Let's Raise My Female Cousin Who Woke up from Vegetative State after 10 Years into a Meat Slave! Chapter 10

Let's Raise My Female Cousin Who Woke up from Vegetative State after 10 Years into a Meat Slave! Chapter 10

Episode 10 (missionary)

「Mifuyu-chan, kiss……」

「U, un……」

As if knowing kiss is an act of expressing love, Mifuyu-chan nods while blushing slightly.

I put my face close and overlap my lips with Mifuyu-chan’s who is lying face up, like falling onto her.

Mifuyu-chan seems to close her eyes and received my kiss

She doesn’t resist despite having knowledge about kissing, that’s the evidence that Mifuyu-chan becomes depend on me.

Perhaps, she came to love me quite seriously.

(Maa, it’s better than being disliked by her……)

I should step up (advance) from the only touching kiss and try caressing Mifuyu-chan’s lips like pecking at it.

I don’t know of how to kiss, but when I do that, I can taste the sensation of Mifuyu-chan’s tender lips and it feels considerably good.

When I did so, Mifuyu-chan also timidly immitated me and began moving her lips.

Perhaps she judged that matching my movement should feel good.

That’s a good move of Mifuyu-chan


While enjoying the kiss, I grabbed Mifuyu-chan’s breasts with one hand and rubbed it gently.

Under the babydoll’s thin cloth, I can feel the elasticity and softness similar to mashmallow.

Despite moving her lips, Mifuyu-chan’s body seems to react by trembling *biku*, *biku*

While imploring Mifuyu-chan’s reaction, I gradually increase the rubbing strength.

However, I carefully don’t touch her nipples on purpose.

When  caressing someone’s breasts, don’t suddenly give her a strong stimulus, you should wait for a good opportunity to touch her nipples after enhancing the mood enough, I know that information from the internet.

Believing in that information, I draw out Mifuyu-chan’s pleasure while continuing kissing.


When I continued caressing, soon I can sense that Mifuyu-chan’s breathing vaguely became hot.

I should go for the nipples soon, huh?

I separated our lips and made eyes contact with Mifuyu-chan who was having a melted face, then tried flicking her nipples with all my might.


Mifuyu-chan’s expression distorts, telling me that a strong pleasure ran throught her body

Because the nipples are the so-called Mifuyu-chan’s weakness, together with the effect of the caressing from a while ago, it’s a reactiong showing that it was impossible for her to remain calm.

When I rolled the nipples many times like that, Mifuyu-chan’s nipples immediately stiffened.

I already stop observing her expression, while touching a nipple with one hand, the other hand is placed on the babydoll as I try to hold it on my mouth and suck it.

「aa! Uua! Nhaaan!」

The taste of the babydoll’s cloth, as well as the bittersweet taste of the bathing powder used in the bath spread out in my mouth.

Mifuyu-chan’s hands grasp the bedsheet tightly as the pleasure from the caressing is very huge.

Since I’m a boy, I don’t know but as a girl, is nipple the part where you could feel that much?

I don’t quite had such a hobby, but I thought of trying to taste the same feeling by having Mifuyu-chan licking my nipple someday.

While teasing Mifuyu-chan’s nipple with my mouth, my hand heads toward Mifuyu-chan’s lower half, as if crawling on her body.

When my hand reached her secret place and went across the shorts and babydoll, I understood that that place was slovenly wet with leaking love juice.

「It’s amazingly wet……」

「U,un……somehow it feels really good……」

Mifuyu-chan meekly answered, but as for me, I’m happy as this much caressing is judged as “passing”

「Then, take off you pantsu, and raise your hips a bit」

「Un. Yoisho……」

Nodding to my words, *pyon* Mifuyu-chan raises her hips to make it easier to take off the shorts

Without missing that timing, I pull the shorts down to her knees.

Then, I completely pulled out the shorts from her legs.

「Then, Mifuyu-chan. Spread your legs, make it so I can see your pussy well. I will make you feel good.」

「Un……is this good?」

Mifuyu-chan opens her legs into M-character.

Standing on my knees, before my eyes was the unladylike, exposed pussy of Mifuyu-chan, which glittered *teratera* with love juice.

Mifuyu-chan, who doesn’t know that posture is vulgar, only watches attentively at me with a melted face without any particular shyness.

(Aa, somehow……it looks extremely tasty)

Before Mifuyu-chan’s beautiful secret place, which almost doesn’t blacken at all, I embraced such a thought

It’s not like I’m thirsty, but the desire of moistening my mouth with love juice boils up painfully, I can also see the pink-colored vulva throbbing *hikuhiku* like inviting me

I surrendered myself to the urge, turned over the cuff of the babydoll and tasted Mifuyu-chan’s secret place.

「Hyaa! S, Sou-chan!」

Mifuyu-chan raises her voice as if being surprised.

