Full Time Mage Chapter 1

Full Time Mage Chapter 1

Chapter 1 World Change

Outside the Shulan Middle School, the rain is falling.

Outside the school gate, packed with parents with umbrellas, their faces wet with rain are full of expectations.

Today is their child’s major education, can you go to the magical high school in the sky, can you go to a good university in the future to see the performance of the child today!

You are not mistaken.

It is magic high school!

This society, magic is respect!

All children need to receive nine-year compulsory magic education. After completing the nine-year magic basic theory and magical life skills, they will accept the same test as the senior high school entrance examination. Those who have passed the exam will be able to enter the magic high school and become a real one. Magician!


The sweet-scented osmanthus was hit by the rain on the straight road of the campus. After the bell rang, the students flocked out, either alone or looking for their own friends to discuss the contents of today’s exam.

“Hey, Mu Bai, the seven elements of elemental magic, ice, fire, earth, water, wind, light, and thunder, have you made this question?” A white man with a small bow tie Asked the face boy.

“Perfect answer!” said Mu Bai, who is a male god, regardless of his hairstyle, height and looks.

“It’s not our top student, so difficult mixed questions can be made… Hey, isn’t that a Mofan who only relied on a 6-point test?” said Zhao Kunsan, who is full of pockmarks.

The male god admired his white eyes and immediately glanced at the teenager who was alone in the umbrella. He said: “This guy is going to be like a dad, as a broken truck buyer.”

“Isn’t that the servant of your Mu family, hahaha!”

The three men spoke very arrogantly, and they were not afraid to hear the boy named Mo Fan next to him.

After ridiculing, the three men left and swayed, and obviously they had enough confidence to get into the Magic High School.


With a black Huang Feihong umbrella, Mo Fan walked out of the school gate.

Looking back at the campus that is about to say goodbye, Mo Fan has made a thousand words into two words: potholes!

Can you not be bored?

Mo Fan originally did not belong to this world. He was a gifted student. He was dissatisfied with the examinations on weekdays.

It is normal for classmates and teachers to think that it is normal to learn slag, just like a college student has no reason to waste more than an hour to sit there for the little red flower.

Originally, Mo Fan was going to take a little more serious when he was going to take the exam, and he took the first and second of the whole school. He used the most face-like gesture to step on the stupid X of Mu Bai to the best high school in the city…

Who knows that the accident happened.

A good student of myself, I slept in the back of the school, and Nima suddenly ran to this world!

Magic! !

The classmates, teachers, daddy, and sisters around me have not changed. Nima has become the whole world.

The world that advocates science is waking up to become a magical deity.

The sacred horse is mathematically transformed into black magic, white magic, and different dimension magic!

The Department of God and Horse has become a large system of fire system ice!

You will change, Mo Fan actually does not contradict this magic, and even knows that magic really exists, the whole person is Sparta, but the world will change when he is fast.

Make yourself ignorant of magical knowledge!

So, from a learning god who wants to play pigs and eat tigers, he suddenly became a scum, and he was ridiculed and ridiculed!

The only thing to be thankful for is that these nine years of compulsory magic, all of which are theoretical knowledge, are just some of the things that magic is closely related to life. Real magic will only come into contact with high school.

To be a true magician, you must go through an important step, that is, “magic awakening”!

The magic awakening will be held at the high school opening ceremony, and the whole school leader will witness the opening. At that time, even if the theory in front of you did not learn, it is possible to open your own department!

Mo Fan actually really likes magic, which is undoubtedly a perfect fantasy rebirth for him.

He also wants to be a supreme master who can stand proudly above the dome of the high-rise building, and make a little contribution to saving the world.

However, this exam…

Let me put it this way, after his unremitting efforts before the exam, he finally reached the realm of understanding the subject, as to whether the answer is correct… Oh, happy.


“Mo Fan, Mo Fan…” Among the crowd, a middle-aged man with a sallow face raised his hand toward Mo Fan.

Mo Fan looked at this familiar face, and some accidents, called: “Dad, how come you?”

