Dragon Crisis!


Dragon Crisis! Volume 1 Prologue

Dragon Crisis! Volume 1 Prologue

Ryuuji was living peacefully as a normal high school student, until his older second cousin, Eriko, returned to her country. Inside a box plundered by the two from the Black Market, was a Dragon Girl! For some reason, this girl, Rose, was entranced with Ryuuji, following him everywhere, even into the bath and futon! And with that the Organization of Darkness began moving, aiming at her. In order to protect her, Ryuuji would need to overcome his trauma and motivate himself to fight!

My Take: This novel series has 8 volumes out as of this post, and also a Drama CD. The Drama CD is pretty much like an Audio Book in the states, though usually all dialogue, and no narrator. ex: instead of listening to a story like with Harry Potter, you get something more like voices and sound effects and the like. Anyway, all in all I think it's a rather interesting series, though again I haven't actually read it yet O_o. As for the Prologue to the story though, here you go:

Am I, dead I wonder.

With such thoughts Kisaragi Ryuuji sat down atop a large pile of rocks. Directly next to him was a sheer cliff face. If his legs slipped and he fell, there was no telling how far it would be. 

As far as he could see, there was nothing but ashen rocks all around, and in this desolate area Ryuuji had already spent around an hour. His throat was parched, and because of the high altitude he was also getting dizzy. The air was biting cold, yet because it was summer, even with the current chill there should be help somewhere. However, this was a harsh situation for a five year old boy to be in.

"Father, Mother..."

Ryuuji called out to his parents in a hoarse voice. His face was stained with tears. 

However; because of his exhaustion, the tears weren't falling anymore.

His parents were "Treasure Hunters," and because of that they were often flying overseas for work.

Usually Ryuuji was the one left to take care of the house, but for some reason he had been brought along this time to Albania. Yet during his happiness, he had ended up facing this steep craggy mountain.

He had strayed from his parents while enthusiastically searching for something, and had become quite lost. 

When you're lost in a mountain you should not move, that was an ironclad rule of which very young Ryuuji had no way of knowing. 

In the midst of moving his legs, they ceased to function and Ryuuji came to a halt. 

Out of strength Ryuuji seated himself on a small rock, as just then a heavy rumbling sound was carried to his ears. Lifting his face, Ryuuji watched as cream colored rocks came tumbling his way.

But the statement that they were rocks was a little misplaced. Their outer surface was shaped like an ellipse. Even though they were rather too large, they looked like eggs. 

Continuing on, the egg like objects fell off the edge of the cliff.

“Wa, wawa!”

Standing up reflexively, one of the egg shaped objects about his own size had stopped in front of him. 

Looking at the force behind it, it seemed heavier than he could even imagine. Ryuuji's legs failed him, and he dropped onto his knees. The cliff was just behind him.


Bracing his legs, Ryuuji pushed the egg like object with all his might back towards a level area.


Ryuuji stared once more at the object basked in the suns light, glittering pearl gray. 

Along the hard surface, even though it had fallen to here, there didn't even seem to be one crack.

From it's smoothness, it was most likely not a rock. Touching it, it seemed to be a slightly warm egg. But still strangely large.

“W, what is this...

There was a sharp sound, startling Ryuuji. From the center of the egg cracks appeared.

“Eh? Eh Eh!?”

With sharp cracking noises, the cracks increased.

Ryuuji sucked in his breath. This was just like the hatching of an egg.

A slit.

From the center of the crack, a hand appeared.

It was white, and slender---that was without a doubt a human hand.

“Ah, AHHHH!!”

Not expecting such an appearance in the least, Ryuuji let out a terrific scream.

Wh, what is this!

With a pop the upper half of the shell came off.

Sitting inside the the center of the shell, was a completely naked young girl with golden yellow hair. She seemed to be around four years old.

She looked just like a beautiful girl who had come from a foreign picture book. 

Her slim body was dripping wet from the egg, with her gently sloping chest puffed out.

Letting out her breath calmly, she slowly opened her eyes. With golden hair plastered to her white face, she turned her eyes towards Ryuuji. She stared at him with eyes that were even bluer than the sky.

Slowly she opened her lips which were the color of cherry blossoms.

And from the center of the egg, the girl---.

As Ryuuji stood in a blank daze, the girl coughed violently.

“Y, you okay?”

The moment he called out, dizziness assaulted him as he fell to his knees.

It was hard to breath---and before him everything started going dark.

The girl extracted herself from the center of the egg, slowly drawing closer, as Ryuuji watched with the last ounces of his hazy consciousness.

A wet hand reached out, and softly touched the side of his cheek.


Something soft was pushed against his lips.

With the sensation of the kiss, darkness finally closed in entirely, and Ryuuji lost consciousness.