However, without minding that, as I tried to make an obscene *jurujuru* (slurping) sound by sucking her love juice, that voice immediately changed into a sweet one.

「aaa! Ahaa! Nhaan!」

The taste of Mifuyu-chan’s love juice feels similar to water added with a small amount of sugar, I get used to it to a surprising degree.

It was written on the net that love juice is tasteless and odorless, but maybe Mifuyu-chan is special?

The slight sweetness of the love juice was demanding me to lick it more, so I became addicted and continued slurping it.

Each time I lick it, the love juice overflows, I seriously can’t find a moment to stop.

「afua! Au! Haa, haa……! Ahaa! S, Sou-chan……!」

Mifuyu-chan’s thighs hold my head between them.

The sensation of the *punipuni* squishy thighs is really good

However, I finally calmed down and separated my face from her secret place.

I unintentionally became engrossed, but this isn’t the end.

「Haa……haa……haa……Sou-chan, it felt too good, it seemed like I’ve become strange somehow……」

Mifuyu-chan tells her impression about my cunnilingus while being dizzy.

It was also my first time doing this, but it seems like I could do it quite skillfully.

(Yoshi, then slowly……)

It’s enough preparation.

When I open Mifuyu-chan’s vulva with my fingers, love juice gradually overflows from the inside, Mifuyu-chan’s own excitement is also increased.

If it’s like this then perhaps penetration won’t be painful, if it enters then it would feel considerably good

「Mifuyu-chan, then let’s have sex」

「A, un……we will finally do it, right……!」

Rather than being nervous, Mifuyu-chan looks at me with a face filled with expectation *wakuwaku*

I don’t know whether I can meet that expectations, but I intend to release everything I’ve endured up to now (again, that zukobako word 目一杯ズコバコとやらせてもらう)

「Then, I’ll go……!」


Grasping my meat stick with one hand, I point it at the entrance of Mifuyu-chan’s vagina.

Since I memorized that night properly, the position is perfect.

After confirming that the tip of my meat stick was slightly gulped down, I pushed my whole body’s weight into it.


Mifuyu-chan raises a gasping voice as if being surprised.

Perhaps she’s surprised by the sensation of having her inside invaded by another person.

Her eyes open wide, her mouth also keeps opening.

While being deeply moved by Mifuyu-chan’s intravaginal sensation I once again tasted after a long time, I continue to push forward, my meat stick is gulped down.

The sensation of my meat stick being entwined, the sensation of the warm embrace, those amazing sensations make tiny voice leak out from my mouth naturally.

(As epxected, Mifuyu-chan’s inside, feels amazingly good……! Besides……)

Perhaps because she puts more power compared to when she was in vegetative state, Mifuyu-chan’s clamping is much stronger than before.

I don’t know if I don’t try pistoning, but won’t it feel better than that time? (ピストンしてみないと分からないが、あの時よりも更に具合が良くなっているのではないか)

「Aa……! Aaa……!」

Staring at the ceiling with her eyes wide open, voice keep leaking out from Mifuyu-chan’s open mouth.

Perhaps, the sensation of the first insertion is filling her head to the limit.

Just like that, I continue to push forward until our waists glue to each other.

Then when our waists finally glued to each other, the sensation of Mifuyu-chan’s os uteri hit the tip of my penis (aka the mouth of the uterus)

「Mifuyu-chan, everything has entered」

「Haaa……aaa……. Fuu……fuu……」

I didn’t know whether Mifuyu-chan could hear my words or not, but her open wide eyes began to return as she adjusted her breathing.

「Mifuyu-chan, are you alright? It isn’t unpleasant or painful?」

「Fuu……. Un……it feels a little like the inside of my stomach is being pierced, but it seems alright……」

I was slightly worry, but it seems like there was no problem.

I also thought about the worst thing – she broke, but as it was just a needless anxiety, I’m relieved.

「Sou-chan……Sex, is amazing…… Somehow, it feels really mysterious……however, when the dick enters, much more than masturbating, my body trembles *bikubiku*……」

「It feels good, right? From now on, the dick will *zupozupo* a lot, so it will becomes much better」 (pistoning)


Mifuyu-chan nods with a smile on her blushing face to my words.

If it’s like this then I don’t need to worry about her harbouring unpleasant feelings like she isn’t good at sex.

「Then, I will move, okay?」

I lightly kiss Mifuyu-chan again and slowly move my waist.

「Aaa……! Aa……!」

Matching my waist’s movement, the sloven heavy breathing come out from Mifuyu-chan’s mouth.

I didn’t know as she was in vegetative state that time, but it seems like the sensitivity of Mifuyu-chan’s vagina is considerably high

Whenever I slightly move, Mifuyu-chan’s arms move idly *sowasowa*, showing her bewilderment toward an unknown sensation, it’s really interesting.

