he was young Hanzhang didn't like weapons, and was also inarticulate with his speech, if he is improper, please, Wang Ye, do not bother with him.”

“Jun Qing is very good.” Jing Shao lightly said that sentence. Then he turned back to look at the painting on the wall. That treasured Hanzhang sword glinting with brilliant light and vibrant colors, was like a colorful stone. The inner essence was obviously radiant, on it were the words "Hanzhang Inner Essence, Pure as Ice and Profoundly Clear".


Mu Jin seeing him so calm and composed, could not help but be anxious. When they entered the study room where a fragrant stick of incense was burning, he discussed the essence of weapons with him unhurriedly, but he had brought him there with a certain intention. It was rumored that the Cheng Wang is irritable, and easy to anger, rarely patient. But today it seems that this person's manner is calm and unruffled, his gaze steady and deep, his whole body brimming with an austere aura that told of someone who has killed and has had to make harsh decisions. Completely unlike a youth that can be weakly manipulated.

Mu Hanzhang let Zhi Xi reward some pieces of silver, before dismissing the servant girls leading the way. Then he walked into Concubine Qiu's little courtyard by himself. The Marquis' residence was not as big as the prince's. It was a house where all people lived in a courtyard, and concubines could only be split into two room houses with a small courtyard. It truly deserved being called a small courtyard since the open space in between was only the small gap between the next concubine's house.


“Qiu Lan, is the second young master in the rear courtyard?” A familiar voice came from the room with a slight cough.

“Yes, I heard that he is talking to Fu Ren.” Qiu Lan carried a pot of herbal tea and came out to change the water. It just happened that she bumped into Mu Hanzhang, who was in front of the door, so she could not help but exclaim. “Second Young Master!”

Mu Hanzhang nodded and raised the curtain and walked in. The situation inside the room was not as bad as he had imagined. Concubine Qiu leaned on the headboard and was embroidering. Hearing the cry of surprise of Qiu Lan, she suddenly pricked her hand.


“Why are you still embroidering if you're ill?” Mu Hanzhang walked towards her quickly  

Concubine Qiu sucked at the blood at her fingertips. When she saw him, she laughed sentimentally. “I just can’t be where there's wind. There's no harm to embroidering. I hope second young master has been living safe and sound in the prince's palace…” as she said this, her tears couldn’t help but fall.  

“I am very good. Aunt (addressing father's concubine) doesn't need to worry. Wang Ye, he… treats me very well…” Mu Hanzhang pursed his lips and said slowly. He took the handkerchief from the hands of Concubine Qiu to wipe her tears. “He allocated a small Imperial guard for me, allows me to go out, and hasn't ever taken out his anger on me.”  

“Really?” Concubine Qiu did not believe it. It was very well known that the temper of Cheng Wang was not good.

“He, in fact, is not the same as everyone claims to know,” recalling the two days of them getting along, Mu Hanzhang showed a smile on his face. “I'm really living well, mother…”

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