“Come to pick you up, you will be graduated after the test. I will find you a job running in the next city. You will take you with your uncle Guangfeng. After running for a few years, you can do it yourself. Good luck, take a four or five thousand a month should be no problem, go out to work early.” Mo Jiaxing smiled awkwardly.

The world is changing, but Dad is still this dad, Mo Fan can feel the kindness that can’t be changed.

Mo Jiaxing and Mo Fanti had gone through the business. Mofan, who had wanted to give a surprise to the old man, could only accept the fact that he was indeed a scum.

The problem is that he is not reconciled now.

This social car, mobile phone, computer, refrigerator, technology products are not changed by the replacement of magic, if you can not become a magician, then you will become the workers of these things. Mom, this is different from what I have in the original world. I want to learn magic!!

According to the theory that the world will not change, the talent of oneself should be the same. As long as you work harder in high school, you can make up for those things that you have done in the past. You can still become a real master… No, Magic!

“Dad, I want to continue learning.” Mo Fan was silent for a long time, or told Mo Jiaxing about his thoughts.

“Do you not like to learn magic?” Mo Jiaxing raised his eyebrows and said strangely.

“Oh…” Mo Fan had a bit of pain, and he didn’t know if he would tell me the truth, he wouldn’t believe, hey, his heart.

Mo Jiaxing looked at his son who was almost sixteen years old. His face was hung with a thick smile: “It's okay, Dad won't blame you for not using magical skills. People are interested.”

“No, I really want to learn.”

“Can you take the test?” Mo Jiaxing asked.

“No,” Mofan replied affirmatively.

“That’s not going to be, it’s okay, although the ancients often said: “All kinds of products are under the mark, only the magic is high, but there are also sayings that the top line is out…” Mo Jiaxing continued.

Mo Fan listened, and unconsciously licked his mouth.

Now a lot of information Mo Fan wants to automatically convert, but in the process of conversion, Mo Fan is especially speechless. For example, Mo Fan remembers that one day the history teacher told the students: The magical originator of the light system is “Edison”, when Mo Fan has Billions of grass mud horses are on the road!

When Mom and Dad took Mofan's shoulders and comforted, Mo Jiaxing suddenly found his son kept silent and looked uncomfortable.

Zhizi Mo Ruofu, Mo Jiaxing slowly put away a smile, and the voice turned low and said: “Are you serious?”

“Well, I want to get the chance to wake up, although I know that I regret it late, but I really want to learn and want to be a magician.” Mo Fan said sincerely.

What you need is just an opportunity!

Mo Jiaxing kept a moment of silence.

Mo Fan did not speak any more.

"I really want to learn?" Mo Jiaxing confirmed again.

“Really.” Mo Fan nodded without hesitation.

At first Mofan also felt that he was dreaming. The world had a joke with himself. But it turns out that the world has really changed. This is not a dream!

“Well, I think about it.” Mo Jiaxing did not say more.

“Dad, I found a summer job in Tianzhu Magic High School. I will take care of the library and go to work the day after tomorrow.” Mo Fan said.

Since he decided to learn magic, Mo Fan had to play a 12-point spirit.

Can you let yourself go to the magic high school to get the awakening opportunity to become a magician, and see your father’s side, and your lack of knowledge needs to be filled by yourself, so you know that you don’t have a chance to get magic. In the case of high school, Mo Fan found the errand in advance.

In this job, there is almost no wages, but it is really important for Mo Fan. In the library, he can find too many things that he needs to make up for.

Fortunately, I am indeed a genius. In a short period of time, I have already completed the curriculum for the first and second grades of elementary school… Mom, how do you feel that you are a mentally handicapped!

Aside, the father, Mo Jiaxing, saw his son so determined, but also moved.

Since the son is looking for the devil, what is it that he deserves to be happy? After all, this society is the magician who has a real status. After running for a lifetime, there is a room and a car. It is also a magician who graduated from a magic school. Value comes to be respected.

“Go home first, this thing is on the father!” Mo Jiaxing nodded and no longer said anything.