While observing Mifuyu-chan’s state, I gradually hastened the pace.

The sound of our waist hitting each other and the watery sound of the joined part rhythmically resonate in the room, that interval also becomes short

「Aa, an, au, afuu!」

Then, Mifuyu-chan also sends out her heavy breathing at the same timing with those sound, playing an obscene harmony (playing as in playing an instrument)

While Mifuyu-chan is being disordered by something she has never felt before, I try to snatch away the remaining leeway by continuing to move my hips

「Mifuyu-chan, how’s it? Feel good?」

「Aa! U, un! S, Sou-chan, t, this, amazing! Amazingly, good!」

Despite having a melted expression while being penetrated, Mifuyu-chan obediently conveys her feeling to me like a child.

Despite having sex, I continue to move my hips while becoming aroused by Mifuyu-chan’s unbalance as she shows me her child-like place.

Mifuyu-chan also seems to feel quite good, but to me, it feels extremely good as Mifuyu-chan’s pussy is too amazing.

After all, the tightening is better than that night, her pussy is also nicely wet too

Previously, I represented Mifuyu-chan’s vagina as a high class onahole, but right now it’s like my meat stick is being stroke with more pressure and a fine quality lotion, furthermore she’s gasping as if to call forth my excitement, it’s irresistible

I said we would have sex daily, but if it’s this good, far from one every day, I feels like I can continue to have sex all day long.

「A, aa, nn! Sex amazing! Amazinggg!」

Mifuyu-chan already seems to become a prisoner of pleasure as she shouts *amazing, amazing* many times over.

If it’s already this far, even if I don’t expressly guide her, she will surely become addicted to sex

Perhaps, something like Mifuyu-chan demanding sex is possible

「Aa, ann, na, a, a! Aa!?」

However, after a short time, Mifuyu-chan’s voice gradually becomes something like a mix of being bewildered and being frightened

Whenever my meat stick pokes her deepest place, her eyebrows come closer like she’s feeling painful, she shakes her head as if to say “this is unbearable*

「A! Aa! Sou-chan! Somehow, strange! Au, aa! Somehow, scary!」

Mifuyu-chan says as if she’s at her wits’ end.

However, seeing such Mifuyu-chan, my pistoning becomes faster and more intense on the contrary

I understand even without thinking.

The thing Mifuyu-chan is afraid of is perhaps, climax.

To think about it, Mifuyu-chan hasn’t experienced climax personally, so perhaps she’s frightened by the too huge pleasure that made her come close (to her climax)

If that’s the case――

(Right now……! If I make her come right now, Mifuy-chan will break……!)

Right now, if Mifuyu-chan personally experience the pleasure which is remarkably different from whatever until now, the way to become my meat slave will be set in stone.

She already released her desire to masturbate, but if she learns the taste of reaching climax, she should become greedy toward sex from today.

I will make Mifuyu-chan come.

My head if filled with that thought, and together with the pleasure, I become a beast

Seeing from Mifuyu-chan’s perspective, I must look like a wild beast trying to choke the life out of her.

I pin Mifuyu-chan who already completely hates the pistoning down, pressure the inside of her strong-reacting vagina with my strong, high speed pistoning and deal a final blow.

「Sou-chan! Sou-chaan!」

Mifuyu-chan’s voice is already like shrieking, she becomes only able to continue calling to me.

I’m also close to my limit, but I decide not to decrease the speed of my violent pistoning

「Sou-chan! A, a, aa!! Aaa! D, don’ttttt!!」

Mifuyu-chan’s voice indicates that she’s about to reach the climax now.

Right now.

Right now, Mifuyu-chan is cumming……!

(Yoshi, let’s cum!!)

I estimate Mifuyu-chan’s limit and swing my hips strongly as a final strike, deeply stab Mifuyu-chan’s weak point

「n, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!」

Mifuyu-chan screams as her body bends backward

Her vagina tightens noticeably strongly.


Dokuuu! Dokuu! Doku!

I also reached the limit from that tightening, semen gushed out vigorously from my meat stick.

My vision became pure white, the pleasure from my meat stick filled my head.

A pleasure that makes me unable to stand

The rhythmically shrinking vagina squeezed the semen, and gulped it down to the uterus


Mifuyu-chan’s body convulses *bikubiku* while still bending backward.

Her eyes were blank, as if her consciousness became dim from the first climax.

I continue to shoot my semen and fill Mifuyu-chan’s uterus

Because she drinks the pill, the possibility of becoming pregnant is almost zero, but I still do it as if to satisfy my instinct as a man. After all, creampie is accompanied with a huge pleasure

Just like that, I continued to release my semen inside Mifuyu-chan who is immersed in the aftertaste of the climax